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I don't think so.1.2 Billion watches sold each year.Rolex alone does 4.5 billion in rev per year. ( for comparison Taylormade/Adidas does les than 2)Just like golf equipment people buy watches for more reasons than telling time.Sorry off topic.
Why?If you hit these clubs so much better than any of the others is it possible that the above assumption could be wrong?
Hey, he is going to the game. Some good natured annoying of the locals is in order. :)Especially since his team has a legit chance to beat the 49rs at home.Btw. That sounds like an awesome week!
Yes i am happy with my progress this year. I don't keep an official handicap still scoreing in the 105-115 range. So how can I be happy with my progress? This was the first year that I comitted to getting better. For the past 10 years I played 1 or 2 rounds per year. This year I finally took a few lessons, went to the range at least once a week and played about 20 rounds. So much room to improve but loving the journey. This year I went from duffing most of my shots to...
I don't get out nearly as much as I want to but I think about 2/3rds of my round are with my usuall group and 1/3rd is solo. When I am solo I would much rather be alone then paired with someone. There is something refreshing about the solitude of playing solo. Between family and business there is not enough time to be quiet in my life. 18 holes of talking to myself.
I will take boreing athletes. my interest in football players is what they do between the lines on Saturday or Sunday afternooon. I am interested in golfers for what they are able to do on the course. While athletes need to be held to a moral standard just like the rest of society, beyond that I don't care. Keep your sports heros and your real life success heros seperate. I think there are many athletes, golfers included, that are good men but especcially when it comes...
That LA Times story talks about million dollar plus golf rounds. For comparison I think Jordan makes around 90 million per year so if I make 90k the math is easy. Jordan betting a million on a round is like me betting a thousand. (I've never even got close to a thousand dollar wager) Actually come to think of it there is a big difference because proportionately less of the 90k would be disposable income. I am thinking he can afford it.
After last night's round I would say the biggest weakness in my game is the part where I have a golf club in my hand. My driver is what constantly costs me the most.
At risk of pointing out the obvious... I think you may also need a new dog. 😀
I will echo any day on the course is good. Sure I think back to specific rounds as standing above the others ( my first birdie or the time I drained a 62' putt) but beyond that just being out there makes it a good day. One of the best rounds was last year when we srarted walking 18 at dawn with a slight drizzle. The drizzle turned into a steady rain. We were the only souls on the course. None of the group shot a great score but we enjoyed the ride. It's all good.
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