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It's all about the money :) Seriously though I guess it has to do with preference. I know a lot of people who fear the driver but can hit their 3 wood a long ways. This mini driver thing can also cater to those who got used to a smaller club head driver but with new technology of course. As for the driving iron, I don't really have an opinion.
Shot 72 yesterday, 2 bogeys and 2 birdies. today I shot 73 with my first hole in one  and 2 birdies. Carded 2 under on the front 9 and lost it at the back. Ever since I relearned to draw the driver, my game just clicked again :) 
Hello! Recently, the course that I always play in has become quite windy (30kmh +) and whenever I tee it up i'm stuck with the dilemma of playing driver or switching to a shorter club in order to play a control shot with roll out. Whenever I play the driver I hit it on a high launch angle but I am also concerned that a head wind would have me lose too much distance. I just cant seem to play those driver stinger shots because i've become accustomed to an upward driver...
My distances have increased tremendously after working on my swing mechanics. I would also like to note that I am relatively short, 5' 6.5" actually XD   Carry Distances (average)   Driver (cut to 44.25 inches, 9 degrees) - 264 3 wood (15) - 245 3 hybrid (18) - 229 4 iron (23)- 206 5i (27)- 194 6i (31)- 181 7i (35)- 170 8i (39)- 162 9i (43)- 148 Pitching Wedge (47) - 135 AW (51) - 121 SW (55) - 102 LW (59) - 85   *4i to pw are mizuno mp10 cut short by .25...
Personally, I'm impressed with your golf swing but your attitude needs working on, then again this is the internet haha. Good luck on your golfing journey, at least show some humility tho lol
I've been playing for 5 years but I'm new to the forum, Thanks to all for the many informative and sometimes amusing discussions. I got started young but quickly dismissed the game but when I was around 14 years old, it just suddenly clicked. I've won a few tournaments when I was at a class B level, and its thanks to you guys ( and the wonderful information well that is the internet ) for my achievements. I will surely try to improve even more, and win at a higher...
Broke 80 for the first time at my new home course, shot 78 at the par 72 course which is rated at 70.1/129 from the blue tees. 8/14 fairways but just 7/18 GIR gotta work on my iron play weee
Driver - 260-270 4 wood - 230 3 hybrid - 205 4 iron - 190 5 iron - 180 6 iron - 170 7 iron - 160 8 iron - 150 9 iron - 134 Pitching wedge - 125 51 wedge - 110 55 wedge - 95 59 wedge - 75
That is a really solid looking swing.
Dont try to consciously try to square the face at impact. this mindset is keeping you from lagging properly and slicing the ball instead. You said that you also ocassionally hook it with this swing, I presume it is because of that out to in movement. Try to rotate your lower body when you start the downswing and let the weight of the club roll over your arms naturally. Just my two cents. Your swing looks to have a lot of potential though :)
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