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Yes you try to hit a individual piece of then outer skirt tho
I went birdie-eagle-birdie in my round last weekend ! It was my first eagle ever . But I was so pumped I doubled the next hole ...
The double par rule , once you double par you pick up your ball .
Wxexactly you will enjoy it
I tend to play a lot better when I play alone ! It helps you really focus and you will notice a lot of things about your game and the course your playing that you normally wouldn't notice ! Good luck
Tiger woods -14 Bradly keagan -12
I was 7 over today on 9 holes so I shot a 43 ! Anyone have an idea on where I should be at in a month or try to be at ?
Not sure if this is a good place to post about this but ill give it a shot. I'm 17 and started playing 3 months ago and I'm committed to becoming a good golfer . I have taken some lessons and have been told the way I rotate my body is very good ! Does anyone have any advice on what a practice routine for me should be ? I can play all day if I choose to for the next 50 days about and want to try to make my high school golf team . Thanks !
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