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  This might help. The link has information like hole numbers, yardage, leader boards, concession stands, rest rooms, etc.   http://www.democratandchronicle.com/section/pga04  
I am also on Stoneleigh. Hope the traffic getting out is not too bad. Still better than the bus, I hope. Good money for people there as long as it does not rip up their lawn too much. Got the idea from an article in the D&C.
  I found some paid parking at a house just off Kilbourn. Hopefully it will be better than the shuttle. Craigslist has several options.   I have been to many events, not just at Oak Hill. I agree on finding a place with several option.  I can look at the course layout, but was just wondering if anyone had specific suggestions.   Thanks.
The website says you should only park at Monroe CC if you are from one of the local zip codes. Anyone know if thy enforce that?
Any suggestions on good viewing spots? I will be there on Thursday. I'm sure we will start at 1, but need some other spots. Not really interested in following people. What are the exciting holes with good viewing? Thanks.
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