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Thanks for the insight!!   I actually coupled the instructor I see in person and therotaryswing website.  I just the the rotary swing website for drills on the motions my instructor has me work on.  I usually have to get a couple of different "swing motions/thoughts" for it to fit me personally.  
Got my copy of the book. Very very good information on the gameplan.  Just one questions, I may have missed it in the book, but what does S.C.O.R. stand for and what do the values mean?
Honestly a little bit of both
1 year.. 1-2 visits per month so around 15 Mostly backswing positions... The instruction changes lesson to lesson... Don't necessarily leave will drills to build on and see progress for next lesson
I practice by checking positions in a mirror (based off lessons and what I've learned) and hit balls 2 times per week or so... I'd rather not say his name bc I don't want it to seem I'm bashing him How would you suggest choosing a coach?... Bc the "accolades" was the only thing I could think of ranking someone on
Yes I have a high speed camera... FO and DTL mirrors ... And a good mat and net setup in the garage... I practice at least 2-3 times per week (intense) and do position movements in a mirror daily (no hitting balls)
He is a top 100 teacher (if that means anything) ... Top for my state... And coaches a couple of touring pros... He has been coaching 25+ years... The main reason I chose him and pay the big $ for lessons is bc I was serious about improving
At a loss now... Been a 85-95 shooter for 6+ years.. Decided to get pro help and have been getting lessons and practicing intently but not getting any better... I don't know what to do next...
Flipping hands too much to the inside on takeaway.. Your wrists and left arm are too active... Poor hip turn and weight transfer.  Need to brace on inside of right leg and keep flex in right knee.   Practice with a PW clubhead under your right foot and keep the angle in the shaft thoughout the entire swing.   Also practice takeaway by brushing back a tennis ball and can do towel drill under arms to keep connected.
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