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I watched Under The Skin as well. I'd give it a par. I liked it, and the unanswered stuff ( motorcycle guy, elephant boy surviving) didn't bother me too much. Very dark, very vague. The bit with the two guys in the water? creeped me out a little.
  I'm halfway through the final episode of season one of Fargo.  But my kids are watching Kickin' It, which I always find distracting.  Fargo has been subtly awesome.   Also, http://uproxx.com/tv/2015/01/a-writer-from-lost-came-forward-and-admitted-to-what-we-knew-all-along/
  The sun and the moon.     Wind and the rain.  
  Poor choices abound!  Rally caps for the last two days!
  Berlin also had a moderately successful single with No More Words.  Their big claim to fame was Take My Breath Away, from the Top Gun soundtrack.  I still hate that song.  And Danger Zone.  Uggh to both.
I like them both. IMO, the second is probably the best superhero movie made to date. On the other hand, the first is an awesome period piece that oozes charm. Plus Hayley Atwell is in it, and that girl is hotter than the hinges hanging on the gates of hell.DC released Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis digitally this week. It's a solid par for an animated flick. I liked that they are finally having some continuity in their universe. The violence level seems to be...
I've seen five of the six animated movies with my kids. And that's it. There was a time when I'd have watched 80% of the nominees. Boxtrolls was wonderful, by the way. Today, in two attempts I viewed Noah. The first twenty minutes were pretty bad. I shut it off and came back to it later. Definitely a bogey, but it could easily slide to a double, or maybe squeak to a par.
I have been impressed with Klinkhammer so far. He's been playing a solid, physical role on the shutdown line. The Oilers beat a tired and slumping Blackhawks squad last night, and Klinkhammer had ten hits by the end. Hopefully he can keep it up, the castoff line of he, Boyd Gordon and Matt Hendricks have been very consistent.
Sadly, most of the concerts I've been to I can't remember too well. Highlights were the '94 Reading Festival ( Ice Cube was surprisingly awesome, as were Cypress Hill), Pearl Jam touring everywhere on the beginning of the Ten tour, and...Weezer. Their live show was very, very tight. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I just about find live music just about too loud now. Get off my lawn, you kids!!
I'd like to play again!
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