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Bethpage, everyone should play it at least once. I drove down from the boston area, arrived at 3;00am, got out in the first group. I was playing well at the time. low single digit.  I shot well with a score of 85. I had two birdies, hole 1 and hole 18, Toughest hole for me was #4 and # 15   as I walking late in the rounds I realized that certain clubs that I always seemed to hit, I wasn't at all. It seemed like every hole I was hitting long iron, hybrid or fairway into.I...
Yup, exactly. tiger won't sue, steiny with make some nor sense statement at best.
Actually you may find this hard to believe but most main stream papers, web sites and media, such as the big 4 ANC, NBC, CBS and Fox, by today's standard do very little in the way of reporting as a result of investigating. They are happy to report someone else's find and report their own opinion.rags such as National enquirer no longer report 2 headed aliens, but actually uncover many of the top stories, many that turn out to be factual. they have professionals digging and...
Two things....... How much did we read about of players really taking several in a lot of practice rounds at Chambers Bay? I got the impression some of these guys just showed up and only plaed it once or twice. if I was Michelson for example I would played it dozens and of times this year alone. Next: as Mike Davis said, " if players are not complainting about the US open, then we are doing something wrong..."
Ryo ishikowa shot 58 in a tourney in Japan, I had read that it was on a little shorter course than a typical PGA course. Is it possible? Yes is likely, well I doubt we will ever see it on the PGA tour event.
With very few exception are there womens heads,besides color I have never seen one in tournement play. all of taylormades for example are the same heads. They get the same heads as men, just a different shaft, for example Stace lewis uses an TM R1 head, with a graphite design AD di6 shaft  so yeah you won't find that off the shelf for men either. Its custom and part of a fitting process for her and Male players too. 
Your average male golfer doesn't carry the ball 185 yards with a driver, how far do you think the average women carrys their ball with a driver?   I'll give you a clue, maybe 130 yards. They likely hit their 3 wood further. That is one reason why their are not alot of drivers available for women,simple design would be at least a 12 degree and maybe a 14- but again with the added physical length of the driver they will square up much better and easier with a 3 wood.  Shafts...
under armour took over golf market share from adidas ashworth in golf apparel???? That would be news to me, Ifind that incredible hard to believe, but I need to understand the criteria of that statement. is that sales? marketshare? penetration? sell thru %, Green-grass accounts or just simple growth %?  the latter of which I could agree with, taking marketshare from Nike, adidas, FJ and Puma can add up.
The golf industry does address women, the local pro or buyer for the club or independent store is another thing. Because there is a ratio 1 out of 15 golfers are women and that women often from an apparel perspective  come in many different sizes  and shapes. Women who typically invest in apparel- such as skirts blouses etc, tend to  be in the size 6,8,10 & 12 size. More women that are coming into the game will often be in the 12, 14, 16 and even 20+ size. Of course cut...
Nope, more like see ya later, thanks for your help....blah blah blah  Typical lay off like other industries.  An exemplified  hero 2 years ago, this year don't let the door hit you in........ the NBA deal is more of a licensee contract with the NBA, uniforms, warm ups etc. they'll be some PLMs, GTMMs and marketing teams- small ones added.
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