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I have joined the club people. Been playing for just a couple of months now (late starter at 41) absolutely loving it, been told by every seasoned golfer I meet your gonna need lessons. So I booked six week course of group lessons starting last Wednesday it was my day off so went for a round in the morning chilled in the afternoon and lesson in the evening. Arrived at the range PGA pro busy so hit 50 balls then start lesson hit some balls for pro to see my swing, he...
Hello my first ever round yesterday on my local 9 hole which I did twice to make 18 holes. Got a par on the first 9 and another on the second 9 thought i had won the open lol ended up with a 114 which I am we'll pleased with as it is my first ever go at it. Absolutely loved every moment slice hook topped shot and run on wish I had done this years ago. 👍⛳
I posted a thread about playing alone but it has gone?
Not the new Depp film but playing a round on your own, do many people do it I am not a shy person by any means so I am going to play as much as possible on my own to learn the game in my own time, is it frowned upon or are people not bothered. Cheers Spen
Thanks for the welcome by the way. Is this forum mainly US or worldwide😊
Oops bloody I phone and sausage fingers don't mix lol. I wish I did have a vested interest in gold but its just golf👍
I am an Operating Theatre Support Worker, which entails setting the theatre and equipment up ready for each operation and positioning of the patients on the table and many other things in between.👍
Hello everyone I am 40 years old and just started an interest in gold getting my first set this weekend after going on the driving range a few times and really enjoyed it. My previous e hobby (racing model cars) I couldn't do enough with it being a specialist hobby so I wont improving so got disheartened with it. I have fancied golf for the past 20 years but not had the chance to have a go but that is going to change now. There is lots to learn and I look forward to the...
New Posts  All Forums: