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many of the "numbers" you'll be looking at are not exclusive to trackman, but really any launch monitor, as iacas pointed out choose 4-5 clubs. I wouldn't get hung up of spin rates of irons, its almost meaningless for lofted irons, especially with a mass produced bulk buy of range balls. Drivers are a different story, Spin, launch angle, club head speed, smash factor and decent angle are far more critical to a driver, than any iron in your bag. especialy for an 11...
look at a score card and identify 6 holes that are the easiest by handicap rating, these holes are the ones your need to play agressively at in hopes of birdieing. Next identify the 6 tougheest holes, these you must par. Its importent to respect the difficulty of these holes, even though you may not see them as difficult. Aim for the center of the fairway or put yourself in a great angle to the green, over club if you must to ensure that your ball ends up in the center of...
I have the same for every shot like yours, sand, putting, fairway or tee shot 13 seconds for all.
Since most scrambles are charity events, sometimes they sell muligans- this to me is asking people to cheat. I avoid scrambles period.   Those of you wanting to sell something more, sell the opportunity for one player, one chance on any hole they choose to tee it up one tee box closer ( maximum of 4 players each get one chance)  We sold them for 25 bucks per chance and it actually sped things up a bit. Many of the foursomes plunked down the $100 extra
same here, lob everything
He may not care, that's fine, but between the two of them they better start winning or Nike will only be in the apparel and shoe business soon.
First we do have fast greens & actually what prompted this post, was I suspected once or twice within the round that he had doubled contacted the ball, as subtle as it was. ( it was not as distincted like double contacting a wedge shot our of thick rough or sand) Think this for a moment, after a lengthy lag of a putt by your friend while you are tending the pin, he comes up short, you give him the putt. Now you want to roll the ball back to him. So you are pushing a ball...
Its not impossible,  it looks like its pushing, his hands and arms follow ahead of the putter face. If the ball at the moment of impact is traveling at X, then the putter is traveling immdediate after contact a X.01. Ground the putter behind the ball, then push it 6-8inches and give it a roll, thats exactly what it looks like. I guess I would are gue that the putter face is not cleanly striking the ball.or if it is perhaps hes contacting it twice?
The comments were directed on ILLEGAL imigrants coming into this courty breaking the law from mexico. it was honest and direct. the liberal media had a hay day with it, the pink hats followed.  Donald made an honest statement of what he believed in, no one has to agree with it, nor vote for him but many will support him. NBC cancels the apprentice with Donald as a result, meanwhile Brian Williams gets a new jobfor not telling the truth!  I don't get it? The PGA is wrong...
Didn't vote....there should have been "other" as an option, then I would have.
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