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Switched back to some old stuff, but got some new stuff!Ping Anser 9.5 Graphic Design YS-7 STitelist 906F4 15* Graffaloy ProLitePing Tour S Rustique 54, and 58
I have been thinking about getting a new fairway wood for awhile, I have a 910F right now. I feel like I just don't hit it solid. There are several that I'm thinking about. Cleveland Classic XL, Srixon Z-Star, Adams Speedline Super XTD, Ping Anser, and Exotics CB4 Tour. I was wondering what you guys think would be the best choice?
I play the ZStar and love it. $20 is a deal
I've done both, but would like to shoot even par with 18 pars
The Big Wiesy tried and didn't succeed
I think that the B330 RX would be a good choice
I've carried my entire life
I've done both, so ill go with shoot even par in a tournament
Driver: 275 3wood: 245 17* Hybrid: 230 20* Hybrid: 215 4 iron: 200 5 iron: 185 6 iron: 175 7 iron: 165 8 iron: 155 9 iron: 145 PW: 135 (full) 53* wedge: 110 (full) 58* wedge: 80 (full)
Titleist 910D3 9.5*, Proforce V2 74 S Titleist 910F 15*, Diamana Kai'li 80 S Ping I20 hybrid 17*, Project X Black 6.0 Ping I20 hybrid 20* or Ping S57 3 Iron Ping S57 4-W, Project X 5.5 Titleist Vokey SM4 53* Titleist Vokey SM4 58* Ping Scottsdale ZB Titleist ProV1x Titleist Stand Bag Titleist Players Glove Nike TW 13 golf shoe
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