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Driving is by far my strength. I'd say I average around 230-250yds and hit fairway roughly 75% +/- of the time with most of misses not being too far off.    Irons are my weakest and it's not even close. I am slowly getting there, but I just plain suck with my irons until i get 100yds or closer and then I'm ok. 
I play as a single fairly often and if I come up on two or more groups I won't play through even if they offer to let me. It just causes more of a log jam for those foursomes. As a single you can't expect everyone on the course to accommodate you. I will generally just take my time and if I am in a hurry for some reason then I will skip ahead of the groups and come back to the holes I missed at the end. 
Honestly, I would seriously question whether that really happened if you didn't have that video.   How did you end up playing it?
They are probably happy that he is putting the balls back into play. 
I have a friend that does the exact same thing. It doesn't bug me at all. I just laugh about it with the rest of my buddies.    I also never play him for money or anything meaningful. We made a $5 dollar bet on one hole onetime and he didn't count three strokes that he duffed/hit into the water. He refused to admit that he cheated. I just let it go and haven't bet with him since then. 
Exactly. The problem with guys like him are that he has the mentality that he is battling the customers. I run into a lot of people like that. Instead using the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction at no cost, he sees a customer trying to get a freebie and can't let it slide. 
The guy running out and yelling would really piss me off. I would ask him if it was really worth embarrassing and/or pissing off a  customer to make sure they don't hit those five balls. AT MOST he should have walked out and ASKED you not to do that or waited until you came by and politely ask you to not do that in the future. Most golf courses aren't exactly raking in the cash. Treating a customer like that is beyond asinine. If one of my employees did they would be let...
Wasn't me, but a buddy I was playing with had an amazing shot on Saturday. He had a 20-30yd pitch shot that he drained in the cup. Nothing but net. Probably the coolest shot I have ever seen. The look on his face was priceless too. He couldn't believe what he just did. 
It was interesting to say the least. Gators are common around here (Southeast Texas) so I'm somewhat used to them. As long as you aren't an idiot then they won't do anything to you.    Thinking about it, he was probably more like 15-20ft away rather than 10. 
That's incredible.    One of the courses that I play once a week or so has a couple of resident gators on it. One is probably 5ft long and the other is probably 6-7ft. I see them all the time, but I've only had to hit by one of them once. I hit my approach shot about 10 ft away from the bigger one and had to chip with my back turned to him. I had my buddy watch him to make sure he didn't run at me while I wasn't watching, lol.    If you think hitting a tee shot while the...
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