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Post of the week right here^^^ nice!
I apologise! My strange sense of humour often makes me chuckle at inappropriate things!To the op, I did enjoy reading the link on your second post, thanks for posting that, and good luck with your coaching! I'm getting some myself as soon as the weather cheers up!
You tee'd up for a lob wedge? On a par three tee shot? You teed it up a little higher than usual? And you still managed to top it? Now please don't take offence, but that just made my night! I'll certainly be interested in what your coach has to say about that! Do you have any more funny story's? That ones a killer!
Personally I'd spend the money on some quality instruction and get that driver swing sorted! Much more satisfying!
I would suggest a lesson and some practise before a buying a fitted club, too many people get fitted to a swing they don't even have! As mentioned, tempo and set up is very important, along with good contact, a fast swing speed means nothing without these, Good luck though,
When I started playing again a few years ago I only had one sw, a ridiculously high bounce game improver that I could not hit from turf, it put me right off high bounce wedges until last year when I became a little bit more knowledgeable and discovered how good they are in soft sand compared to the lower bounce wedges I've become used to, (here in the uk bunkers are only soft sand a few months of the year) but the last few years I've soley worked on my driver and iron...
Sure! We'll more season actually, I find a huge difference in the wet compact sand of winter to the soft dry fluffy sand of summer, I always have my 56/8 which I like for full shots or pitches, but then I choose between my 58 high bounce or 62 low bounce depending on conditions!Although I can see the advantage of just having one and learning different techniques, it's just I prefer to play than practise
I too enjoy bunker shots now I have the correct wedges/bounce that work for my swing,I reckon I could eventually if I had a facility to practice in every day, which I unfortunately never will, so I had to choose the bounce for my swing, rather than the swing for my bounce, it works pretty well for me though! Apart from the fact I have to choose which high lofted wedge I take depending on the weather!
Yup! I don't have enough room to carry both wedges so I choose which one depending on conditions, thing is, the low bounce one is pathetic in fluffy sand, but very usefull for up and downs over green side bunkers!
Too much bounce my friend! Playing in the uk I have this problem often due to the volatile weather, for green side bunkers I have 58/14 for the soft fluffy sand, and a 62/6 for wet compact sand, too much bounce will "bounce" off hard sand, usually causing a bladed shot, a lower bounce will chop into the sand and get the ball out much softer, must remember to put a full swing on it though!
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