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Thanks for the replies. That backbone looks good, but I'll probably just wrap them well and stick a long broom handle in there to protect them.
Thanks for the reply. A hard case would definitely protect the clubs, but they are very expensive where I live -and would cost more than I paid for my irons! I have just won an online auction for a padded travel cover. $25NZD. I'll pack them well and hopefully they will be fine.
Hi all.  I will be moving to another country to live at the end of next month, and I am looking into how I am going to transport my golf clubs.  I have searched through old posts, and it seems that soft travel bags are fine -as long as the clubs are wrapped well, and something is used to prevent the driver from taking the weight of all the clubs when it is dropped on its head...   Do these soft bags cover your own cart/stand bag, or are they intended to only carry the...
43-46 for a net 64. First time I have broken 90!
Play him... and report back to us!
I had never actually clicked on the 10,000 Hours section, until just now! I've got a bit of catch up reading to do!
I wish he would update his blog.  Over 10 days since we've heard anything...  I'm losing interest.
Ha ha, that's awesome!
Tough to score consistently... That must be the reason I'm rubbish!
Really like these balls.  Well priced, and they feel nice to me -but I'm a rubbish golfer...
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