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It's a bit of a trade off though, by shortening 2" your likely to lose club head speed but make better contact, you good shots won't be much better, but you'll make more of them!
I own 3 drivers, between 44.25 & 44.5, and use them all, sometimes 2 in the same round I keep retiring my 3 wood! It's a temperamental son of a bitch at best, on a good it's a rocket launcher, most days it can't get the ball of the ground, I know I'm the problem, but I just feel much more comfortable looking at my driver heads addressing the ball!
Yup! Everything ya need is here! Why pay online tutor fees? Seems pointless to me! If ya insist on paying money for lessons, then get a 1 on 1 with a pro in person,
And......... Do tell me your thoughts!!
Stop the press!! We have just found the worlds greatest iron! 😊
This appears to be quite a common problem! In fact I too started a thread about this some time ago "does anybody play with a cheat" I have now found the solution to this problem! As approaching the first tee, you ask clearly, "right, are we playing proper rules? He'll say yes, you then clarify, hit it where it lies! He'll say yes, you then confirm, no free drops or gimmes, he'll say yes, and Remind him on drives are 3 off the tee! Then go, and make sure you pull that...
Yeah, the slower I did it the better results, although shorter distance naturally, it was great with my lower lofted clubs, (4i to 7i,) I been playing 9 holes alone every day this week, so I was hitting 3/4 approach balls to each green, the straightness and flight improved greatly! So I need to get on the range now and groove this feeling in with all my irons/wedges, then get my distances nailed, I definitely think I'm onto something here.... AgainπŸ˜‰
I've been working on the same thing this week, after watching the masters I remembered how the pros stand with their arms almost vertical downwards, and I'm having much better results, I strangely started hitting the ball a bit thin at first, then I soley concentrated on the front of the ball rather than the back, slowed my back swing, and BOOM! Straighter shots shooting of the face of the club! I then tried to apply this to my driver/woods with no success at all! 😝
Driver first! Gets you off to a good start! Nice forgiving driver with a suitable shaft will make the long holes easier! Your then gonna need a sand wedge! Try a few, get fitted even! This is a cub that's gonna score you points so get the right one, with the right bounce and grind for ya swing, Then get irons, maybe 5 to gap wedge, get ya distance gaps consistent,... Then go for hybrids/ woods to fill the long shot gaps! It weird because many people go on about putters but...
He's earned it and deserves, he's a very entertaining player!
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