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That's just crazy. It's unfortunate when the person you're trusting with your finances isn't reliable. What's worse is that it was his mother. That's going to be one very awkward Christmas dinner. On the plus side, he may still be able to make more in the last few years of his contract than the rest of us will ever see in our lifetimes. Maybe for payback they can strap pads on his parents and then tape them to the goal nets like in the Mighty Ducks.
Ive spent a better part of a decade as a member on a gaming forum. Now I rarely visit there aside to visit with some online gaming friends. And aside from TST, the only other forum I frequent is a hockey one that has a decent off topic section.
I just made time to watch the Departed last night for the first time since it came out. Loved it. Totally forgot how Martin Sheen died. As for the next film, someone mentioned it before they Departed was chosen, and it's another I haven't seen in years : Memento.
I saw Interstellar yesterday. I give it a birdie. Visually stunning and beautiful. I thought it was overly long, but I'm not sure what could have been edited out. Lots of narrative that didn't quite do it for me, but to me Nolan peaked with Memento, lol. In space, no one can feel your hug.
   I hated 90 percent of the island scenes in the first season.  Big haired Ollie was so annoying I nearly quit watching.  Manu Bennet made season two for me.
  I went to Fury this weekend.  It was good, so I'm giving it a par.  Maybe I've seen too many recent war movies, but I find that the shock effect of people getting blown away in combat less startling.  That being said, I liked the premise.  Some of the supporting cast got on my nerves a little, but there's a lot worse you could watch out there.     On the flip side, I watched Captain America: The First Avenger and followed it up with The Winter Soldier.  The first one...
I thought season two was a fair bit better than the first of Arrow. It's nothing that will be remembered in the halls of great television, but it's nice mindless entertainment. I'd have to say the first four episodes of The Flash have been a bit formulatic, but very entertaining nonetheless. There's one great CGI scene per episode.
I don't mind foggy golf. I have somewhat of a bad habit of jerking my head up to see where my ball is going, which leads to all sorts of problems. When there's fog, I completley don't do that.
I watched the first four episodes of Fargo yesterday. I like it. Billy Bob Thorton is creepy.
Hopefully the public keeps supporting these flicks. I have no desire to see any Spider-Man villain movies. Although the short Ryan Kwanten shot as Venom was pretty entertaining.
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