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It's fine, well thought out. What would people be saying if it failed miserably. It was well within the rules, no white stakes. Where I do have a problem is 6-8 spectators removing ( or helping to) remove an 800 lb loose impediment
Id be curious to see what the ratings were for pinehurst no 2 last year, The LPGA a played immediatcy ( 1 week) after the men. Update, according to my sources it was Ok-good compared to other majors of the LPGA. The course had little effect on the outcome of viewership, they may try it again, mostly for logistics, reasons ( cameras, cabling, bleachers, support and tents etc. ) the trouble is finding a course that would be willing to host it back to back with a men's major.
But what if you made par, or just missed par on the final hole which plays tough and is a par 5.IMO a great finishing hole is where great shots have to occur, some course assessment, risk reward and decision making, like pretend the match is square between you and your buddies. How will you play the hole to win or not lose.
Tennis does give better ( location) courts to the better players, you never sharapova playing on an outside court. I believe the top seeds earn that right to play closer to or in center court on seeding days and not have to play at 2:00 in the afternoon in high sun.I don't see it happening in golf, pairings are considered and decided upon sometimes by the physical location of the tourney or with help from the host/sponsor Last year wasn't there a threesome paired and they...
THIS aboveI avoid ever play with the plum bob crowd, or the types that stare down every shot, walk off yardages etc. Its silly looking, a waste of time and generally doesn't make any difference. your insistence to play in that manner is far more of a distraction than any cell phone including the one from another fairway. I play serious by the rules of golf yes!I'll check my text or emails during conveniant times on the course. my phone is either in silent or so low even...
You are very mistaken.
Without back reading some of the responses. Augusta, the masters was created as championship for men. The course was designed as so. It's private club rich in history. if Paula wants an Augusta or a " masters" like feel for the LPGA. I am all for it. Go find a course. The richness, feel and history of Augusta can not be created over night or recreated as a second championship tournament. Paula I'm sure can play as a guest at Augusta, but if she or others truly want to ...
For the 18th I like either the toughest Par 5, with a High inprobability of reaching in two, or a tough par four where it's driver and mid to long iron to get home in two. It's the finishing hole, it should take either 3 great shots in a par 5 or two great shots on a par 4 for a decent chance at par or birdie. In addition the 17th should also be one of the toughest, be it a challenging par 4 or 175-220 yard par 3 This is where the game is settled and matches can be...
Adykol, I think you are kind of missing the point, it's the masters presentation, they decide, they control, it's their production, and it's their interpretation of how golfs championship legacy carries on. It's extremely well run and the presentation is great the way it is I.e. No endless omega Rory watch commercials.The other majors you mentioned are events, they sell advertising, they want viewership.......see the difference.
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