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Only problem with this is you have to be be really versatile with your sandwedge as you'll use it for most shots 140 and in. Which is not a problem if your good at that!Or if not, what do you use for 140 and in??
In saying it's not necessary for the beginner/high capper to get an iron fitting, unless they're particularly not average in stature, and if they do, they are likely to end up with a set of clubs that will not benefit them. I believe an iron fitting is only beneficial to the better/mid capper!
True, I've encountered only 1 inexperienced fitter, on my first and only fitting, but that's beside the point! As blue dragon pointed out above, the manufacturers make their stock clubs to suit the vast majority of people anyway, so unless your tall,small or playing to a reasonable standard, I just don't see the real benefit, plus there's a chance, if your swing is poor, to end up with clubs that won't be right for you!
Again, poor advice from fitters/salesman, when I settled on my clubs, ( RocketBladez) he tried to sell me 3i to sw, he knew damn well I couldn't hit a 3 iron, and there was 10* gap between pw & sw, luckily I'd done my homework and said no thanks 4i to aw will be fine, I'll deal with sw at a later date! I could have ended up with 2 clubs I'd never used!
Why are you changing?
But what about a beginner who gets fitted and is still spraying there balls everywhere? He may be inclined to quit because the fitted clubs do nothing better than the borrowed/inherited ones he just gave back!The reason this got brought to my attention, when I got fitted I was told go 3* flat, I also pointed out the clubs felt too long and heavy to what I was used to, he said I'll get used to them, after I left I pondered for a while and then phoned the store and said...
I prefer low bounce, 6* or 8*, I've never been a big divot taker anyway, however, in summer, when bunkers are soft and fluffy, (I'm from the uk, summer only lasts 8 days over here!) the low bounce on my sand and lob is useless for me in the bunker, the lack of bounce allows the club head to bury itself deep into the sand and it's not a pretty sight, so I bought a high bounce 58/14* and the difference was instant! High bounce is definitly your friend in certain situations,...
Well your fitting would appear helpful! As I'm sure many are, but I'm pretty sure there are many inexperienced salesmen/fitters in stores that are just giving everyone the same fitting and although people are walking out happy with there newly fitted clubs, they probably shouldn't be!
Did you buy the standard set??
I'm only talking from my personal experience here in the uk, if you walk in a store and say I want those, then they'll sell them you, but if your unsure, then they try to sell them on the fitting implying that they can make them work for you, when they can't! Only lessons and understanding the sequence of the swing will make them work for you, and only then, in my opinion is a proper fitting beneficial!
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