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 Don't under estimate the PING G25's. Shot shaping? Yep, you can. A little help if you don't have perfect swing control? Yep, they do. They feel and look great to me, but may not be your cup of tea, if you are looking for a more classic type iron. But try them first, then say no if they don't meet your needs. Just don't overlook them. 
 LOL I like that response...    
I have the Nike Performance carry stand bag and it's been great. I play the Nike PD Soft, and Nike Vapor Black balls sometimes as well. I like them both. Of course I'm not a scratch or low handicapper either, but these products seem good for me.   I regularly play the Top Flight Gamer ball, but when I get a good deal on the Nike's I pick them up too. 
The Wilsons sound like a good choice. I hear good stuff about them. Mizuno JPX 825's are pretty sweet. I myself purchased PING G25's about 2 months ago. Love 'em! But if you're trying to buy a full set, irons, driver, woods, putter etc. that may be out of your ball park. Check online for good deals. I picked up PING hybrids, G15 and G20's for about 1/3 the cost of new. They were store demos, but in nearly perfect condition. No worse than if I had played a half dozen rounds...
I like playing alone sometimes. I get to talk myself through the game management, work out what I need to do to correct a bad shot, how to handle a bad lie, etc. All without anyone looking at me like I'm a babbling nut case! LOL    No really, you can get into the game that way, at least I do. Then when I'm playing with someone, I can call on the experiences I worked through when playing by myself. Ok, I'm still a nut case! LOL    Go for it. You'll enjoy it! 
  LOL I resemble this definition to the tee, and all over the place for that matter! "My kid lost two sleeves on one tee" Seriously... he needs to buy his own dang balls! That might cure his slice...
    Be sure to let everyone here know when you plan to attend. They can all follow you around, and when you get your jolly's off by yelling something stupid, they can all politely kick your A.   
    And there is your answer, in all it's non-politically correct glory!     Moron? Is that the best we can do? Let's get more specific... It is an A%$ H! and has no business at an event...   There, that's better! 
I like Mark's videos a lot. He has helped me out for sure. Usually something he says, just clicks, and I give it a try. Works for me. I also like Shawn Clement. His fade and draw videos #1 #2 #3 really explained the concept quite well for me. I've tried other tips for working the ball, but not with the success I had using Shawn's instruction. In fact, the very first time I tried to draw the ball (on purpose) doing what he said to do, I was shocked! It was perfect. The...
Hit my clubs? I can hit the ball ok, but I can throw my clubs really good! 
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