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Whoa.  Taking me back to the days when the Wilson TC2 was my go-to cheap ball. 
I got a Sun Mountain micro cart for Christmas and have enjoyed it very much thus far.  I have planned on keeping it in the trunk most of the time (never know when you might get a chance to play) but the cart came with a disclaimer that storing it in high heat might warp the tires. Anyone have experience with this happening?  It sound like the mfg. covering a very unlikely possibility.
I frequently like to walk when I golf, and I have been carrying my bag a long time.  It's a five-pound bag, it doesn't seem particularly heavy when it's loaded, but I must confess this 61-yo can be pretty tired by the last few holes.  I also have some arthritis in my hip and I can pay a price afterwards.  For people with carts, do you notice a lot of difference from carrying the bag?
I would say the answer is whatever works for you.  If I'm not mistaken, there are plenty of pros whose natural shot is a fade.
As a general question -- is distance that important -- the answer has to be yes.  Such a huge difference trying to hit a green with an 8-iron vs a 5-iron or hybrid.  Over the course of a round, there might be a few instances where you would prefer a longer shot (say, getting a nice flat lie vs. hitting off a steep hill or something) but that will be very rare. 
Had my first round that really felt wintery yesterday.  Temps were around 50 and it was very windy.  Lots and lots of leaves everywhere, making it difficult to find the ball even in the fairway.  As fate would have it, I had a horrible ball-striking round.  Adjusting to the weather may have had something to do with it.  The old bones get stiffer in the cold.
Actually, upon followup it turns out the fractures are not displaced.  So that is good news.  I suffered a sprained ankle at the same time as the toe, so I am out until I can start putting weight on it better.  I should be able to tackle an exercise bike in a few days and start seeing how things hold up.  When the ankle holds up I am sure I can do chipping and putting.  I'm not sure how painful the toe will be. I don't think it will hurt to walk on it but I'm a rightie and...
I was diagnosed today with "mildly" displaced fractures in the bones of my big toe.  I will go see an ortho doc tomorrow.  I can't see swinging a club for a while.  Any guesses on how long a layoff this is likely to be?
There is a course I play that has a par 4 that completely plays to a weakness of mine.  The hole is built around an old quarry which is now filled with water.  The tee box faces a quarry wall across the water which is significantly higher than the tee box.  Off the whites, you end up with maybe a 150-yard carry to clear the water.  Problem is, I am both a short hitter and the launch angle of my driver is low (the two are somewhat related, I know).  If the landing area was...
Shot a 91 with four three-putts and two stroke-and-distance penalties. My course handicap is 22 so I guess I can't complain too much.  But damn, that's a lot of fat that could be cut out.
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