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I am not sure on this. What I am sure of is that some of the examples used to prove a point in this thread are a little weak. :) Let's get back to this one, as I think it is the best match. If I go to watch a local beer league soft ball game I park just behind the 4' fence on the third base side. Prime foul ball area. Anyone who has been to one of these games would know there is a risk in parking there. Foul balls are just part of the game. But it is a parking spot. When...
Totally anecdotal but I just picked up a new Vokey 60 degree. After the hitting the range and playing one round I really am feeling good about this club. Not saying too much as the stick it replaced was an ancient Spaldling.
I did just that the other night. Occasionally my wife will walk 9 with me in the evening. I just say something like. "My wife is walking with me. Could you get us out by ourselves on the front or back 9?" So far I have never had a problem. I am sure it would be different on a weekend morning. Great idea going with your son. That's the good stuff.
@flinggolf I am looking forward to watching your company grow. Also great job at dropping in and interacting. I know it is a tough balance to find.
I understand what you are saying and I think some balance is needed. However, certain teams/coaches have a scheme that leans more toward skill/puck handling or more toward hitting. Hitchcock is a good example. When he coached the Jackets he would talk about playing a weighty game. These differences in schemes are the reason that when a new coach comes in the team usually shuffles players to get the skill set the coach needs.
Not speaking for @iacas but would a good example be when my Blue Jackets played Pittsburg this year in the playoffs. The Penguins were a much more skilled team however we took them to game 5 in that series mostly by hitting them silly. Oh well it was a good run while it lasted. Maybe this year.
I am conflicted. On one hand it looks like something made to sell via infomercial. On the other hand I can see my non golfing family members joining us golfers for a round. Would take the frustration out of the game for that once a year player. Certainly makes more sense than a 15 inch hole. Of course this will not get the support of the equipment companies. Interesting.
Avid hockey fan. This seems like an answer to a question nobody asked. NHL players know where they are on the ice. As others have said, if you want the boarding out of the game call it consistanly wheather it's on the 4th line enforcer or the top line center.
How much difference is there between today's drivers and the drivers from a decade ago? I have just went from playing 1 or 2 times a year to getting much more serious about my game. I have not broken 100 yet but I am making great progress. My last game I scored my first birdie. My driver is a TaylorMade r580 xd that appears to be a 2003 club. How dramatic of a difference would a high handicapper notice switching to a current model driver? Respectfully,
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