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Taylormade Tour Preferred MC, 4-W. KBS Tour S. First round with them will be this afternoon...
Where is Dan?! Over 3 weeks with no updates...
Ping S59 6 iron ($10) Taylormade tour preferred MB 6 iron ($10) Both clubs ex-demos.   To bring me back down to earth when I think I'm striking the ball well!
Oooh, that's nice. Is that yours, Bogeyman?    Ha ha, unfortunately my poor technique renders any excuse invalid!
Definitely.  Will have a few lessons to get some direction, then hopefully the 5th 'S' will follow... 
If only the aim was to colour in the whole face!
Thought that I had been striking the ball pretty well.  Stuck on some contact paper, and hit 25-30 balls.   I think I'll get a few more lessons before I buy a new set of clubs...     Good motivation to practise some more!
A bit of a late reply, but nope, never got around to it.  I think that before I start customising my putter, I need to learn how to use it, ha ha.
By the way, I really do think that the concept of 'easy golf' will help my game. Thanks again!
Have just finished the novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very hard to put down! Looking forward to the next book in the series?! Thanks again, Gary.
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