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Is there anymore I've missed??
What was interesting was when mcginley told Ian poulter he wouldn't be going out in the foursomes, his response, and I quote, was, .. "Your the captain, you make the calls! I'll be ready for tomorrow!" You either play as a team and win as a team, ....or you don't!
I can assure you I have, more than a few times, although not for a while now, thank goodness! A 7 makes my blood boil nowadays, a think a 10 would put me in hospital!
True! I would define a "real" golfer to be someone who knows and displays the correct etiquette!And therefore... I'm almost a real a golfer!
Your not a golfer if...
What they say and what they actually mean! We'll tee off first!! - your shit! You tee off first!! - we're shit! That was Unlucky!! - that was tough shit! Could have been worse!! - you useless shit! Take your time!! - don't **** it up! Might be safe!! - you ****ed that up! That was a good bad 'un!! - you lucky, lucky bastard! You still gotta nice lie!! - its on the wrong fairway you idiot! This club is crap!! - my swing is crap Is it preferred lie's? - my swing is crap I...
Your not a real golfer if ,... You have to count all your shots after you've putted out, You mark your scorecard whilst stood on the green, Leave your bag a mile from where you need it! you don't let me play through!
Wow, the media sure are good at whipping up a frenzy! As for was Phil right to say what he did? Of course he was, it was a press conference where he was asked for his views and so he gave them! And I agree with them! He could have said much worse! As a Brit even I questioned some of toms decisions, but tom always had the weaker side before tee off and faced an uphill struggle from the start! We don't know if the exchanges between Phil and tom that went on behind the...
As a Brit, I always feared speith from day 1, Along with fowler and bubba, and then lefty, although getting on a bit, I would have thought he would play once on both days! I knew these men would cause trouble but, unfortunately, they're only a 3rd of your squad. As for our side, I knew rose would be awesome, he's very reliable at the moment! Rory is Rory, no1 for a reason! Sergio could beat anyone on a good day, And GMacs superb! And yet the rest of the squad is still...
Likely to ball positioning or the grip, my son just started and he was doing the same, I've just got him on an 8 week, (1hr lesson per week) course! It's great, they go through all the basics if each aspect and gives them a good foundation to learn the stupid game, I daren't give him any tips incase he ends up as bad as me!
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