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Currently I think the actors in the "The Balls To Go For It" Top Flite commercial are hilarious.  I know it gets a lot of flak for being crude, but I don't care.  I like the LPGA "It's Different" commercials as well.
Nope. Still hoping for practice round tickets. I'm close enough to Augusta to drive down for a practice round. Especially if it's Wednesday.
I wish I could walk. Sciatica numbs my left leg some times, and other times it makes my left hip/leg throb insufferably. I can ride all I want, no problem, but walking long distances isn't possible. I'm limping by the time I leave the grocery store. Walking even 9 isn't happening. When I played in highschool, we weren't allowed to use carts, and we walked several rounds a week, sometimes 27 holes a day. I'd love to be able to go back to doing that.
I'm a Bicentennial baby, born in 1976. I use a Bicentennial quarter. :)
 Is that you, David Duval? :)
I've bought lots of clubs and other stuff from eBay and never been burned. Read the feedback and closely read the ads, and you'll be fine, and save lots of money. It's not hard to figure out who the reputable dealers are. They'll be the ones with thousands of positive feedback and clearly stated, reasonable return policies.
I like McCord. He's been a fixture in golf for as long as I've known what it was.
Keeping my chicken wing down. So far I'm seeing a dramatic reduction of my slice and better results in hitting my point of aim.
About a year ago I was in the same boat as a lot of other posters in this thread. Returning to golf after several years off, playing old gear. I decided that I would upgrade and it did make a difference. I went to a demo day to try out irons and discovered just how much more forgiving the current tech is vs. clubs from 15 years ago. Don't hesistate to do yourself the favor of getting new clubs IF you have the cash. You can do it relatively cheap if you're patient...
I didn't pledge before hand, but I did get the ball rolling on creating a golfer. My wife. She's been wanting to learn for years, and now that our kids are getting a little older, we're underway, and she's fully hooked. I told her this is her year, and I finally convinced her to invest in decent clubs, and she's been practicing daily. She went for her first lesson last week and came home and in a good-natured way, shoved me as she came through the door and demanded...
New Posts  All Forums: