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Ping Hoofer stand bag. Black and grey with red trim.
If a person dedicates 10,000 hours to practice, grinding out practices rain or shine, seeking out swing and mental coaching, has sponsors helping him with the best fit equipment and still can not make it to even the lower levels of professional golf does that not highlight how talented the PGA guys really are?
We keep mentioning the donations. From experience in the blogging field, my guess is that his donations are minimal. His speaking and sponcerships are certainly the bulk of the income. Having said that, my opinion would not change if he were getting 20k a month in donations. I agree 10,000 hours is an arbitrary number. However, I believe at 10,000 hours of practice, even if he made some mistakes in methods, he will have a pretty acurate picture of what his ceiling in golf...
This is what I was trying to say. Envy is a suit that seldom fits well.
I have read quite a bit. I did not find the experiment until maybe a year ago and I skimmed through his blog up until that point. Since then I have followed him on twitter and read most of his posts. I certainly agree that he along with many people on here (certainly including me) does not always do the right thing for his golf game. But I don't see why that should make me actively root against him.For me, my main takeaway from the project so far is just how much talent...
This thread is confusing to me. I can not for the life if me figure out why people would be so negative about the "10,000 hour experiment". I certainly have not read everything that Dan has written but I have enjoyed watching from a distance. He found a way to play a lot of golf and through his blogging, speaking and sponsors he has found a way to support his golf. Where is the problem here?
Thanks for the advice. I am actually enjoying the golf even if I am terrible. My only fear is that I am learning bad habits. My free time available comes up unexpectedly so it is hard right now to get time to set up lessons. I will watch some swing instruction video to get an idea what to work on until I can start taking lessons. Great game! Thanks,
First post. Amazed at the wealth of golf knowledge here. Can I make the tour by next year? I am a hack. 37 years old. for the last 10 years I have played a max of 6 or 8 rounds a year but more often 0 or 2. This year I have played 8 rounds and really am enjoying it. I have decided to play more and commit to getting better. currently I am awful like 150 awful. Best round this year was 122. I can not hit my driver and have lots of iron shots that I top. basically, I don't...
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