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Scott and Williams split......oh well, life goes on
Congratulations! Enjoy the memory, I shot 66 once followed by a 68 and havn't sniffed near it since......
I know of several scratch to 9 handicappers that have given it up or simply walked away, sometimes its I only played for the social, gambling and drinking and yet more say they just don't have the time for it like they did- it was inevitable. Nothing to do with cost or complexity of the game. Decades ago I used to play tennis, every weekend, a couple times during the week, it was great work out against competitive players, age and sex. Then one year. I played less...
if you are an athlete, you can develop a good consistent swing quicker than most, I wouldn't go a super game improvement ( beginners) club, instead something that has some forgiveness. for irons the taylormade speed blade or rocket blade is a nice "type" of iron set. everyone makes them in that catagory. Any modern day driver inside of 1-3 years old will be fine for your, ditto for fairways and hybrids.
Welcome! I'm 6 4" you can find clubs, just need to search harder. . Clubs with added length don't cost anymore than off the rack clubs. I have  fitted 1000s of people and have also fitted pro athletes, collegiate and including NBa basketball players. John Paxon +1 1/2  and 3 degrees.   Height is one element, how long and where your arms hang from the floor is also a strong consideration.   The good news you can buy belly 41-43inch putters for pennies on the dollar- just...
Mine has creeped up a little due to injury. oh well
I voted the same I missed a couple of 5 footers, but also made a few long ones that stayed on line because of the aeration holes
14 clubs   Driver,  5w-18deg,  3hybrid, 5hybrid,  5iron thru GW 54deg & 58deg Putter.   I most recently put the 5 iron in the bag
More could use that info for sure, a divot tool should be the first item you put in your pocket along with tees. I try to repair my divot and 3 others on every green.
I would be happy to, could you clarify your question first though.Take it back 1/3+\_ and follow thru the putting stoke almost twice as much as your back swing.
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