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I remember my parents having a grey market satellite with free payperview. I must have watched Total Recall and The Running Man dozens of times. I went to see Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes the other night. It's easily a birdie. I'd like to rate it an eagle, as the apes were absolutely gloriously presented, and extremely well acted, but my only gripe was that the movie seemed a bit repetitive at times. Talk, then battle scene, talk,then another battle. Don't get me...
That was the Last Stand, I think.
I finally shot double digits on a hometown course. It's been five long years of golfing anywhere from 130-105. I shot a 52 on the front and a 46 on the back. My first birdie of the year came on a skilled chip shot from 60 yards out that somehow went in the hole. At least three wasted birdies messed up with three putts. Pars:2 Bogeys: 6 Birdies:1 Penalties:1 I lost only 1 ball today. My best shots came when I could relax and not think about hitting the ball, just...
*fist pump*
I think I'm going to see the ape movie tomorrow night, so I decided to rewatch Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Solid birdie. My wife even thought it was really good, and she usually only likes romcoms and musicals. And I tried to make it through the remake of Oldboy the other day. I just couldn't finish it.
I'm the same way, but with I Robot.I watched Sabotage with Arnold the other day. I give it a par, but I can easily see it being nearly a lipped out putt for bogey. Great, although somewhat underdeveloped supporting cast.I kind of fell out with Arnold flicks in the mid to late nineties. This one was the first I've been able to watch from start to finish in quite some time.
I have nearly surpassed last weeks point totals on day two of this tournament. Please do not shit the bed, Pat Perez or Steve Stricker!! And a stink eye is pointed in your general direction, Daniel Summerhays...
  The pilot for The Flash is available online if you know where to look for it.  After giving it a watch, I'm very excited to see where this show goes.  The guy playing Weather Wizard was kind of weak, but all in all I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
Don't worry, guys, they come back to that scene a lot during the movie.
I'll wait until I rewatch it a few times, but upon first impression it's amongst my favorite TC movies, The Last Samurai and Minority Report. Edge Of Tomorrow has it's flaws, for sure, but for the most part its a very solid film.  The worst part of it for me was a slightly forced romance near the end.
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