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It depends on what you're looking for in a ball. I've played the ProV's and I don't have anywhere near tour level swing speed. It's no shorter for me than the other balls I've played so I don't completely buy in to the notion you have to have 105+ swing speed to play this ball. Of course I can't maximize it the way the pro's do, but you can say that about most equipment.   The one thing I know for sure (for me), is that no other ball I've ever played has the green-side...
I play the Bridgestone B330 RXS. Caught them on sale for 29.99/dz and Dick's honored a $10 coupon to net them out at $ 19.99/dz. No way to beat that deal imo.
You should check at an arts and crafts store and see what they suggest. The one's around here do custom framing work and would likely be able to give you guidance and/or provide what you're looking for.   I like your idea, good luck!
Trust me, had nothing to do with over packing it. It's extremely lightweight and flimsy,No issues with with zippers failing or material (other than the putter tube) tearing. Just my personal experience, take it for what it's worth.
In match play it's common to give questionable length putts early in the round only to make you putt them later when it really matters.
Poor structural integrity. The bag was so flimsy that it wouldn't even stand up on it's own on level ground causing it to fall over. Also, the inside edge of the sleeve (rubber grommet if you will) in the putter well started to warp inward causing it to catch my putter grip every time I went to pull it out which is very frustrating. Anything you packed in the bag like pull overs or extra balls etc., got pushed inward causing the grips to tangle making them difficult to...
Clubs are tools, typically not collector items.
I don't know who makes it, but I can assure you the Titleist Lightweight cart bag is the worst bag I've ever purchased. Put up with it for less than a year before making a change...cheap, cheap, cheap.
It's not that big a deal to me either, but after playing extensive golf in groups with SkyCaddies, Golf Buddies and Garmins where there was never more than a yard or two difference in measurements, why would you pay a subscription? It doesn't make sense to me and that's before they changed their policies. To each their own though, not my money.
New Posts  All Forums: