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tip everyone, especially the caddie, also the guy who pulls them out of the trunk, puts your clubs on the tee, cleans clubs, shoes etc. Over dress the dress code. Mind your manners, be respectful of the course and how they do things. If you are a guest of someone, sometimes lunch or hole 19 is expected. make sure to offer them a drink/ beer etc. do some research about the course, this will reduce a lot of questions. it also tells the host that your are grateful to play...
Typical or average golfer should be able to hit the green from 150, 1 out of 5 times from the fairway, not using a Tee. Typical or average golfer , does not have a handicap and likely shoots around 100
Entertaining , but no surprise....he's the best in the world.
Taylormade's ProjectA....very easy to spin, soft feel. 
I attended a marketing course and presentation for an unrelated sport equipment. This was about 10 years ago. Amongst other things there was some case studies,one of which included the proV1.   The conclusion was that 1 out of every 6 golf balls purchased was a proV1 and what made this very unique was that it was also the most expensive ball at the time- there are very few tangible items in the world that can make that claim with that market share.
Ditto here too.
Doesn't sound like he had much choice.....the doctors made the decision for him, he just followed.
Interesting but. I see it eventually as one brand, Taylormade!better golfers =TM tour preferred! average Joe = Taylormade buy the stock product with maybe a couple of shaft options. TM has had a 3 teir model for years now. I do not pretend to have any inside information, but. I believe TM bought Adams for a couple of reasons:Intellectual knowledge and perhaps subtle patents.An established market share of Hybrids and and fairway woods that they would in effect own, just...
When a company such as TM buys a company like Adams, naturally part of the objective is to have everyone under one roof and eliminate duplicate job responsibilities and in other cases empower employees to take on more responsibility. this occurs just about every day regardless of the industry. In TM's case do you really need two Rand D centers? You want to know why Taylormade was introducing drivers, sometimes clubs every 6-9 months. It's as simple as being a very large...
I'm not so sure your ideas are relative to the true subject of the decline of golf. All of my contacts within the PGA, PGAtour indicate that they are extremely healthy in sponsorships and revenue gain year after year. These corporate sponsorships are fueling fundraising and their own product, service and consulting services on tv and publications. Basically marketing dollars. There has not been so much as any downturn at all including when tiger was not playing. Almost all...
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