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I'm quite new to the charms of holly, but I have to say, I would swim a 100 miles in shark infested water, wearing lady gaga's meat dress, just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie!
I was watching some swings in slomo, and the discussion was wher they load the shaft! Some appeared to load the shaft at the end if the back swing, whereas others, particularly Sergio Garcia, loaded them more on the down swing? What I mean is, the shaft was loaded before the down swing initiated, whereas others, it was the aggressive downswing that seemed to load the shaft! Is this a 50/50 some do, some don't technique? Or is there a preferred method? It was only when I...
Update: I've got it working, and you was right! I wasn't hitting up on the ball enough! Now I want the 913f, but I think I'll go with diamana 72 reg, as that will help me get the ball off the grass better! I feel the bassara 55 will be to light and spinny!
I'm disgusted at the lack of balls/hole/shaft jokes in this thread! Close it down already!
Me too! I like these!
Repair other peoples pitch marks! Can't help myself, they're getting worse too because the grounds getting softer!
Damn! I knew it, hoping to increase my ss over winter though! My current driver has a vs Proto 60 reg, but it feels a touch whippy as my swing is getting a bit more aggressive! Oh well! I guess I'll have to get on a monitor and see what's really happening!
Mark your card for an eagle and move on!
Agreed! I did check the sight first and had a choice between the diamana 62g or the phenom 70,I'm not really complaining, once I jacked the loft up to 12* it was fine, I usually play a 12* anyway with a low spin head, mid/high launch 62g shaft, but it often fades/pushes a bit,I wondered if I could get a 10.5* up and away with a lower launching shaft. But it seems not, however, the slightly heavier stiffer shaft is producing much straighter shots, I mean really straight!...
Doesn't everyone do that anyway?
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