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Watched First Blood this morning. Hadn't seen it in ages. I liked it. The final showdown has one of Stallones' better dialogue scenes. Easy par.
I'm liking the amount of love for REM I'm seeing here. I concur with Nevets, it's hard to pick just one. If I had a list, it would have some REM, Crowded House, Teenage Fanclub, Replacements and Pixies on it. If someone held a gun to my temple I'd pick Big Star.
Did I hear Oilers and mismanaged in the same sentence? How shocking. As a lifelong Oilers fan, there's three words the fan base both shudders and scoffs at whenever mentioned by anyone in the organization : accountability, effort and process. The term visually will probably be added by the end of this season. For example, when the Oilers GM says "The team looked better visually but still lost by a goal." Again. I thought Yakupov was going to be awesome after his...
287 yards to the pin from the wrong hole, on the fairway,and Mighty Mouth hits an iron??? It's a good thing that he didn't lose when he lost. See, he still lost, but he won, so for him it's like a win-win, and not a win lose or a lose lose. I'll probably check the thread next week as opposed to watching the final.
Plus Pat Quinn passed away, too. Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe may be next, sadly. I saw a picture of him fishing back in the day and was surprised to see he was built like a brick shithouse. And the Oilers squeaked out their first win against a conference opponent and ended an eleven game skid. Thanks, NHL schedule man, for feeding them a team playing its fourth game in six nights on the tail end of a back to back.
There was some obviously cheesy moments in the Flash / Arrow crossover episodes, but I was really entertained by both of them. I liked the shoutout to Batman. The previews for next weeks mid season finales look great. Especially the Flash.
I liked this one. The first two thirds were awesome. DDL is arguably the greatest actor of his generation.
Nine losses in a row for my team. Fundamentally flawed at every aspect of the franchise, it's hard to picture when things will turn around. Three first overall picks in the lineup and they still can't manage to win a game against anyone who plays in their conference. I'm starting to feel like Randy Quaid in Major League.
All I'm hoping for is that it doesn't suck. The prequels were visually stunning, but they may have had some of the worst dialogue and plotting I've seen. I love Star Wars, and have since I was a kid, but even with ROTJ you could tell the wheels were going to fall off.
   The current season of Homeland is good?  I really had a hard time with season three and didn't want to continue with the series.  It was just about as bad as the latter seasons of Heroes.   I didn't like what they did with Brody at all.       It's close enough to January to begin getting excited for the return of Banshee.  And Suits!
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