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Not everyone is a idiot with a cell phone or camera. And as mentioned above if they'd enforce the rules that were put into place we wouldn't have these situations. It's sad that everyone would get punished for the foolishness of a few. Throw those who don't abide by the rule out and there wouldn't be a issue imho.
Last week me and 3 friends played down in Md. We get to the 1st tee and there is 2 younger guys on the tee box just standing. They say go ahead they're waiting for a 3rd. So we go ahead and tee off. The hole is a downhill then slight up hill for your 2nd shot. I was 3rd to play my 2nd shot and as I was lining up my target point a ball lands 10yds behind me and rolls to rest 3-4 yes ahead of me. We get to the green and look back and it's the 2 young dudes standing over...
Wow South Hills is like 3mins from me... Actually going out there tomorrow (Sunday) around 4 to play 9 holes with 2 of my buddies. I think I've spoken to you before on here. Have you played Hickory Heights (over in Spring Grove).... I love heir sister course down in Hampstead (Oakmont Green)... Anyways. I'm always looking for people to play a round with during the week (my work schedule permits a lot of weekly rounds) so if your ever in need or what to play and need 1 let...
Still Struggling w/Short Stick.... I'm so frustrated with 3 putts
Being born a lefty and doing everything under the sun except using scissors I couldn't image even attempting to swing a club from the wrong side (righty). I'm not good enough naturally ­čśť
Bottled water from home and refill at holes in which have
Played down in Md yesterday at a course I've never played "The Woodlands" Shot a total of 92.... 44 on the front and a 48 on the back from White Tee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Yesterday played a really nice course down in Md for the 1st time w/a good friend. "The Woodlands" Par 4 #18..... Very short hole only played 317yds yesterday from the whites....Tee shot is up hill slightly then back down and funnels into the green..... Use a 3W off the tee and leaves me a 2nd shot of 118yds left center of fairway (sitting beautiful) use my PW looking to place it center of green with the flag dead middle, and what do I do? Freakin chunk it and the ball...
Par 3 #2 hole at Oakmont Green Par 4 #3 hole at Oakmont Green Par 4 #16 hole at Oakmont Green Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I totally agree, but in todays world and the way people (friends, unknown sources etc) can't keep their mouths closed about things, it seems as if stories (Rumors) are becoming ever more true.....to be honest, always thought Tiger was a great Golfer and his energy brought something to the game, but I've never been a fan or follower of his, and this story along with previous encounters of his hasn't mattered to me 1 bit....and if it comes out that this story/rumor is true,...
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