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Could someone do a comparison of 913 vs 915
KitKats and twix, anything else is cadburys!
Your wife's coming? You play golf with your wife? Are you ****in nuts? I'm outta here! Laters!
Titleist 913 series woods! The prices have dropped dramatically, they are great quality and I'm told there's not much difference performance wise to the new 915 series! Galvin green waterproofs! Absolutely superb! But they are pricey so you would have to really like the person you bought these for! Titleist staydry cart bag! I got one of these recently and they are 100% waterproof, lightweight and very cleverly designed! Also Cost less than sun mountain and ogio's finest...
No! and your being too picky! Go with a stiff, and perhaps go with a shaft that is 10g heavier than your driver! Think they do the diamana in an 82g stiff, sounds like a good match for your driver
This is my problem, usually on the first tee, once I see that ugly low hooky shambles of a ball flight, I sing shakira shakira and it usually rectifies itself by the next hole, by starting the down swing from the hips/legs first!I'd recommend a psychiatric assessment!This game is hard enough already!
II would have been so pissed off!I don't mind on my home course when it happens, but when you pay to play somewhere different it's not good! When you travel 120 miles to play somewhere different, I would have expected/demanded a refund/credit note!
I hear ya! I sometimes feel this way, but I have a friend who is a member at the harder course I play and he also has the same problem when playing my course! But ya must take into consideration 2 things! 1, when you play a course regularly you develop familiarity, and therefore the course DOES become easier to YOU, 2, a handicap is to represent what your CAPABLE of scoring, NOT what you should score all the time, if you play to your handicap then you have had a good...
Well, there's old,... and older, I would suggest that technology peaked a few years back, and that now it's just tweaked and re packaged to keep sales up! But I would think that not too much has changed in the last 10 years.During the 80's/90's I think technology and design moved forward in leaps and bounds!But anything before then would not compare to the clubs in the last 10 years!
Hi! Here's a driver tip, titleist 913 D2, they're dropping in price rapidly as their 915 is out shortly! It's a great forgiving long knocker with the right shaft! Anyhow, welcome! Always good to see a Brit on here!
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