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What's so bad is that Taylor's kunt was the worst golfer in the final four and because of the ladies tee she's the winner.
Taylor * - what a lucky ass ****. * played from panties tee
Congratulations, Taylor*. * played from ladies tee
There would be no need for an asterisk since giving up a bunch of yardage doesn't work to your benefit.
They should have a men's BB and a women's BB to avoid having an asterisk beside the winner's name. * played from ladies' tee.
I didn't think you'd understand me otherwise.
Women are not completely useless on the golf course - they can carry our bags, walk off yardages and such as that, as long as they stay out of the way.
Women shouldn't be allowed on the golf course until after 5 p.m. to give men plenty of time to finish.
No, you're the anal retentive one.
Being liberal isn't the same as being humorless, PC and anal retentive.
New Posts  All Forums: