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I'm using netflix canada. Try downloading Hola for Firefox.
Walking Dead had some really gripping moments this year. I was suprised at the emotional attachment I had to a zombie show.As for Suits, I can't say enough good things about this show. I've been watching a couple episodes per day on Netflix and I just noticed I've already stepped into season 2. Love it, love it, love it.
Mmm...pop tarts. I'm on the fence with this one. I like my iPhone 5. I just got my camera mount stick thingy from that company I can't remember. Having said that, I'll check out the preorder in the morning, hum and haw over doing it, and then forget about it by lunch.
I found her annoying on network tv, but hearing her uncensored stuff has changed my opinion. I listened to a great stand up routine on satellite radio the other day for a good half an hour. It was scathing, cruel, and brilliant.
I'm just about finished the pilot for Suits. I detest law shows, but holy shit am I impressed. A lot. That doesn't happen a lot for me with television.
I'm going to say all around consistency. I struggle keeping both the long and short game going at the same time.
   I'm running out of time to meet my season goal of breaking 100 at my home course.    Had a great front nine in crappy weather and shot a 45 on Monday morning, but went into a serious double, triple, double funk that ended up with a less than impressive 56 on the back.  It's like all the good things I was doing at the beginning just went south.  I did not add up my score after the front, but it was pretty obvious after seeing all the sixes and sevens on the back that I...
   I convinced my wife to sit through The Worlds Fastest Indian the other night.  I've seen it numerous times, and I always seem to enjoy it, so I give it an easy par.
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