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No body went to the press about his infidelityI believe he was insinuating that once a PED user goes off their cycle, that's when injuries become common....it's very obvious for some.
I believe the next Tiger, not in record breaking form but in a marketing form, will be Chinese over 6 feet 2" tall and 200+ pounds, they'll be something special about him that will make people recall tiger and his influence.
Great how much damage and how much $$ does tiger sue for? Lay it in the line, what damage was caused, how much hardship?That's my point you can not sue just for someone's opinion. people state their opinion about everything all the time.And not to go into the abyss of off topic, all of Al gores predictions and scientific proof have pretty much been debunked as much as chicken little's the sky ifs falling... Sorry I brought him up as an example.
Golf is in somewhat of tail spin, and has been for well over a decade and only recently has really been ratchet down.....I don't blame tiger. Tiger got purses to grow, tiger brought professionalism to the game, Tiger prospered as multimedia and the Internet prospered allowing golf to be come much more global including Tiger. Tiger got a lot of people to watch golf, but not play golf. it's an urban myth. Now before you flame me, yeah some played, mostly men, many do not...
thank you for bolstering my point, no one sued Al, no one can sue Al, same with OlsenHowever....Great lets sue him...how much was Tiger damaged?Of course if Tiger does sue him, he'll have to prove Mr Olsen is 100% incorrect, not 99% likely to be incorrect, 100% incorrect.Remember a few months ago when Tiger opened up his mouth with Gold Digest? He didn't get an apology and he did get a lot of negative attention. Then again he's not sharpest knife in drawer.
My point is many people include on this thread have said Olson should be sued, he won't and he can't be sued.Al Gore had an opinion and agenda about global warming, he made some harsh predictions and even profited from it...now affectionate refered to as climate change...".and now we know the rest of the story" -the late Paul Harvey
Sued You guys throw the word out way to often.. Did Al Gore get sued about global warming? Regarding the golf ball of you think your dozen PROv1 off the shelf are being played by pros........well then I have a bridge to sell you in NY.
I can't vote for a number of reasons. The second option is a two part question. One must be true for the other to be true. But the real reason why I can not vote is I feel strongly that it could be " likely" he had some help.
Years ago Pedro Martinez was the best pitcher in baseball, when he thru the ball you could hear a distinct difference when hit the catcher mitt. He struck out the best at key times, he was durable too. He was not a big man, but he was a freak the way he could deliver a fast ball time and time again. He had a little edge to him as well, against certain players, probably in grained in his heritage as a DominicanAs time and age wore on, Pedro lost that zip, that fire, his...
That, and the grass actually grew quiet a bit since the late fall into December in most areas, it recovered nicely.
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