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I like them!!!And because I hate full stops! Period!
When TIGER became tiger, he had a whole bunch of personal problems, father, marital shenanigans, then injury's, he spiralled out and lost focus! I think tiger could well become TIGER again! If he really wants to! I dont think he's lost the ability! But maybe has lost some of the determination and focus! Thing is, while TIGER has been away, there's certain players who want to fill those shoes! And not just Ernest jones!!! Look what happened when Rory ditched his fiancé and...
Haha, not fair lihu, these 3 also happen to be golfs young guns at the top of the game, but who knows, maybe the more compact swing yields good results! Rory's swing is one the best to my eye!
Usually spammers, trolls and jerks receive this treatment, the mods/admins do a great job of it! I'm not suggesting you are one of the above... But it's probably likely if what you say is true?
Good point also!!!
Very tough call! I'm sure both will happen, but which first!!! I'd like to think mcilroy will! But opportunity wise, tiger has the advantage at 4 to 1, and if tiger has an advantage, you couldn't bet against him! So tiger! However, I reckon mcilroy will eventually be the highest earner in golf! Surpassing tiger, It's a bold statement, but with youth, ability, and nike on his side, plus likeability, something which tiger lacks, the future seems very bright for Rory!
Interesting stuff! I was told to put my elbows out and have for years, never been a great putter, recently I noticed some pros appear to have there elbows tucked into their ribs almost, I tried this for a while with even worse results, so I've been working on my putting stroke a lot recently to improve my scores, and I've found that, whilst studying Seve's putting, with elbows out, tilting the grip towards the hole slightly, raising the toe slightly, then keeping my hands...
Fair point! I don't enter tourneys, Not yet anyway but I plan to next year, i try to play by the rules though, but I'm more than willing to bend the rules to keep pace of play!I do like the rule questions brought up on this forum and I'm going to start making a few notes I think for when I do enter tourneys!Knowledge is power as they say!
Quite possibly the most ridiculous question I've heard on here... And there's been a few!
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