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For me, if I cock my wrists early, I take the club too far to the inside, and the result is always a push, push/fade, or push/slice.
I don't mind one, maybe two tiered greens on a course. Any more than that is annoying. Nothing wrong with a little challenge, but reading greens is hard enough. Give us lousy novices a small chance for a par a couple of times on a course.
Improve my long game. It is the weakest part of my game. I have to stop hitting push/push-fades/push-slices consistently. Showing some improvement.
I've been fighting the same issue this year. What I have found is that I have to make a conscious effort to keep my left arm straight. If I don't, I either hit thin shots, or if I pure the shot, everything is a push-fade/slice. When I focus on keeping my left arm straight throughout the backswing and during the downswing, I have seen immediate results in distance and aim. I don't make it stiff, but I do have a to keep a conscious "left arm straight!" in my head.   It...
More of a layout/rules than shotmaking complaint. I don't like tees so far from the hole that the course uses that as an excuse to make you ride instead of walk.
I don't focus on my left wrist, though I do focus on my right wrist, which I try to get into a "waiter tray" position--like I'm a waiter holding a tray--this makes my left wrist flat. This helps me guarantee during the downswing that my right palm is facing down when the club gets parallel. Otherwise, I'm holding the face wide open at impact and end up with a push fade/slice.   This is the biggest issue with my swing right now.
On a hole like that, I might just as well tee off with my putter.
Morton actually includes that in the price--length, lie color code, grip color code. I'm thinking that since I would like to get the 4-iron, go ahead and get both from Morton and save on shipping. I'm basically looking for a sanity check to see if there is anything I have not considered.
The shaft on my Ping G15 6-iron broke. It's the standard AWT shaft, regular flex. It was a mishap, and not a club defect that led to the breakage.   I can get a replacement at Morton Golf Sales for $50.00 plus shipping. I've been looking at Morton, and considering adding a 4-iron to my setup since I have been hitting the 5-iron so well.   Or I could send the pieces to PING to repair the club.   Replace or repair? Any recommendations?   Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: