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I will take boreing athletes. my interest in football players is what they do between the lines on Saturday or Sunday afternooon. I am interested in golfers for what they are able to do on the course. While athletes need to be held to a moral standard just like the rest of society, beyond that I don't care. Keep your sports heros and your real life success heros seperate. I think there are many athletes, golfers included, that are good men but especcially when it comes...
That LA Times story talks about million dollar plus golf rounds. For comparison I think Jordan makes around 90 million per year so if I make 90k the math is easy. Jordan betting a million on a round is like me betting a thousand. (I've never even got close to a thousand dollar wager) Actually come to think of it there is a big difference because proportionately less of the 90k would be disposable income. I am thinking he can afford it.
After last night's round I would say the biggest weakness in my game is the part where I have a golf club in my hand. My driver is what constantly costs me the most.
At risk of pointing out the obvious... I think you may also need a new dog. 😀
I will echo any day on the course is good. Sure I think back to specific rounds as standing above the others ( my first birdie or the time I drained a 62' putt) but beyond that just being out there makes it a good day. One of the best rounds was last year when we srarted walking 18 at dawn with a slight drizzle. The drizzle turned into a steady rain. We were the only souls on the course. None of the group shot a great score but we enjoyed the ride. It's all good.
I am not sure on this. What I am sure of is that some of the examples used to prove a point in this thread are a little weak. :) Let's get back to this one, as I think it is the best match. If I go to watch a local beer league soft ball game I park just behind the 4' fence on the third base side. Prime foul ball area. Anyone who has been to one of these games would know there is a risk in parking there. Foul balls are just part of the game. But it is a parking spot. When...
Totally anecdotal but I just picked up a new Vokey 60 degree. After the hitting the range and playing one round I really am feeling good about this club. Not saying too much as the stick it replaced was an ancient Spaldling.
I did just that the other night. Occasionally my wife will walk 9 with me in the evening. I just say something like. "My wife is walking with me. Could you get us out by ourselves on the front or back 9?" So far I have never had a problem. I am sure it would be different on a weekend morning. Great idea going with your son. That's the good stuff.
@flinggolf I am looking forward to watching your company grow. Also great job at dropping in and interacting. I know it is a tough balance to find.
I understand what you are saying and I think some balance is needed. However, certain teams/coaches have a scheme that leans more toward skill/puck handling or more toward hitting. Hitchcock is a good example. When he coached the Jackets he would talk about playing a weighty game. These differences in schemes are the reason that when a new coach comes in the team usually shuffles players to get the skill set the coach needs.
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