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I watched "divergent" last week, the wife and I really enjoyed it, so we went to cinema and watched the sequel "insurgent" this week, both were very entertaining and were looking forward to the threequel. Easiest pars I've ever made! And I've now got a thing for the leading actress, very attractive in an understated way! Definitely recommended!
I would just like to say they look superb, you have great taste, and I'm not even slightly jealous you bastard
It's not hard to figure out from the current stats what you need to work on once you have posted a good few rounds, also helps you confirm which clubs you hit consistently well and others you don't, which may make you swop out a club or two, or practise more with certain clubs, then there's obviously your distance gaps and yardages, plus it's sometimes good to look back at a game you played well, or a really nice course you don't play often! It's a great bit of kit which...
I've played on one several times over winter, I didn't dare use my driver as I feel the booth is too small, so I tee off with a 3fairway off the mat, I don't pay much attention to the scores, it's just nice to hit balls indoors on a cold night , and it has definitly improved my long game ball striking!
I don't mind iron covers being used by others, as long as you don't lose one 2 holes back and go looking for it, or clean each club thoroughly before you put it back on, or tell me I should get some as they keep your clubs looking mint, in fact, I only know 2 people who use them, and they do all the above, so yeah, from my experience, they're probably "dweebs" ( whatever that means?)
Well that's good then, try and keep it on the fairway!
Interesting thought! There is usually a catch when something is given away for free, still, curiosity got the better of me!
If you go to Www.zerofriction.co.uk They're giving away free golf gloves worth £10, takes 1 min, no bank details required! Your welcome!
Nobody get the e7??? I'm thinking of giving it a whirl!
No, and if I heard it at traffic lights blaring out of a car window I would presume you are clinically insane and make an effort to keep out of your way.
New Posts  All Forums: