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Interesting business idea. May need to do the first few for free or in exchange for golf to get some results and case studies.Your package for the course could include collecting data on what is slowing the course down, making recommendations for correcting the problem and training staff and marshals.You could also consult with the course to help implement new technology such as gps carts or video surveillance.Interesting concept.
Again, how would I know who is being slow?You seem very sure a marshal is not wrong. What training do marshals have that gives you this confidence?
 Why isn't golf growing? Why don't we have more young people in the game?Where else in society would you tell someone not to complain just let them yell at you for something you have no control over? I have no idea who the actually slow group is. I am not the one driving from hole to hole to see where the problem is. How would I know who is the bottleneck? All I can tell is I am waiting to tee off for 5+ minutes on each hole.It seems the marshals attitude is that I am...
Nah, that wouldn't work. The ejected player could play on without the cart.How about not ejecting the player and the cart drives itself into a pond. :)
Same here. I am guessing the high handicapper and weekend hackers would be just fine with a par 3 to open. I don't know if it holds up to math but I feel like par 3's are my best chance to make par because there are fewer chances (less swings) for an erratic shot.Starting with a 3 would give me a little more time to loosen up before I get my nemesis, the driver, out of the bag.
I don't know about tricky but I hang out athttp://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/They take their bbq at least as serious as we take our golf.
Let me start by saying I play quickly even though it takes me 100+ to get through 18. I walk 9 in 1.5. For me I have been more frustrated by pace of play zealots than slow play. We had a round this summer where a ranger told us to "speed up the pace" 3 times. Even though we waited to tee off on holes 2-18. We had a threesome with 2 carts and we're playing ready golf all the way to the hole. We do not look for lost balls anywhere close to 5 minutes and we don't take...
So what I am hearing is that it is against the rules but there is no penalty? Seems odd. Don't get me wrong, the breakfast ball when with the guys and not removing the flag when I am playing by myself are bigger issues than the order of play. All will need adjusted if I decide to keep a official handicap.
This made me laugh. I am picturing carrying a man hole cover as a ball marker.    Sorry, carry on.
Tell that to the guy in the video.
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