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By the way, I really do think that the concept of 'easy golf' will help my game. Thanks again!
Have just finished the novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very hard to put down! Looking forward to the next book in the series?! Thanks again, Gary.
Ha ha, think you may be thinking of something else. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/171421235003?nav=SEARCH Looks pretty generic?
I'm also looking at buying a rangefinder, and came across the Sureshot Laser Pin Loc 1000 for $199AUD. Does anyone have this model? Significantly cheaper than Bushnell etc.
I think that if the whole head was the same colour, it may look better...
Hi, I have recently purchased a Ping Karsten TR putter (B60), and I am wondering if anyone here has removed the white paint from the face of the putter.  While I like the look of the putter as it is, I am considering using some acetone to remove it. Has anyone done this? 
They are my second set. My first set were more forgiving, but I think the i3s are still good for a high handicap. They have a fair bit of perimeter weighting and, despite the name, are definitely not blades.
I have been using Ping i3 blades for over a year now, and I think they're great clubs. I started playing golf two years ago, and I find them forgiving enough for my inconsistent swing. I think they're great looking clubs too. I used a friend's irons last week that had quite a bit of offset, and I found that I was hitting quite a pronounced draw -so if you're used to clubs with a lot of offset, you may take some time to adjust to them. Try to have a hit with them before...
The funniest thing I've heard all day!
Love my 3i. Would like to try a 2i. I have a 4h, but hit the 3i and 4i much better.
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