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There's a few members that enjoy Arrow on the forums.  I'm disappointed that there isn't going to be any more Barry Allen this year.  They scrapped the plans they had to turn episode 20 into basically the Flash pilot. That being said, Manu Bennet could beat up my dad, your dad, and John Waynes' dad, too.  Even with his Deathstroke eyepatch.
    Easily my favorite song at the moment. 
 The Hobbit movies aren't terrible, just overly long and drawn out.  Although I loved the bit with the dragon and the dwarves.  Tauriel?  Legolas?  You're grasping, PJ. Stepbrothers was added to Netflix Canada recently.  Some parts of that movie still make me giggle as much as the first time I saw it.  Easy birdie for me.
Fight Club is one of the few movies I saw more than once in the theatre. Loved it.I'm halfway through the second Hobbit movie. I'm not really enjoying it so far.
I'm going to say non consensual. At the same time, it doesn't change my opinion of Jamie at all. They've kind of skewed his whole redemption plot from the books, and that's cool. Besides, the Lannisters seem like a bunch of dipshits anyways. With the exception of Tyrion. He's wicked awesome.
The only specialty golf store in my town is a Nevada Bobs. Prices aren't great, but what can you do. I picked up a club cleaner / ball washer for a used gas golf cart I scored in an auction the other week.
Jesus was at the Bruins game today!
I'm not defending Lucic, but compared to vintage Chris Pronger that isn't much.
I had the same feeling. A birdie wouldn't quite be doing it justice. And as much as Cap can be somewhat of a corny character to write dialogue for, I really enjoyed how he reacted to the drama going on around him. I loved the elevator scene.
Even though the market is seeming to get a little saturated with Superhero films, I have nothing bad to say about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I give it an eagle. Despite a few weak spots, it's a well told spy thriller set with superheroes. Also, I'd say the action scenes and cinematography is about the best I've seen so far from the genre. I thought it was very well done.
New Posts  All Forums: