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Sometimes I kick myself for not watching a movie sooner. I'm pretty sure that's the stubborn streak in me that my wife talks about. Well, the other night I saw The Godfather for the first time. I'll give it a birdie, easily. It's a great film, and I can see why everyone raves about it (finally). The other was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That's another birdie from me. I just about want to give it an eagle, but I'm not going to. I liked the ending after the...
Touchè!Things went moderately better today. My tee shot slice came back, which I'll almost take after not being able to hit the damn ball yesterday. Everything is still all out of whack, tho. I'll skip playing tomorrow and hit the range for a while instead. Maybe some of this practice stuff I've been hearing all the kids talk about might help.
Oh man after taking a few steps forward in the past six weeks or so I took a giant leap backwards today. Topped balls, three putts, OBs and quads all around. After losing a half dozen balls in the past month I think I lost eight with errant tee shots, water hazards and just plain piss poor aiming. I just could not get my head in the game or keep my head down during my shots. I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I know I can golf better than that if I can keep my...
I finished the final season of The Shield a few days ago. I still can't decide if I was satisfied with the ending. The first few episodes of The Knick seem promising. Hopefully I can watch more of it soon.
Chinatown. A very solid birdie. I've always found Nicholson to be a bit of a one trick pony, but he was great in this flick. The ending is wickedly disturbing. I'll watch this again in the future.
I loved the Prestige. Probably one of my favorite performances from both Jackman and Bale. It made the Illusionist seem a lot worse than it was. I'm looking forward to Straight Outta Compton.
I shot a 50/52 this morning. Taking a 9 on the first par 4 didn't help.
I'm well into season four of The Shield. This show has some very excellent plots and subplots. And I like how it was tackling current event issues of the day. But what has been killing it for me has been the acting. There's a few good actors in there, but for the most part this show plays like amateur theatre on television. The Strike Team is particularly cringe worthy. Unless the guys playing Lem and Shane are real ex cops whom they cast for realism, yikes. While...
Aside from a scene or two where they added some CGI, I kept wondering where the cuts in the movie were. They did a great job, the way the movie flows like one continuous shot is really impressive, and didn't take anything away from the delivery.As for the story, it works for the movie. I guess. I was puzzled until the very end as to whether or not Birdman was special or was just plain crazy.
Birdman made its way onto Netflix. I'm going to give it a birdie. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy Ed Norton when he's portraying a dipshit.
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