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Where is Dan?! Over 3 weeks with no updates...
Ping S59 6 iron ($10) Taylormade tour preferred MB 6 iron ($10) Both clubs ex-demos.   To bring me back down to earth when I think I'm striking the ball well!
Oooh, that's nice. Is that yours, Bogeyman?    Ha ha, unfortunately my poor technique renders any excuse invalid!
Definitely.  Will have a few lessons to get some direction, then hopefully the 5th 'S' will follow... 
If only the aim was to colour in the whole face!
Thought that I had been striking the ball pretty well.  Stuck on some contact paper, and hit 25-30 balls.   I think I'll get a few more lessons before I buy a new set of clubs...     Good motivation to practise some more!
A bit of a late reply, but nope, never got around to it.  I think that before I start customising my putter, I need to learn how to use it, ha ha.
By the way, I really do think that the concept of 'easy golf' will help my game. Thanks again!
Have just finished the novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very hard to put down! Looking forward to the next book in the series?! Thanks again, Gary.
Ha ha, think you may be thinking of something else. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/171421235003?nav=SEARCH Looks pretty generic?
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