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I think it's pretty cool, if you could attach it to a cord and nail to fix it to the ground..... Oh hang on.... I've not though that through!
Count me in! I'd walk a mile, bare feet, over broken glass!...just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie!
I simply yell "GET IN"!!!!!!! At about 120 decibels
Yes, it's definitly more about the instructor! But I would think errors could get ironed out quicker in person!
Great update! Thanks for the insight!
I would rent out my wife before my clubs!
I've found myself lining by bag up level with the tee then tagging it before I put it back in, if I forget just make sure you tag your your 2nd shot then you can add it later, but I'm trying to ingrain the tag in my pre shot routine also, as I stand behind the ball and look at my target, I pick out my intermediate target, then tag, then address the ball! I think it will be easier after winter when I don't have as many layers covering the unit!
Well I'm growing a beard from today! This is the ultimate dispenser, nice thick long ZZ top style, so I can tuck a spare ball at the bottom and my pitch mark repair tool in the sideburns, who needs pockets!
It is easy to forget the odd tap in with GG, but only takes a few mins to add later, as for matching apparel, not needed, I found it much smaller than it appears, to the point where I forget I've got it on, then I remember and quickly check it's still there, I've had to initiate looking at the butt of my club as part of my pre shot routine, so I see the little red plug to remind me I'm wearing the unit, even the drape of my tucked in t shirt covers it from view,And as for...
The 6+ is designed for girls anyway, and you need a handbag/purse to carry it round, I'm a 4s man myself, but I won't go any further off topic!
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