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I agree totally. While I'd love to see Green get forty assists playing with Hall and McDavid, Edmonton needs more of a well balanced vet who can excel on both the PK and PP. Andrej Sekera may never put up Green like numbers, but his overall game suits Edmonton well. He's a solid number two defenseman on a team where there's nobody even established as a clear cut number three guy.
I can see Kessel scoring a goal per game for the first thirty, then disappearing for twenty, then going on another binge to end the season. Edmonton made some decent moves today. I'm just glad they didn't sign Belesky or Mike Green.
Wow, a lot of changes for a lot of teams today. Of course, TSN is barely acknowledging any of them. Aside from Phil Kessel to the Pens, that is.
So did anyone ever end up getting or trying the Apple Watch?
And I really, really hope this is the last time I see Edmonton picking first for a long while. Will Connor McDavid be the teams saviour? It would be nice, but there's still a lot of holes that need to be addressed. Also, if Lucic regains his form in LA( which he probably will, it's a contract year for him, no?) they could be scary.
Civil War is shaping up to be The Avengers 2.5 by the looks of the casting so far.No wait, make that 2.75.
I usually add one to each of those. Because I'm a glutton for punishment.
And wow, no luck in my top pairing. I swapped Rory out for Bubba. That was a huge mistake. I'm glad I benched Mickelson today:)
I played 18 at a fancy course today. I lost two balls, hit at least nine fairways and had the same number of GIRs. My only problem was putting. This course had much faster greens than what I'm used to. Shot a decent 53/54. Take out the seven or eight three putt holes (and the one I four putted on) and I'd be extremely happy with the round. I even managed to hit a slight draw on a few tee shots.
I have to say I'm not overly enthused about the Winds Of Winter. I think if GRRM wants the book to be written quicker, QUIT WRITING SO MUCH ABOUT THE DAMNED FOOD! I really struggled to finish the last book in the series.
New Posts  All Forums: