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There is such an enormous range in the amount of money you need to spend to play golf regularly (regular = once a week, at least in the summer).  There's a course in my area that allows walking on the weekend and charges $14 to walk 18.  You get what you pay for -- it *is* a goat track, but it's 6300 yards from the whites with tight fairways.  It's a decent test of golf and it's affordable for most people, though $60 a month would stress lower income budgets.   But if you...
Golf is a challenging game with abundant opportunities to screw up. This creates some mental pressure when you play (at least it does for me).  Playing a lot definitely helps me feel more relaxed and natural on the course and that helps my game a good deal.  Others' mileage will vary I guess based on their personality.
Too cold for me I think.  I would have to have so many layers it would be cumbersome to swing, but the biggest problem would be keeping the hands warm enough.  They just get too stiff and claw-like.  Takes the fun out of it. 
Just going from memory, I think it is a lateral hazard.  There is definitely a painted line along the stream and I believe it's red, though that does seem unusual when you have to actually cross the water.  I believe my ball did cross the line and rolled back in.
I played a hole recently that had me uncertain of the rules.  The hole is a par 5 set up to play as kind of a U shape.  You hit a tee shot over a stream, advance it lateral to the stream to the right, and then go back over the stream to the hole.  In other words, both the tee box and hole are on the same side of the stream, separated by trees.     My question.  I popped a tee shot up that cleared the stream but just by a little.  It hit the ground but rolled back into...
I've been looking at a new set of irons and had a fitting with the PGA pro at a local golf superstore. He noticed I have a swing flaw that is causing me to come over the top.  *If* I can break that bad swing habit, the lie angle would be different than what it would be for my current swing.  I'm certainly willing to work on it, but bad habits can be hard to break.  Which way should I go?     On a more abstract level, should the fitting be dependent on the way I swing the...
I have had dreams where I have to hit an impossible shot -- like off a table through a window or something like that.  I have also had dreams where I can't get comfortable addressing the ball for some reason, and I just keep fidgeting and fidgeting and trying to set up.  I very seldom have a "normal" dream where I strike the ball on a course.
An exercise program to work on flexibility and core muscles can't hurt.  If you've got room in a basement or garage you could think about getting a mat and a hitting net.
Year-round golf in NC, although are cold snaps when you can't get out.  Biggest change over the summer for me is the shorter days.  With DST I can swing by a driving range on the way home from work and hit a bucket regularly 2-3 times during the work week.  That's gone now.  I can play about as much but practice less.  Biggest problem I have with golfing in cold weather is keeping the hands warm.  If they get too cold it can become pretty unpleasant.
I feel like lessons are helpful, although I have seen minimal benefit from the lessons I've been taking off and on since last fall, but I think that has a lot to do with age and some physical issues that hamper the swing.  It is absolutely helpful to get the static elements like posture, alignment, ball position and grip checked out.  But there are a lot of moving pieces in the swing and the pro can't swing for you.  It is very frustrating, and very hard work, to try and...
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