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Interesting question, I stand behind the ball, set my grip, pick the target and intermediate target, align feet and shoulders to hit ball over intermediate target, look, waggle, hit!
Supercool! Looks like a well thought out set that will last into her teens! I imagine she loves them!
I'm a sheet lead worker, specialist roofer, this was my job this week.
ive been called worse!damn you joe! I'm usually very particular about my there their they're, arm condoms? And you think I'm odd?
On hot days I like cigarettes and juice, on cold days I like cigarettes and coffee laced with alcohol! I'll eat anything but prefer savoury, like a pie or sandwich, A round usually only takes between 2hr40min and 3hr20mins, I find I can easily go that long without food, even when we carry.
Ha sorry about the exclamation marks, I've tried to cut them out but they creep back in! I have to move my thumb a whole inch to reach the comma,Anyway, smart casual, as in pants/slacks and cotton polo, and/or lightweight sweater, I'm guessing you've never been to the uk? Nobody sweats there ass off, our summer only last for 2 weeks, the rest of the time our climate pretty much sucks!
I wouldn't want to wear one, I'm not a fan of sports brand clothing, I like to dress smart casual on and off the course, anything I wear on the course I could wear off it! In fact I don't own any clothing by Nike, or any sport/golf brand! Although I do own a few galvin green winter garments but even they could be worn off the course!
I have a large framed black and white action photo of Ali and Foreman fighting, signed by both boxers! I love it!
Best to wear cotton shorts
Was one of them "don't forget cap"
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