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Good point. I often find myself thinking about so many things that I forget to focus on the ball... It's all very well having a perfect swing (not that I do), but chunking it after forgetting one of the most important rules in sport! -keep your eye on the ball!
I used the Staff Duo for a round last weekend. I will continue to use it (I have 24 to lose!), but I prefer the feel of the Bridgestone E6, which feels softer to me.
Good point, Shorty. In my case though, Im better off with irons now as my woods fly everywhere. When I get closer to 90 I'll need to move on up to the woods to improve.
2 dozen Wilson Staff Duo balls -hope I like them! I guess I'll lose them quick enough, anyway...
I have just come home from one of my best rounds (96), and I played irons only.  Was hitting my 3-iron well today.  When I get my handicap down, and become more consistent with my ball striking, I'll start playing the woods -and maybe even a driver one day!   36 Stableford points... may have a won a golf ball!
New Posts  All Forums: