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CD's and DVD's were technology products that have no use after technology has passed them by.Like I said in my original post, "people buy watched for more reasons than telling time"Most watches have always been at least partially fashion accessories. There is not practical reason to wear a $5000. or even $500 watch when a $5 watch will tell time just as well or better. Didn't have time to look much but here is a link from last year that shows watch sales are actually going...
Hey now. You don't need to call me out like that.  I would think a bigger challenge than the extra weight on the arms is the lack of flexibility that carrying extra fat usually brings with it. I know there are exceptions (see John Daly) but as a rule I think a player carrying more fat is going to have a harder time with range of motion needed to make the most effective golf swing.
Like most things... It depends. I used to sell lake homes. A few points... 1. Don't go any less than 1 hour away. Closer than that and it's hard to get away. You can run back to the office if they call etc. 2. Be honest with yourself about how much you will use it. If you are only going to get up to the cabin a couple times a year you would be better off renting a really nice place for those times and not have the expense. 3. Be honest with yourself about the cost. Taxes,...
Do you think it is disrespectful for someone to verbalize a goal that others are trying to reach? Honest question. No wrong answer.I am trying to analyze why people feel so strong about the Dan Plan.Some people may be familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk. He is very vocal about his goal to buy the NY Jets. That obviously is a ridiculous goal. He would need to be in the top 1/2% of the wealthiest people in the world. However, it is the goal that drives him. I am fascinated but I...
I absolutely must use a new tee on each hole. No good can come of re-useing a tee. ... I don't know why.
Where are the 20 yard bounces when we need them. I hit my 9 iron what I would estimate to be about 200-225 yards (I didn't measure it) with the help of a cart path. Unfortunately, it was a 155 yard par 3. :) actually it doesn't really matter. To hit the cart path I was obviously off line enough that I was going to be in trouble even if my length was perfect.
the course is jammed up, your group didn't ask to play through, you tried to sneak around them at the turn without communication, your group hit into the group in front of you.If those are the facts I am not sure that the group ahead of yours is the one with an etiquette issue.
1) I almost always walk when I go alone.2) my "alone" rounds are 9 hole rounds. Usually about 1.5 don't keep good track of time. This evening it was 1hour and 35 minutes. Never saw another golfer after the first tee.
Don't worry about us 25+ ers. We usually are far enough off in the weeds to be of no danger. :)
 Oh NO! Don't let them here you say that over in the rules forum. The rules say one at a time and if you don't play by every rule you are not allowed to talk about golf to anyone outside of your foursome.Otherwise some Scottish dude in a kilt will come beet you to death with a bagpipe. 
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