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I shot an average 107 today (51-56). Felt like I was getting warmed up good after the front nine, and rattled off three of four bogeys on the first four holes with a double tossed in, then proceeded to completely shit the bed on the last five. Topping the ball, trying to watch my shots, and just downright stinking the joint up. I lost my first ball on hole 14, then hit another directly into the water. On the plus side, my league team had a fantastic night. I stuck a...
The nerves were fine until hole 18. That's the first time I looked at the scorecard on the back nine. I took a double on one of the final two par fives, but aside from that I had doubles and singles and a par, taking nothing more than a six until then. I topped my second shot on the final par five, then completely missed my first attempt out of the bunker near the green. I was more disappointed than nervous at that point.The key for me today was keeping a steady head. ...
I shot 48-51 today on my home course. I tried to play bogey golf for the most part, and didn't attempt any hero shots. It worked. I'm kind of pissed because my putting inside of six feet was very bad, as well as my sand shots. Ah well, I'm happy I did this in July and not the end of August.
I liked Ant-Man, too. Another par from me. Aside from the bit where he has a run in with that guy from the 'A' team, it was a decent standalone story.
There's trailers out for TWD, Fear The Walking Dead, and Ash vs. The Evil Dead. That's a whole lot of zombies. I've slowly been watching The Shield for the first time over the past few weeks. It's okay so far, not mind blowing or anything like that, but I'm able to get into it more than I could The Wire.
I shot matching 51s today to just miss breaking 100 for the first time this season. I hit some GIRs, made some great one putt finishes, and most of my fairway misses weren't off by much. I did have a few wild slices that cost me for a few penalty strokes. Aside from that, I was very happy with the way the round played out. I had four pars, and four bogeys. The two quads on the back weren't cool. And it was windy as hell today. It was fun making shots while adjusting...
I've been halfway done that book for about two years now. Maybe it's time to finish it.
Foxcatcher. I'm going to give this one a par. I thought there were some fairly decent performances in this flick, but it just seemed kind of hollow when all was said and done. The Ghost And The Darkness. Birdie. Was glad to see this gem added to Netflix the other week.
I agree totally. While I'd love to see Green get forty assists playing with Hall and McDavid, Edmonton needs more of a well balanced vet who can excel on both the PK and PP. Andrej Sekera may never put up Green like numbers, but his overall game suits Edmonton well. He's a solid number two defenseman on a team where there's nobody even established as a clear cut number three guy.
I can see Kessel scoring a goal per game for the first thirty, then disappearing for twenty, then going on another binge to end the season. Edmonton made some decent moves today. I'm just glad they didn't sign Belesky or Mike Green.
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