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I'm a JD fan, I do however know that by what I see from him on TV (not a social media guy "Twitter") and don't know him personally that it seems as if I could get more back from the walls in my house then from him...he actually looks stoned to me everytime I see him LOL or like a surf/skate rat from the 90's wanna be....   Onto him not watching the RC...I'm pretty sure that most athletes in whatever given sport they are in after their season is over aren't sitting in...
I still consistently hit 300yd drives with my Wal Mart special Casio watch on.... I need to take it off.... I'll be hitting 310 regularly if I did 😜
Chris Ivory has been a pleasant surprise for me this season in Fanasty. I had Peterson but with his legal issues I needed a RB, Ivory was a FA after week 3 so I picked him up... Accept 2 weeks ago he has been decent and last week against the Pats he did nice... Hoping he continues lol
All I can say as many have already stated, some people need to get over themselves and realize that we're all squirrels in this world trying to find a nut.... No better or worse then anyone!!!!
I totally agree, I don't see him as being cocky or arrogant but I could see where he is viewed that way by many.... I think he has a real good game
 I tend to find myself doing like wise, I do however DVR Feherty though, I find him very funny and love his interviews, I Loved the Bubba Watson episode
good post !!!!!!!   1) I only like White Tees.... on a Par3 I use small in length tee's, and on driving holes I use the longer tee's   2) When driving the Ball I like the brand of ball label  (Normally Titliest) facing toward me as I'm a lefty   3) When I walk and carry my bag or use my pull cart I always place my bag behind my back, never behind the ball (LOL)     just a few of mine !!!!!
wow..it amazes me the amount of people who say it's the owners fault for having a house on the course, that is the dumbest thing I've heard, but it does take all kinds I guess.    It's not the owners fault that some guy hits a errant tee shot and breaks his window, as someone stated above, pages ago, maybe the OP shouldn't have been playing on a course where houses are lined in the fairways....it's one thing to hit the house, a shed or just go into a backyard, but when...
Good to have more Pa guys around here.....around what parts you from? Richard Lee... Your right around the corner from me... I live in Hanover right off Grandview... South hills is 3miles from my driveway.... Also have you played Hickory Heights in your backyard over in Spring Grove? Real nice course and is beginner friendly too....
Links at Gettysburg... Awesome course and played it for $44 w/cart < + >
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