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what is your handicap? and you are talking wedges right?
you would chew your arm off if you ever woke up with natalie without make up on......... "its amazing what you'll get dragging a hundred dollar bill thru a trailer park"  James Carville- chief strategist for the Clinton campaign
apparently her new sponsor, along with Puma is Botox.   I detest the look she had and now has....its a n opinion, But why do women go to such lengths is way beyond practical reasoning .
I would not go graphite in wedges, there is no need and you will likely hit them worse. not enough torque and the extra weight is needed in wedges.       Kuchar plays with graphite shafts....and with 2 or 3 hybrids when I saw him.
any of the major manufactures, including RL can get complete size runs of finished product bags to hats to uniforms in no time  ( no time being  a week to 10 days) I've seen it done. We watch the playersand their daily or weather related uniforms, but if you watch the open ceremonies, the players wives and girlfriends also were wearing  the same outfits. be that as it may it still would not be a problem, no matter how fussy the women are. 
exactly what I was thinking, way too much money for any player...given Nike club sales worldwide.
There is a lot of "IFs"  I voted no majors and feel until he can hit his driver long and in the fairway there won't be a major in his future. If he can't keep it in the fairway it limits his putting. Look at number of putts made by major winners, green in reg and driving accuracy...it all comes together for some.   Other thoughts,   OK his back (might be 100%) what injury will be next? His history of nagging injuries is pretty significant and can not be over looked or...
He didn't watch it....must have been an auburn game on. It doesnt' surprise me, for the first time in decades I did not watch the whole thing. I knew it would be a shalacking,   You think tiger watches the masters when he is injured? You think he has the boys over for a superbowl like atmosphere? I doubt he does. 
Both parties should take the comments outside........
it maybe an upgrade, but it will also be a characteristic change of the clubs too. Why not go lightweight steel?  some of the steel shafts are now around 80 grams, which is 15 grams lighter than what the best graphite used to be 12-15 years ago. my 2 euros
New Posts  All Forums: