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I think Ricky Martins point & I'll admit I did not read his finer points if he listed them.   But I tend to agree with him. Those that did not turn on the masters after reading Mr Woods wasn't going to play are not really fans of the Masters/Golf, but rather of Mr Woods only.   I know some people that once their team is eliminated from a play off, Baseball, hockey, or even Basketball, they'll stop watching the remaining championship. So are they fans of the sport or are...
I don't think it will be likely that someone will provide the domination like woods for quite awhile. But when I think about it, like what will the next Woods look like. I envision of someone 6' 4-6" and 225-250 lbs who just murders a long length course, driving several of the par fours on any course, a low stress swing, excellent short shot and putting with a lot of imagination and will.   It will take someone with enormous size and strength to flip and redefine the...
I hit all 14 and all the par 3 greens and shot 66, my best.   On average I am usually good for 12 out 18 most of the time.
He looks like a 4th grader, but acted like a true man to greet Bubba with his first and second win at the masters. That's a good friend. Kudos to Kooch for the same gesture. Classy.
They're instructed to do so and that's how they are named
good answer by Bubba
Interesting a Titleist guy is using a Taylormade RBZII 3 wood, white no less.
I was referring to the masters broadcast and side storys
Don't look now, and I hope I don't jinx anything but not a word, highlight or reminder of Tigers and his sore back.........Please keep it going.
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