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wow..it amazes me the amount of people who say it's the owners fault for having a house on the course, that is the dumbest thing I've heard, but it does take all kinds I guess.    It's not the owners fault that some guy hits a errant tee shot and breaks his window, as someone stated above, pages ago, maybe the OP shouldn't have been playing on a course where houses are lined in the fairways....it's one thing to hit the house, a shed or just go into a backyard, but when...
Good to have more Pa guys around here.....around what parts you from? Richard Lee... Your right around the corner from me... I live in Hanover right off Grandview... South hills is 3miles from my driveway.... Also have you played Hickory Heights in your backyard over in Spring Grove? Real nice course and is beginner friendly too....
Links at Gettysburg... Awesome course and played it for $44 w/cart < + >
Now that's good stuff right here... Nice pics
Oakmont Green in Hampstead Md.
This is Diva a Pug/ Dachshund mix who is 7yrs old and our Cat Captain Cuddles who is 1 1/2 old
Gloveless in Pa....
Right here... Been playing off and on for 11years now and have never had a Ace!!!
Unless he takes a total dump and Fowler or someone else plays lights out I don't see Kaymer not being the Champ this time tomorrow evening... He has played very well and actually made this tourney this far look easy
I totally agree w/you
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