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I sat down and watched the first half of season one of Hannibal over the last two days. I set my expectations fairly low, and man were they blown away. It's pretty interesting how Will Graham is nearly as messed up as Lecter.
I went to a movie with my wife tonight. We don't really see eye to eye when it comes to cinema. She suggested we go see McFarland. I thought, well, it's a Disney flick. But it has Kevin Costner. Glad to say I enjoyed it very much. I'll give it a tap in birdie.
I watched the Edge Of Tomorrow again. The first time I posted about this movie I think I gave it a birdie. If I did, I'm bumping it up to an eagle. Even more impressive the second time around.
That's just...sad. I was never a huge Spock fan, but I thought his work on Fringe was impressive. And it won't be hard to admit that there's a fair bit of giggling involved when his 'Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself' pops up on the Internet.
I don't mind a few people around. As stated before, I'm always leery of small kids. I don't use the range at my home course a lot, it's easier to go to the club that's closest to me for practicing. I've noticed at my home club there always seems to be some idiot who will back his truck up as close as possible and crank up their car stereos. That's mildly annoying.
I'll cue you in.I thought JK Simmonds did an awesome job channeling his inner R.Lee Ermey.
I just played five rounds of golf while on holiday, which is the first golf I've had since October. The rust was there, especially in the iron work. I'd say another four or five rounds and I'd be back to speed with where my game was before the snow. Of course, I won't golf again until the end of April at the earliest, so it will easily take another ten rounds total to get in form.
I watched Whiplash on a plane today. Very, very good. Easily a birdie.
I watched the first series of the Fall. It was okay. I adore Gillian Anderson.Currently missing all of my shows while on holiday. Caught a three episode segment of the Six Million Dollar Man yesterday while skipping the beach to nurse some sunburn. It has not aged well.
I watched The Rover on Netflix the other day. It's kind of vague, but I enjoyed it. Barely a par. Guy Pearce is still awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: