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I had a rotten day on the course this afternoon. I sprayed 90, no 95% of my shots right. Couldn't make a putt to save bogey, and left nearly all of my pitch shots well short of the marker. But, I did manage to bogey two of the par fives. And I hit two straight, albeit not super long, drives. IN A ROW. I think I'm my own worst enemy out there sometimes. I know I'm capable of draining putts and making shots, but I overthink stuff so badly it near drives me...
I watched two great season finales tonight. First up was the Flash. Loved the morality of Barry's choices, and the cliffhanger was a perfect touch. And as great as I thought that was, Agents Of Shield tied or barely topped it. As annoying as Kyle MacLachlan has been all season, he really nailed it in some great scenes with Coulson. This show has come so far from the dreck that was season one. Hannibal returns June 4th. Can't wait.
Yay, another new coach.
Colin Farrel is at his best when he plays someone sleazy. This looks like it could be a great role for him. Is it wrong to want Alexandra Daddario to return?
I hope Martin Freeman is a bad guy.
Watched Age Of Ultron in a packed theatre Sunday night. Missed birdie putt for par from me. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was great, I'm just hoping the extended version that comes out on bluray flushes out some of the rushed subplots some more. Iron Man versus Hulk was an excellent scene. And I wish it had a moment for Quicksilver like the last X-men movie did. Nonetheless I thought it was great and moved at a very quick pace.
I've been watching Arrow from the start. It's pretty hit or miss. IMO, the Flash is much better. And my local cable provider finally added this season of Vikings to its on demand. Except for the finale. I tend to hate Floki more and more as the show goes on.
Ouch, Montreal, ouch. That has to be a tough pill to swallow.
He played a handful of games at the beginning of the year, and didn't look any worse than the 'NHL calibre' defense corps the Oilers dressed. Of course, when you play with superstars such as Keith Aulie and Andrew Brad Ference, that's not saying much.
They kind of are. Edmontonians shelled out for a brand new arena in the downtown core to be opened after next season. This will be the end of the Oilers at Rexall place. I think Nurse will probably need a year playing in the AHL before he makes the big club. I'm just hoping that Chiarelli has a better plan for developing players than previous management did.
New Posts  All Forums: