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Quick update. At the end of last season before my 1st lesson I decided on a new driver. Picked up cobra amp cell. (Recommended by the guy who was giving me a lesson). Then the snow came. Been playng a couple of weeks now and haven't been using a driver until this weekend. The amp cell is definitely very forgiving but lacking distance. I go for my 2nd lesson in a couple of days but can't help to think I should at least try the g20 or g25. Maybe testing and the proper...
I played in Mequite in October.
I though I would get the same treatment. This guy just wanted to sell me a driver. Needless to say that will be the last time he sees me. I went to a diff store and the guy told me those drivers have a small sweet spot. I may get a diff driver and keep that until I'm ready. I have my 1st lesson Thursday. I will keep you guys up dated.
My mistake, I meant 3 months. And yes my can use some improvement also. I just used those most of the time instead of the 3 and hybrids.I know it's me and not the driver. When I do hit a good one. It's great. I will look for lessons now. Thanks
I guess is confession time. I've been golfing for about three weeks and love the game. I bought the complete set of top-flight clubs with driver the next day. I got good enough to beat my friend who has been playing for a year. So I stepped up and got the ping g20 irons because I wanted a 4 and 5 iron. The irons are great. So, I went and picked up the Ping Anser driver and 3 wood. 1st day at the range was beautiful. 2nd day at the range a guy helped me with my swing now...
I'm having a great time. At times I want to throw my club in the pond but remind myself this is supposed to be fun. If I just work on my driver, irons, wedges, and putter, I think I'll be ok. Lol
Hello everyone, very new to the game. Not even a month yet. I am at the range 2 times a week and early for sat t-time. I have golf tv, clubs, and a glove. Still just having fun with it.
New Posts  All Forums: