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well great then, put in the press release for the reason of the break up then...right???  Thats the story.
I never subscribed to the pretty press releases, almost identical by both Vonn and Tiger about their break up. There are many celebrities with similar work schedules. This man has issues, once the initial break up announced I said to my wife, "you know people are mistaken with the idea that you can go out and commit adultery and demonstrate abusiveness to women sexually, time and time again- while your wife is home pregnant and with an infant. This is flawed behavior and...
Adams has some really nice, graphite shafted sets- for women, even invludes a bag...cheap
always pants, highly breathable synthetic you can't even feel the difference between wearing shorts or the new light weight hittech pants (adidas).   Never cotton, nevr linen, never khaki
I went 15-19, actually I thought about longer. I swing with an even tempo, maybe at 80% speed.I can fire my 7 iron very acuarately in the 155 range, if I step on it I can get to 175-180 occasionally if the risk reward is in my favor, I'll do just that.
What I thought was odd is that their "releases" (announcments) were almost identically written -like they were written by the same PR firm, very odd.   Why can't people just tell it like it is anymore followed by...."this is my final discussion on the matter"     Or the Dufner approach....no announcement- just a court record.
That an Pepsi should have kept quiet #1 and #2 been a bit more diplomatic and respectful.
No depreciable difference in speed, the biggest drag on a driver is the thick adjustable hozel, it creates the most disturbance
Two things in regard to the post here. in the thousands upon thousands of club fittings, most being drivers with launch monitors present. 1) Most males, (with the exception of single digit handicappers) state their driver off the tee distance easily 30 yards further than they actually hit ( average). most use too stiff of shaft and not high enough loft. 2) drivers as whole have improved where swing tendencies can be compensated for through adjustable loft and de-loft...
New Posts  All Forums: