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I like buying last years drivers at a discount. But I'm a firm believer that it's the swing and not the clubs. I probably do it to piss off my wife more than anything.
That's what happens when you have the most inept executive in hockey running the boat. I'm really wishing that Brian Burke would have kicked the shit out of Kevin Lowe back when he sprang an offer sheet on Dustin Penner. And then Lowe would have been so humiliated that he was never to show his face in pro hockey again.As for the butthurt over the draft, I'll say this: Eichel will probably be better in Buffalo than McJesus will fare with Edmonton. For examples, see Tyler...
It's with great shame that I announce that my hockey team has yet another first overall pick in this years draft lottery. I can't even get that excited for Connor McDavid, no matter if he's the second coming of Wayne Gretzky. That's four number one picks in the last six years. Know what the team has accomplished with three of the last five? 28th:-(
Somebody with photoshop skills totally needs to superimpose a golfer hitting a bunker shot in front of the star destroyer.
That mangled Vader helmet looks creepy. I knew Star Destroyers were huge, but holy man does that first shot blow away my perspective on its size.
My picks for the opening round of the playoffs: Montreal over Ottawa in five. Silly Senators, there's only room for one Cinderalla story in the playoffs each year, and this year Calgary has claimed it Tampa beats Detroit in seven. Detroits vets will make this a long series, but their goaltending is suspect. NYR loses to Pittsburgh in six. Just because I'm clueless. Washington is eliminated by NYI in seven. The Islanders keep getting better. To me, this will be the...
I have three episodes left of Daredevil to watch. It's been very well done so far. It's a lot grittier than the Marvel movies. Most of the fight scenes have been super impressive. Episode two has one that reminds me of Oldboy, minus the cheese.
That looks good. I hope it can meet the expectations set by last season.
I've never seen that one before, either. He should go back to doing the dance.
Man, things do not look good for the Kings right now. Unless Calgary implodes (could it happen, pretty please?) it appears the reigning champs are done.
New Posts  All Forums: