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Invest in a decent bag, including one with either individual slots for the clubs, use your head covers and keep the irons clean and dirt free after every shot shot. I use a small brush i bought in a paint store, the bristles are a very course but made of plastic. I then have this brush on a retractable( recoil) lanyard, I have it mounted on the outside of the bag. If you have to dig thru your bag every time you want to clean out the grooves, you'll never do it frequently...
wow, I always wear a watch, snug fit and above my wrist, it does not interfere at all and its very lightweight.   No thanks,no koolaid for me
I agree with everything, except the last line. Fowler has yet to win a match-he played well, with some sick shot making but in the end couldn't close it out. Ther was a screen shot during the RC that showed who won on hole 18 in multiple RCs and the euros win big on 18 compared to the americans- That's a problem right there. 
Phil is an extrovert, outgoing, speaks his mind, loves to answer questions and lets face it has developed into a role of senior Ryder cup player.....Phil was benched Saturday and had a lot of time to think about it.   I bet he has already forgotten about it, as has Watson. Its only the media now that keeps it alive.
No problem, the idea came to me a few years ago where I was in charge of an office Super Bowl pool, in years past it was the same bunch of guys throwing in 20 bucks, well times had change and there were more women than guys. So I needed something that everyone could do and understand. because our team (s) were out if it, no one seemed really interested.So I came up with an idea of doing a questionnaire like.Within 5 seconds and not going over how long in seconds will the...
Carry distance? or did you mean driver distance? in 2014 288 yards is average driving distance
Is cost the reason for the decline of golf........well Cost can be money or time, after all Time is money.   The actual cost would be clubs, balls & Misc and green fees, not driving an hour, car pooling and splitting gas money.   In neck of the woods New England you would be hard pressed to find a decent golf course for under 75.00 . , 30, 40 and < $50 are a thing of the past.   This year I played one course under $50, it was a very nice 9 hole course that you played...
So introvert, extrovert and "other" Interesting.
I can see you point, but Tiger would have been a stretch at best. 7 tourneys and one one top 25. and besides his RC is not nearly as remarkable as his tour career. I would have entered Dustin Johnson  as a possible pick if he was available instead of tiger above.
My golf partner said aternate shote touneys can be quite popular in europe...here not so much.
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