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I give Saving Mr.Banks a par. Although it's not a movie I'm sure I could watch again, I found this to be a very pleasant film. It's been a while since I've seen Emma Thompson in anything, and I must admit she still has great acting chops.
I'm lucky, I caught on to the show late, and binged on seasons one to three in a marathon. After that, it became a chore to watch it. This final season was the first that I've watched live.I keep hoping HBO will bring back Carnivalé, but I have a better shot of making the tour than that happening.
Oh man True Blood has been a train wreck for a few years now. I'm glad it's over. Not really impressed with the finale, either.
I paid out a fairly large (for me, at least) chunk of change to have my driveway and sidewalk leading to my front door mud jacked yesterday. Wow, what a difference it makes pulling into the garage.
Welcome to the forums.Well, I nearly achieved one of my goals for the season by breaking 100 at my home course this morning. I was two strokes under fifty on the front, but went double bogey and quadruple on the final two holes to shoot a 53 on the back.Putting and second shots were good today. Driving and short chipping weren't.Baby steps, deep breaths.
I shot a personal best nine hole 46 on the front nine of my home course this morning. Then I utterly and completely shit the bed on the back, rounding out with a horrendous 59 for a 105 total. I believe I had three quads. I wish I'd never counted the scorecard between nine and ten:(
I'm about halfway through the first season of Orphan Black. It's quite good. Although I find it very...Canadian.
I shot another 99 today at a local course. 48 in, 51 out. Missed three birdie opportunities, including a two foot gimme on hole #2. Putting absolutely killed me today. Far too many three putts for this kid. Hit 88% of the fairways on the front and a third of the GIRs. Missed a few fairways on the back, but by inches. I didn't play my usual drastic slice today. I swung a lot easier with the boom stick and surprisingly managed to keep the ball in play. And I only...
  After a week of shooting 105-107 on five consecutive days ( and always shooting a 51 on the front nine of my home course) today I went a few miles out of town and shot a 99 at a slightly easier golf club.  I shot a 50 on the front, no real trouble just a lot of doubles, and pulled out a 49 on the back, with two blowup snowmen to boot.
  I was surprised that Bautista did such a plausible job with the amount of dialogue he had.  His deadpanning was spot on.
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