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I would argue Driving the ball well (not necessarily 300 yards but 230+) is AS important as the "short game".   I can save 8 strokes putting, but if I put three balls out of bounds or in the bush with my driver I am in the same spot.  If I am only hitting the ball 170, I am not going to hit par 4s in 2.  Of course this is less relevant if you play wide open or short course.   Ya need both to score.     I say this as someone who is concentrating on his short...
69.1 with a 121 slope rating.  Was rated in the past few years.   From the blues it's a 70 rating with a 124 rating.   It's a par 71 course (not 72).   I will likely start playing the blues when I am not with my regular group (they play whites) so that I can get a bit more practice hitting my irons.  It's a short course at just over 6000 yards.   I started to go out during the week at 7:00pm and just drop ball everywhere and practice (more fun than the range for me). Then...
Well, it's a guess I haven't golfed much in the past 17 years.  Back when I was 15 I was lucky to break 100.  I bought equipment 10ish years ago played a few round and then stopped.     Last year I played 10-15 round and was high 80, low 90's on average.  This year I have played 6 rounds (and I joined a golf club) and shot 97 (55,42), 85, 88, 86, 83, 81.
I put golf pride tour wraps on my irons yesterday. They are the .60 ones. I checked them thus morning and I could twist the grip at the butt. Was very surprised. Used paint thinner and grip tape and put then on dynamic gold s300. Any ideas?
My hat size is 7 and 7/8th.  Rather average.  I don't often wear a hat, my hair is that good.:p
I am prob 50/50 for hitting fairway vs rough (our rough is short and playable tho).  I might put 1 a round in the bush.  Usually if I slow up the swing (I think I hit with an open face or something and it hits the bush).   My chipping is pathetic.  Inside 60 yards I suck.  BUT I am working on it and when you are this bad its great as the improvements come quick :)   Shot 81 on the weekend, happy with that.  Expecting to break 80 soon.  I love golf lol
Thanks everyone for the advice.  R5 is staying in the bag.  I continue to hit it very well.  Going to pick up a 58* wedge with some bounce once I get my Utley book and read exactly what he recommends.   I have been practicing my putting and chipping.  Using Utley's putting method and have been very comfortable.  Went from high 30's low 40's to low 30's.  Scores are dropping :D   Only played 6 full rounds this year but will be playing 1-2 full rounds plus some 9...
Thank you SloverUT.   We have a golftown here so I will give that a go!  I am def going to invest in some wedges.     I am pretty sure Stan Utley makes loft/bounce recommendations so as soon my book shows up I am ordering some wedges.
Lol you guys are ridiculous.   I am a 15 handicap on a good day... I have nothing to brag about.    I apologize for saying it well.   Here is an new question:   I suck at a golf, like really bad.  I took an 8 today on a very easy par 4.  I am curious as to whether or not Driver technology has changed SIGNIFICANTLY in the past 10 years. Is a R1 considerably better than an R1?
@Shirty thanks for the insight....   All i was getting at is.... has technology changed so much that something new will make a considerable difference.  I am sure someone on here who is an equipment buff can comment
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