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The only other marking is SQI(i) or SQ1 or SQl(L) on the hosel...thanks for the feedback.
My friend bought new/used irons, this is a 6 iron and I have know idea what it is. I haven't found anything on the internet. Does anyone know anything about these pro edge black/satin irons?
I'm hitting my irons great, the way I want to. The distance is on, knowing right when I hit it that it is going to be on the green, but I am carving out HUGE, 8-14 inch scalps and throwing them 15 yards. Am I doing something wrong? Hurting the Course? (I replace and fix divots, but they are huge) Am I swinging too steep, and possibly a swing fault? Or do I keep doing what I am doing bc when I hit a good shot it is on the green? Thanks to all responses in advance, Birdies...
New Posts  All Forums: