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Back in the era of wooden drivers, it was the ball that often shortened the distance compared to today, also the machinery cutting, grass length, landing areas, irrigation, drainage all play a role in the driving distance today compared to the Just one look at the old footage of balls being putt or rolling on the green during a. Chanpionship tourney will show you the difference.
They (TM) never ever claimed to be the first to have a white or rainbow colored driver.- factThey were the first company to offer a driver with multiple & movable and different weights on a driver that changed shot shape - factHighllighted above- speculation, nonsense, ill informed opinion and just incorrect, I know this first hand about Mr King.Mr King was promoted months ago to oversee Adidas, not taylormade, not Adidas golf....all of Adidas group North America.Mark King...
The dicks near me sells Titleist, Ping mizuno and others! the staff is very professsionL and contray to what some believe they sell, the exact same product for the exact same price than at Proshops. All the major manufactures have MAP pricing on their products - everyone sells it for the same. dicks does have resources for trade ins that pro shops don't or prefer not to use. The training that I provided for Dicks is identical to what I provide to proshops employees.the...
A 4 hybrid and a pitching wedge, the combination of these two should get you in very good position on most holes, with a slight forward press I can put fine with the hybrid? My 4 hybrid I can hit straight 210 if I stepp on it, if I incrementally choke down & swing it soft 130 yards. PW 125 yards
brand new, too far to drive for a store credit only, my loss = Your gain. Size is 10.5 ( fits true to size) Color grey with lime sole. 2 year waterproof Leather -suede actually 2014 model Retail is 149.00 74.00 includes shipping!!!! Paypal or check or usps money order accepted. Thanks for looking
How do I fix him? First I tell him to get his head out of A$$ and be grateful that he is not carry a gun, sleeping on dirt in Iraq or some other god forsaken place. Next I remind him it's about the lowest score, not how pretty your pose is after your follow thru or " trajs, reps and processes" Next I remind him its about quality practices, that his sponsors are second in line behinds his fans. Any press conference is from the heart not some stupid agenda you think you...
Adam Scotts swing looks remarkably simular to Tiger <2003 swing....  Maybe Woods should get Holly Sonders, she's his type and certainly has had the experience playing lessons from the pros..
I can't wait for Foley's book....
The simple answer is no.
Effing guy doesn't need a swing coach, he needs a psychologist instead.
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