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Links at Gettysburg... Awesome course and played it for $44 w/cart < + >
Now that's good stuff right here... Nice pics
Oakmont Green in Hampstead Md.
This is Diva a Pug/ Dachshund mix who is 7yrs old and our Cat Captain Cuddles who is 1 1/2 old
Gloveless in Pa....
Right here... Been playing off and on for 11years now and have never had a Ace!!!
Unless he takes a total dump and Fowler or someone else plays lights out I don't see Kaymer not being the Champ this time tomorrow evening... He has played very well and actually made this tourney this far look easy
I totally agree w/you
I'm sorry this here is another case of taking what someone said and running with it and making mountains out of a mole hill. Geez he didn't say Fag, Queer, Gay as a $3 dollar bill or anything like that.... He said "purse throwing" oh boy that was horrible ......LOL Let it go.... Face it, not everyone accepts SAMs or approves of his choices.... And doesn't have too just cause we live in a liberal, politically correct world. Deal with it.... He will hear far worse come...
This was yesterday (Friday) in Pa... And suppose to get some more on Tuesday..... Ugh!!!!!!
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