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Played a round up at ashwood in the high desert here in so cal. Shot 78( 40,38) on a par 65. I have been struggling terribly with my driver going long and slicing and today was able to hit long fades. I hit the green on the fly with my first tee shot of the day at 285 yards (missed the eagle putt. :/ ). Did have a ob drive and a water hazard that didn't help my scores to much but was a improvement overall
I went to the range with my best friends and brought my girlfriend along. She was having a hard time making good contact so my friend and I told her to stop and do a slow motion swing barley moving. She proceeded to take a full swing and club me in the side of the head slicing my ear and head lol.. Lets just say the night was a little awkward after that haha
Well my game is finally starting to come together. I shot a 86 today at Alhambra for the first time under 90 ever. I started off the day really well going only +2 through 6 holes then on the par three 7th I Dropped my shot off the about 15' to to pin and ended up 4 putting for a double. Only time I had more than 2 putts on a hole today. My irons were hot today hitting the green about 80% of the time within 200 yards I also drove the green on the fly on the par four 4th...
Went out this morning with my grandpa at almanzor in Alhambra, 65.6/115 I shot a 92 from the blues with 50 on the front and a 42 on the back. Started of the day with my driver slicing everything, luckily on the back nine I tried some adjustments and started to finally hit it long and strait. My chipping was horrendous though and chipped in several bunkers while trying to go over them. Pieces are starting to come together though.
Got up early this morning here in so cal and had a decent round of 44 for nine holes. I'm a former baseball player so still trying to dial my swing in with the driver which I slice lately. It always seems it take me a while to get my swing consistent and had two holes which tallied up to +5 with a double and triple bogey. Luckily I turned it around at the 6th with par, par, birdie then bogey to finish.
I went with a buddy of mine who brought his cousin along with us who rarely ever golfs. On the 10th hole on our local course his cousin hit a shot that was about 110 yards that rolled up on the left side of the green and dropped in the hole. My buddy and I couldn't believe it being that it was the only shot I can recall that he hit strait most of the day. I don't think he realized how hard it was to get one as we freaked out more than he did.
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