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I'm sorry this here is another case of taking what someone said and running with it and making mountains out of a mole hill. Geez he didn't say Fag, Queer, Gay as a $3 dollar bill or anything like that.... He said "purse throwing" oh boy that was horrible ......LOL Let it go.... Face it, not everyone accepts SAMs or approves of his choices.... And doesn't have too just cause we live in a liberal, politically correct world. Deal with it.... He will hear far worse come...
This was yesterday (Friday) in Pa... And suppose to get some more on Tuesday..... Ugh!!!!!!
I agree... Confidence and winning in anything can (and normally does) achieve great outcomes.... His game from tee to green is solid and has been imho
You handled it the right way... By what you stated that it seemed as if they wanted you to say something... They may have tried to show off with a Lady in your presence....no need for confrontation when there doesn't need to be!!!!
Tiger Woods   -5 Phil Mickelson   -5   as Hawk Harrelson would say   "Put it on the board, Yesssssss"
for me it would be getting a ace on the last hole to finish at even par for my round !!!!!!! why can't I have my cake and eat it too?
I'm sorry but IMHO Duvall sailed away along time ago... He isn't even a after thought anymore and to be honest for any golf fan that got into the sport with in the last 7-8 yrs I would bet they never even heard of David Duvall.
As the new commercial by Mr. Palmer says "swing your swing". Nothing more, nothing less..... After all I could attempt to have Bubba's or Phil's swing (as I'm a lefty) but even if I succeed in doing that... The results won't be the same 😉
If it works then there's nothing that can be said of it IMHO... I know playing Mens Softball that our SS is a small guy but he grunts sometimes when he hits and I've noticed when he does he gets sharp low line drives up middle all the time... So I'm guessing there is something to be said about grunting!!!!!
Well, for me I play alot of 9 holes and don't even keep my score....on those occasions I will from time to time fluff a ball (never in the fairway though) but in the rough...yes I will....now when I'm out with my friends and we are competing playing 18 and I'm keeping my score I will not fluff the ball (no matter where it lies).....for me I don't always play Golf to be serious...I like to relax and just fart around from time to time..so yes I fluff
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