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The head didn't break off, it was just poorly glued.
3balls is an authorized TaylorMade retailer. I just registered my clubs with taylormade using the serial number on the 7 iron. The rest of my club heads are solid but I'm gonna take them in to get checked and the grips fixed. 
They were unused to the point they look new. And I've played all sorts of irons, these perform as advertised. My 5 iron pure can go over 200. And I've done some research, read nothing bad about the website. Everyone says they're legit. Would a shop be able to tell if they're fake? How would I go about finding a serial number, the packaging? 
I bought TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour irons from 3balls.com. They were in "Like New" condition. Which is the rank right below "New" on their site. When they showed up they were brand new as far as I could tell (Besides the Golf Pride grips being put on crooked and inconsistently from club to club). I played 2 rounds and hit the range one time and I love them. I played my third round with some friends yesterday and I hit a 5 iron from the fairway and the club head flew...
I have been reconfiguring my bag recently. I bought new irons, 5-PW,GW. As of now I play a driver, 3 wood (15*), 5 wood (18.5*), 5i-9i, PW (47*), GW (51.5*), a 54*, a 60*, and a putter. I have room for one more club. I am considering a 4H with a loft of 21*. Along with adding a hybrid I am thinking about bending my wedges to even out loft gaps. I talked about this with my friend who's on track to play golf in college this year. I have been very meticulous, borderline...
Thank you. That's very helpful. I am planning on getting a lesson soon, I'll be sure to discuss this with him. And I can deal with not perfect yardage gaps, I'm fairly comfortable with adjusting my backswing for individual shots.
I found the irons in a really good deal so I'm stuck getting a GW haha. Not the end of the world. The PW is 47*. I have Cleveland forged 588 Black Pearl wedges 54* and 60*. The GW that comes with the irons is a 51.5*.  47-51.5-54-60. How does that sound? Or should I get the GW bent to like 50.5*? Or bend the PW to 46* and GW to 50* so I have 46-50-54-60?
Thank you. I've decided to get the 4H to fill my wood-iron gap. I'm looking at Taylor Made Rocketbladez Tour irons, 5-PW GW. That should fill my wedge gap. The loft of the approach is 51.5*. Im looking for something like 50*. Isnt there a way to bed the club a little? Like at a repair shop? or should i skip the GW and buy a third cleveland wedge at 50*?
Thank you. I took a trip down to Golfsmith but only found one used burner 4H. I got so excited for a second until i picked it up and found out it was a ladies haha. I'm also in the market for new irons and I have a small wedge gap between my PW and 54* which is essentially my sand wedge. The sets I'm considering come with a GW. What is the usual loft for a gap wedge?
Hole 16. Hit a decent drive, fade my 5w off to the right of the green. Chip up and a little too far onto the fringe. Chip off the deep fringe and ride a nasty break into the cup abut 30 feet away for par!!
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