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That's good keep you in the Chem LaB,,,,,LOL
Thank you for your service. I am also a vet from 69 to 75
I took lessons but I still couldn't break a couple of bad habits.,,,,EX  Grip and stance
LOLOL....Yeah it will be ok.
I agree my wife wants to learn to play. She said we can get out on the weekends together. My game is atrocious but I like to play. Going back for more lessons. BAD HABITS ARE HARD TO BREAK....LOL
Hi Hope you are having a good time with the most frustrating game in the world. I am also here in NJ.
Hello All I am brand new to this trap .Joined today I am employed by a major telecommunications carrier. A Network Field Tech assigned to the Disaster Recovery team for the Northeast.Area.
New Posts  All Forums: