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I live farther north of Alberta in Grande Prairie. 70% of the snow is gone. There was an open house at the golf course tonight, and here we may be looking at nine holes opening in a few weeks. They also said if the wind help up it may be possible to get the driving range open within the next few days. Go Oilers!!
My dressed players did great yesterday. Except for the A listers. I went from 30 points Thursday to 96!
I watched Silence Of The Lambs the other night. It's still an excellent film, and easily a birdie. One minor gripe, and that's with the music. It seemed to me that there were more than a few scenes that were sufficiently dramatic enough that didn't need a synth heavy soundtrack playing underneath. Aside from that, great job by all involved. Jodie Foster is perfect, and the guy playing Buffalo Bill gets extra points for being creepy as f$!#. Edit: it's a birdie,...
It airs mid-April. I'm excited for this seasons GOT. I look forward to HBO streamlining GRRMs bloated mess of a story. I found his last book in the series hard to finish.And damn what a great episode of the Flash tonight! This show is leaps and bounds ahead of Arrow.
To me, personally, it doesn't really matter who is on the cover. I'm just hoping the graphics are great on the next gen consoles. And if having Rory's mug on it helps it sell better than last years version, all the power to him.
The Oilers do stink. But they have moments, at times, that gives optimism to diehard fans like me. Even though Derek Roy is a shadow of his former self, he's been great showing the younger players what it takes, even though the results aren't there. I just wish they could show the same effort in October that they do in March, when all the pressure is off. Edmonton hasn't had a great defenseman since Pronger skipped town. And the city seems to be toxic to goalies who...
Great episode of The Walking Dead tonight. I'm amazed as to how the residents of Alexandria have survived so long, even with their wall.
I'm in as well. Glad to contribute and also very glad I stumbled upon this site. Its a great community you have going on here.
Yeah, if only Kuchar could have had a better round. I had 1st, 2nd, and 4th place finishers. Can't complain about that at all.
I've got a good chance of finishing in the top three this week. *keeps refreshing page*
New Posts  All Forums: