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just signed in..hope there wasn't a cap to how many could
honestly, is this even worth a comment? please I've always respected Tiger Woods, but have never been a groupie or diehard follower of his, but please give the Man his due respect as arguably the best golfer the world has ever seen...Rory isn't even worth putting up there in the conservation as a Tiger Woods...as the above poster stated...until Rory even does 1 of those things don't say stupid stuff like this..Monty is a jack wad...stupid comment on his part imho
the easiest way to handle this situation is just hit better drives and stay off of another fairway ...jk we all do this lol....   I've always handled this by waiting it out and letting them tee off or play their 2nd shots etc...whatever the case maybe, I figure I'm getting away from my fairway and going into their's so they have 1st right to hitting their drives.
Masters: Bubba US Open:  Adam Scott British: Rory PGA: Jason Day
Ready golf at the tees, we always do even if a guy gets a par or birdie etc.....we're all out there for fun and it also speeds things up imho....
 same here, 25' and windy makes it feel under 10.....and the ground is frozen, would be like hitting of pavement
  I've watched numerous editions of BB but the last several only out of being golf related and slow and cold off season thus far....but like you stated I'm sure it will be my last, the Big Break series has ran it's course imho...if anything it needs to rethink some...my suggestion is take a bunch of high cappers (10-15 range) and the winner get a free yr of lessons from a top teaching professional or something....this taking already established golfers is getting old imho
It stupid funny, lighten up, no doubt he was trying to come across as stupid and silly, and he accomplished it with this.... I'm a Bubba fan and even if I werent I wouldn't bash him for this
He got his 5 seconds of fame... As others have stated, staged no doubt
1) Irons 2) Bag 3) cart 4) rangefinder (but with a iphone there are quality apps that will be just as good and a lot cheaper) 5) camera
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