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I like it. I have a little more free time due to my compressed work schedule than my main golf friend, so this would be great. Joe
I have family coming in this weekend and wanted to take my bro to nice place. After looking around we decided on Eagle Moutain. This time of year it is 185, but found 99 after 2 on the web. Will update thoughts after we play. Joe
Sorry for the confusion on the GIR. I was refering to fairways off the tee for a par 4/5 and hitting the green on par 3's. Hope that clears it up.
Thanks, it was a blast!!!
Well, 11 months into this great ride, I finally broke into the 80's!!!! However it is a little bitter sweet, due to a significant melt down on the last three holes. I had a 65 with three left!!!! Great drive off tee at 16, left my approach a little short into a deeeeep greenside bunker. I am usually pretty decent in the sand, but it took me 4 to get out. Two putt for an 8. 17, I hook left out of bounds, bounce all around this hole for another 8...aaarrrgh!!! Par 5...
Mid 60's...once!!!
I really try to self diagnose when things aren't going well. I think one of the biggest problems is, when I am hitting well...not completely sure what I am doing right. When I am hitting poorly...not sure what I am doing wrong. It is the subtleness of the game that I love and drive me crazy!!!
As I rapidly close in on my first year and goal to be in the 80's, I have hit a wall. I am taking lessons, practicing with purpose, but I am plagued by the most annoying situation. There are days, both on the range and in live play, where I hit well, sometimes very well. Then I seem to completely forget how to hit a golf ball. My pro has made some changes in my posture and address, but I can't seem to maintain a consistent approach. I never know who is showing up at...
I start gettng depressed on the 10th hole..knowing it is closer to the end.
Pretty much how I feel.  I walk a local muni par 3 course when I am by myself.  More in practice mode.  I don't mind the time between shots, I feel it gives me time to mellow out and not be to happy about the good or mad about the bad, a skill I have been trying to carrry over to my regular game in a cart.   I carry my bag and enjoy the exercise.
New Posts  All Forums: