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All civilians are subject to the whims of whoever is in power, coming from the uk, it is apparent that all our politicians cannot be trusted and no one is better than the other, and if Scotland had separated, then they would be subject to the whims of a less experienced government In charge of an eventual poorer economy! I have to admit, I don't fully understand their desire to split from the uk! I think it stems from a cultural bitterness from past incidents, talk about...
Long term, economically, it probably wasn't a good idea to seperate, the Scottish are a very proud nation, and although I can see the appeal for the scots wishing to stand alone! I would suggest the right decision was made. As an Englishman, it wouldn't have affected me personally, I have friends in Scotland and they would happily smuggle haggis and scotch across the border for me!
No need to worry about it yet, Your off 28!
Yeah but your scorecard never saw that great bad shot, What happens on the course stays on the course!
Eying up the hole!
I'm not familiar with this lady, but, Wow, top marks for this one, like Halle berry and Scarlett johanson rolled into one! I'd leave the course after 9 holes for some of this!
DEFINITLY this^I've gotten quite good at this recently,Need to hit down steeper on the ball, which will reduce the loft of the club but still get it up and out, the idea being you don't take as much grass before the ball, I don't think you can successfully "sweep" the ball out, I always aim an inch in front of the ball to promote a downward strike and make sure I take a full follow through! But I would never use anything longer than a 6i, I struggle with hybrids and long...
And I thought I was showing off!
Thanks David, I'm delighted with it! Had a lesson 2 weeks ago, been striking the ball so much better since, but I'll try not to get to excited incase the golf gods find out!
Shot my PB tonight, 82! With 9 pars and a birdie!, My previous best was 84, also with 9 pars and a birdie, I can see my 18 hc diminishing! Playing again in the morning, should be interesting to see if I can keep up the form!
New Posts  All Forums: