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Hopefully the public keeps supporting these flicks. I have no desire to see any Spider-Man villain movies. Although the short Ryan Kwanten shot as Venom was pretty entertaining.
I wasn't sure how James Spaders' voice would work for Ultron, but after hearing him....very, very creepy. There are no more Marvel movies scheduled until this, right?
I'm pleased to say this afternoon I managed to shoot a 96 on my home course. Success!!! It was fairly busy when we arrived, and fairly cold (4 degrees Celsius) and we started on the back. My driver stayed in the bag until the first par five on hole sixteen. I'm very pleased with the 47 I shot on the back, and even though my driving wasn't too good on the front and my chipping went south, I managed to pull out at 49 on the front.
I think TST is a great forum. The content is very good, and most of the members seem to be pretty decent. If there was anything I'd add to the site, it would be in game crates where you could level up, or get health packs. Oh wait, my mind is wandering.
I haven't had the time to watch my recorded Sleepy Hollow episodes yet. I've really been digging the Flash so far.  I thought I heard mention of a dude named Ronnie, last night, which in comic books, can only mean one thing:  Firestorm!!
In total agreement with nevetts88. That song is timeless.
I'm In agreement that his contract status is kind of a joke. I'm just opposed to him having the job from a moral standpoint. Although Shanahan was no saint on the ice, I don't remember him ruining any careers. I remember reading somewhere that Dean McCammond still has issues with post concussion syndrome. No way is it right to appoint Pronger to be in charge of anything regarding player safety. It would be like putting a war criminal on a human rights council.
Pronger will go down as one of the dirtiest players of the past decade. I can't help wonder if it's karma that he'll never play again due to concussion issues. That being said, I'm eternally grateful for he and Dwayne Roloson carrying the Oilers to the finals back in '06. Somehow the staff did a wonderful job keeping the evil Pronger at bay, for the most part. It's a shame my team has absolutely sucked donkey balls since he demanded a trade.
I was pretty impressed with the season premiere of Arrow tonight. Arsenal seems to be a solid addition to the team, and is much cooler than watching a Thea/Roy subplot. Plus with Ray Palmer added to mix, I think season three has the potential for some awesomeness. Even if it's on the CW.
 I was underwhelmed by the pilot, too.  Up until the very last scene, where Bob appears and hops over the couch.  That freaked the hell out of me.Its campy, for sure.  Season two was pretty bad until the last two or three episodes. David Lynch bailed after season one due to conflicts with ABC.  He probably won't have as many issues dealing with Showtime. edit: am i missing something, or are the [spoiler]spoiler tags[/spoiler] not working?
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