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Yup. Sounds like the guy likes to ride but just isn't big on actually paying for the cart he is using.Sounds like a class act.
I have not heard of this. I am grateful my local course has no issue with my daughters riding along or my wife walking with me. The girls enjoy it and who knows we may be making some future golfers. When they go along is usually later in the evening when the course is wide open.
If I had a chance to take lessons from Harmon or Haney I would not really care what their swing looks like. I once had an instructor that would spend way too much of the time I was paying for showing me what he could do. If we were working with a 6 iron he would take my 6i and set up and hit 10 balls in a row without saying anything. Yes, I know you can hit a 6 farther than I can hit my driver, but that really doesn't help me. I would rather have a good teacher than a good...
I am really interested in this intersection of golf and technology. I am guessing by the end of the season I will own either Game Golf or Arccos.
 Both very valid replies. Maybe you are right.My perception is we still have an image problem that has its base in this issue.What other activity would you ever do that people brag about carrying a rule book written by lawyers along with them? Not sure. Possibly this is the best we can do. From a marketability of the game viewpoint I think we have a problem. 35% of the people who have voted on this poll think their are too many rules. That is 35% of people engrossed in...
I am not looking to change any rules. My thoughts are more about the attitude in this thread and whether it may have any bearing on the accessibility or attractiveness of the game.Any person that dares to suggest that not every line of the rule book is necessary is looked at as the enemy that must be ridiculed.I remember a thread where a rule guru here on the site was saying if you don't play by every rule in the rule book you have no right to tell anyone what your score...
Yes, keep golf pure! No compromises. More rules. Hey, why are there no kids out here? Why is our sport dying? Why are courses closing? (Yes, know the rules and mostly play by them.)
Possibly another way to look at this is that the Tour us wanting it both ways. On the one hand they want the caddies to be independent contractors to keep cost down and on the other hand they want to dictate exactly what they wear and how they can be paid by other vendors.   I agree a logo on a caddie is not worth nearly what the logo on the golfer is but that may have a case here.
I don't have pictures. Wish I did. We were there in August and found patchy dead grass on a few greens. lots of weeds in the fairways and minimal watering on the back nine. Just not what I was expecting. It is too bad because the design could have been one of the nicest I have played but it was hard to appreciate with the course being neglected like it was. Also, the "clubhouse" appeared to be in a finished off part of a poll shed. It looks like a property that is out...
Nope. Save your time. I played Big Fish this summer and it was in really bad shape. Like low end muni bad shape. It's a pity because the design (Pete Dye) is very nice. If you are in Hayward the Hayward Golf Club right in town is your best bet. We ended up playing it twice when we where there. Great condition.
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