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I got my boy into golf last year, I'd take him to the range and got him a 7i, then I started taking him to a mini pitch and put course, which we both enjoyed, then I booked him into a course of junior group lessons, which he really enjoyed, so then I got him a junior set and he's now on his 4th lot of group lessons and has really improved and has a lovely full swing and a tidy little short game, (he's only 10) I'm actually taking him on a full size course this week for the...
Wasn't long ago a certain young talented role model threw an iron into a lake due to frustration/anger, many were said to be "disgusted" by that type of behaviour, but now it's forgotten, just like tigers outburst will be, it's no big deal! I was watching extreme trawler boat fishermen on TV the other week, when one guy, after his catch, mentioned he got a "salty splash in the face", now I work in construction so I'm used to coarse language, and I hear this type of filth...
I vote Rory, but I'd prefer tiger on this occasion, just so he can get back on track!
You have to Agree though, rose earned his 2nd place, after no luck with any putts early on, he could have easily skipped down the leaderboard, only to go on a great birdie run and battle the his way past Phil! I thought speith was gonna run away with it halfwY through yesterday's round, but there's some great form going into today's finale, I think speith is a worthy and deserved winner, but it ain't over till it's over! And rose/Phil will be there if he slips up! Possibly...
I bet Nike are talking to speith's agent as we speak!
My word he makes this course look easy! Is this really Augusta??
Wow! Go rosey!!!
How did that happen?? He's had no luck with putts! I Thought casey would beat him
You sound like a gambler who didn't back speith
If you pretend speith isn't there,... Then it's a really close tournament! But hoff and Phil are ready to pounce should speith trip up! Wow! Phils putt as I type this!
New Posts  All Forums: