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Like the title says. Let me know why you play when you do.
You could always quote the happy Gilmore movie. "You're gonna need a towel, cause you're never getting off that beach. You know, say something classy like that. *sarcastic eye rolling*
Keep up the good spirits man, golf is a pretty good stress reliever.
I like the getting a kids involved idea. Mine is only eight months old so I will have to wait a bit lol.
I just played this morning and was thinking I was going alone and was paired with two guys that actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I'm twenty five and these guys were pushing retirement but they knew their game and physics well and gave me a few pointers that I couldn't see alone. Also, it is crazy awesome to have people be able to spot your ball in the air and help track those rare misses and slices
Sketchy!! Lol.
Ha! Most of the couples are dudes! Love it. That's like two guys joining a gym to get a couples rate.
I'm pumped go mark bulger. Represent St. Louis.
My father in law does a few of these but I don't really care cause I am going home to his daughter.
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