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I will try the g20 sandwedge and the tour lob wedge set up for a while and see how that works. Still forgiveness in 3/4 and bunker shots with the g20. Still have a slim club for down hill lies and flop shots with the tour. Just have to make sure I hit that sweet spot.
Found it on their repair site. You are correct about the tour bounce. Both the sand and lob g20 have 12 degrees of bounce.While on the site I took a look at their grinds but I figure if I'm going to get it grinded, I should just use the tour wedges.
The web site doesn't list the actual bounce only the bounce length. In the tour wedges I have a standard sole (ss). From the choices of thin sole, standard sole, and wide sole. I'm guessing it's probably a 8-9. And the g20 wedges maybe a 12-13. Again that's just a guess.
I ordered a couple of dozen used mint condition. Can't wait to get out and test them both. I was looking for a little less spin off of the driver than the pro v.
I do play my 45* pw and 50* uw. And I have both g20 and tour in 54* sw and 58* lw. 58* is fine for me rite now. But what phread said does sound good. The g20 sw is pretty good. I even opened the face up acouple of times in the sand and all went well. I just have no confidence with the g20 lob on a tight lie. I'm a sweeper and don't take much of a divot. So the g20 sw and the tour lw may be the answer.
 Are you saying you carry two sand wedges?
Thanks you for the speedy responses. All good advice. Well the jury is in. The g20s are out and the tours are in the bag. (As far as wedges). Dkolo you hit it on the head. I always feel the g20s weren't going to get under the ball so I didn't really swing with confidence. They often did but I guess it was just mental. I'm constantly on YouTube and subscribed to The Perfect Impact Videos. Funny you mentioned Phil because I think the ball was too forward in my stance. Going...
I'm starting my second season with my ping G20s. Still pretty new to the game. The irons are a great fit for me. 5i- Uw. Sw and Lw I picked up the Tour George's. Im ok with full shots but not so good around the greens. So I picked up the G20 Sw and Lw. Same results. Ok, maybe it's not the clubs. 1st thing to do this season is lessons. That being said my question is being I'm starting from scratch with either of them. Should I go with the chunky but more forgiving G20...
G30 3 wood from dicks. It's 5 mins away and price was the same a 30 drive to golf smith or golf galaxy.
Quick update. At the end of last season before my 1st lesson I decided on a new driver. Picked up cobra amp cell. (Recommended by the guy who was giving me a lesson). Then the snow came. Been playng a couple of weeks now and haven't been using a driver until this weekend. The amp cell is definitely very forgiving but lacking distance. I go for my 2nd lesson in a couple of days but can't help to think I should at least try the g20 or g25. Maybe testing and the proper...
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