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Why is this thread on the PGA tour forum, I've seen valid discussions be shut down, but this is allowed to continue?????   Jus sayin.
There is a lot of people that are now doubting his story now....these are not haters just people questioning his story. Tooth gate.   Right from the git go, when those pictures came out, It struck me as odd that he had his mouth open in cold temps, If I had my tooth knocked out, hide have my lips zipped shut and breath thru my nose.   if he had a cap knocked out that's a different story, they are often made of porcelain no blood and really no pain , the nerve is often...
Nice, they really are that good
I am curious, because I am in golf industry in New England and this goes against everything I have ever heard. Maybe I mis understood your statement, were you speaking to golf independent retailers or golf courses? Or pro shops at golf courses? inside of Rt 128 or 495 you are really talking to a highly populated, maximum income area of the Northeast ( in line with other areas such as Fairfield county, and Long Island. ) Massachusetts was not immune to the economic...
word on the street, is the whole Allenby situation is being investigated by the very best......  
Sounds fishy as time goes on here, hope not.  The women who found him has mentioned that he found RA less than a block away, not miles. This will get interesting.
Awful news, just awful.
What does that mean?
To the original  OP, the PC golf games went away, much like the interest level for real golf by the same demographics.  
sandbagging you are cheating other people, Having a "Hollywood handicap" is cheating yourself.
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