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I watched "the double" with Jesse eisenberg last night, to describe with a golf shot it's 3 off the tee, straight into a bunker, 2 to get out, poor approach, skull across the green, a duff chip before picking the ball up and moving on! Awful! However, if you don't like me, it was brilliant! Be sure to watch it right till the end!
Put your hands behind your head,.. And step away from the pipe!
My pose, my golf isn't good at the moment as I'm going through a swing change but my pose at the end of the swing is superb
I know of a club where there are 3 different entrances to the clubhouse and you must use the appropriate one! (Male, female, guest) Also you can only enter wearing a jacket and your not supposed to take the jacket off unless you have permission off the captain/ vice captain! I find this hilarious and would happily break these "rules" just to rile the pompous idiots that accept them!
Same here! 7 hours!!!! That's ridiculous! That is neither golf nor fun, i would have quit the course and the job!
I don't like it when people are horrible about the way Susan Boyle looks!I've actually met Susan Boyle and can assure you he's a nice bloke!
Over 7 hours! I've played 2 rounds in well under that, I would have walked on the nearest hole to the bar!
What I want to know is,.. What makes a buzzword or power phrase, or like, whatever, so infectious that they become so popular, I HATE .."at the end of the day" it just seems so final and the that person saying it is being arrogantly superior, I also dislike high 5's but that's another story! I have to admit I do sometimes begin a sentence with ..so! I realise it doesn't make sense to start a sentence with so, but it does grab a persons attention!
5 hours! There has been the occasional time where I could have been longer but I walked off, if I can't get round in 4.5 hrs I'm off!
I have to say he's grown on me! I like his way of explaining things, I also like his reviews as he seems very unbiased, I also like his swing! To be critical, his glasses are a bit large, I've never seen his hair, and I'm sure he sleeps in that cap, maybe his head is "stuck in"
New Posts  All Forums: