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I'm not defending Lucic, but compared to vintage Chris Pronger that isn't much.
I had the same feeling. A birdie wouldn't quite be doing it justice. And as much as Cap can be somewhat of a corny character to write dialogue for, I really enjoyed how he reacted to the drama going on around him. I loved the elevator scene.
Even though the market is seeming to get a little saturated with Superhero films, I have nothing bad to say about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I give it an eagle. Despite a few weak spots, it's a well told spy thriller set with superheroes. Also, I'd say the action scenes and cinematography is about the best I've seen so far from the genre. I thought it was very well done.
Here are my picks: Boston Tampa Pens Rangers Avs Hawks Stars Kings The Stars are a long shot, I know. But I really don't care for the Ducks.
I think it's going to take a while to get used to seeing Detroit in the East. Seeing the bracket with them facing Boston just seems...off. 82 game season be damned.
I don't know, I was kind of pleased at how that episode of GOT played out. That guy was a royal dickhead.
It's been pretty entertaining watching her jump at least once during most episodes.  She scares pretty easy.
My wife has been slowly making her way through the first season of LOST, and nearly a month later she's down to the last two episodes of season one. I can't wait to see/hear her reaction to what awaits Arnzt.
As a fellow Canadian trapped in the prairies, I'm jealous of the weather in BC. Welcome to the forum.
  I'm a few pages into that thread.  It's gold Jerry...gold!
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