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Agreed, I hope he didn't spend too much to have that video done, what a waste.
 I was a Lance fan on his quest for his first yellow shirt way back when, I left the band wagon soon after his second TDF win.For what I considered very obvious reasons, which later proved to be true. . That said I too I was surprise to see him featured in any publication for any reason, especially golf where honesty is paramount to playing the game. Poor taste IMO One can not make any comparison of over the counter drugs that may or may not be in our system, we are not...
God I hope not, slow play is killing the game. but then again you can't teach stupid.
Investing in a golf course either new or existing is a very poor business decision right now in america, Buying one for pennies on the dollar is a different story, renovations to courses with sweat equity or your own man power can work. Thank god most course owners have other business ventures ( read a ton of $$$) or else there would be many more closing or fire sales.   In New England i don't know of one 18 hole course that has opened in the past 3 years, most new ones...
so which ones do you ignore?
I guess I can see your point, but immediately with out fail following a round the very first thing I do is wash my hands- not because of the hand shake, but course chemicals, waste & soil from handling clubs and ball.
I always shake and look them right in the eye, my hat is always removed. If we are playing partners, I do the same for my partner ( friend or stranger) often with slight pat on the back as we walk off the green.
The etiquette instance I ignore most of the time during non tournament or match golf is marking my ball, If I feel its not in their line of sight, I just leave it. I don't even ask.  If they ask I'll mark it- they almost never do. the few that do usually miss the putt anyway.   Why? This game is getting so slow that it literally is getting very petty bullshit rules by us recreational golfers ( your name here). it is subtle instances such as these that collectively can...
When I hear comments like this, ( which I disagree with) I question the context, motivation or if was simple said in jest to get a laugh. Ill reserve judgement on Monty until that time.   there is only one thing worse than this comment, Its when professional athletes & entertainers attempt to comment morally of current events to the unwashed masses. But I digress.
    As I said I do it every year, new fitted irons 5-PW (plus 1/2, 1.5 deg up right, stiff 90-100 gram kbs tour, midsize grip), usually 2 hybrids #3 set higher and a #5 set on standard, #4 tour fairway wood  and a new driver.  Sometimes I'll get wedges 54-and 58 every year and half. This year they too will be replaced with my custom specs, 1/2 longer, standard lie with a slightly fatter grip down low- Im right handed.  Putter I am keeping it was bought new last year, a 43...
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