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This is anecdotal because I only played one round with my ne Game Golf, but I found it to be painfully accurate in its reporting on my game.   Also, the set-up process was easy and totally self explanatory. I am excited to get more rounds so I have enough data to be useful.
I've said it before... I wonder why our sport isn't growing. Somebody suggest a group of players having fun under simplified rules and the chorus of "that aint golf", "That's cheating" and  "get off my lawn" starts.   Just look at post here. someone will present a scenario and it will take two pages of post for the rules gurus to hash through which point which rule applies and why.     Almost all sports have people playing by recreational rules. Our local rec hockey...
Wow! Are there actually courses that list playing time as 4:30?  I know it happens, but to set 4:30 as par....
I saw the 96% claimed also, but now it is back to 72%. Odd.   I hovered over it for awhile trying to decide. For that price it is worth trying. Got mine on the way.
I just saw that Game Golf is 139 for Prime Members. Lightning Deal 31% claimed.   You are welcome,
In that price range I would consider a mint condition used set. There are many sites that sell used sets. I have had god luck with 3 balls .com (not sure if I am allowed to link them here) I have found them to be honest. if they say very good condition the club you get will be very good. I am of the belief that, while the technology in irons keeps getting better, no one update is not that much better than the last. Based on that, it does not bother me to swing a set that...
Yup. Sounds like the guy likes to ride but just isn't big on actually paying for the cart he is using.Sounds like a class act.
I have not heard of this. I am grateful my local course has no issue with my daughters riding along or my wife walking with me. The girls enjoy it and who knows we may be making some future golfers. When they go along is usually later in the evening when the course is wide open.
If I had a chance to take lessons from Harmon or Haney I would not really care what their swing looks like. I once had an instructor that would spend way too much of the time I was paying for showing me what he could do. If we were working with a 6 iron he would take my 6i and set up and hit 10 balls in a row without saying anything. Yes, I know you can hit a 6 farther than I can hit my driver, but that really doesn't help me. I would rather have a good teacher than a good...
I am really interested in this intersection of golf and technology. I am guessing by the end of the season I will own either Game Golf or Arccos.
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