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Well, how did you hit with it after the damage was done? If it were me, I would play it as-is unless the dent causes a vibration in the shaft that doesn't feel normal or if the club lost its pop/felt dead.
Half-speed swing. Just once. Difficult lies or 100 yards-in I'll take a few swings and concentrate on visualizing ball trajectory until I feel comfortable addressing the ball. I don't take a long setup or hold my follow through for very long though.
I'm gonna go polar-opposite here... All white. Full white-out. Everything.
Bridgestone E-Series right now. I prefer the E6. When these run out I plan on trying some of the Wilson Staff line.
Last spring I replaced my bag of the last decade. Having perused the bag section at the store before, I intended to buy the 4 Series. One more look-around and only Sun Mountain caught my eye, but I agree I just didn't feel like I could trust going another 10 years with the same bag after feeling the materials and zippers...Stuck with my original choice of the 4 Series and as a walker 90% of the time I really dig the insulated bottle pocket. The only negative with the bag...
Personally, I would not want to have to attach anything to the butt of all of my clubs.
Are flat-billed visors o.k.?   
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