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Good advice!
I don't want to upset anyone. Peoples perception of what mechanical means will differ, as we are all different and our minds process things differently. A robot could be created that hits a golf ball perfectly, a human can also develop this ability, through practice. My interpretation of mechanical is someone who has learnt ability, over natural ability. Of course, it is on a scale. 100 percent natural will always be very unlikely, as will 100 percent mechanical.
Pure feel. Gifted. Naturally talented. I could put it this way - a feel player, without ever hitting a golf ball, could grab a club and hit a decent golf shot, a mechanical player (less natural ability) could not. After much practice however, a repeatable learnt swing, and acquiring a selection of repeatable shots, can equal or surpass the natural player.   It's not fair, but some people have to work hard to achieve the same results as someone who does little to no...
God given talent, natural ability, a feel player. 
Not really. The millions of sexy French girls more than makes up for it!
And very expensive. From the UKs 2000 plus courses, I will have 1 from 500 to choose from, with many being part of the golfing holiday circuit.
Ha ha. I would consider it if I could enjoy a beer driniking round. Sounds fun! Not sure if I wil be able to do that in France or the UK though.
Part of the reason I play golf is to enjoy nature. I would never use a cart.
Hi everyone,   In the words of the great Lee Trevino, there are feel players and mechanical players, with most people falling somewhere inbetween. A 100 percent feel and 100 percent mechanical can achieve the same results.   Criteria -   Feel   Natural ability. The swing could be either ugly, strange or fairly orthodox looking, but works all the same. Would play a multitude of shots from 150 yards with various clubs. Doesn't benefit much from tuition....
I'm sure you will learn a lot on here. Golf has become a computerised technilogical game of graphite, stiff, x stiff, regular flex, hybrids and mallet putters. Embrace the technology, internet information, forums, practice hard, and I'm sure you will reach your golfing goals. Andrew.
New Posts  All Forums: