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yeah i think thats what I'm going to do, take a ride to goldsmith today to try a few out and see if they can fit me for the putter i like.
Hey so I am looking to make the switch to a long putter and i have been looking at  the Odyssey Metal-X DART Long Putter and the TaylorMade Ghost Manta Long Putter. This is going to be my second season playing and I'm not too good but i really want to improve my game this summer. I picked up the Ping Scottsdale Long putter at a golf shop and messed around with it and loved it, which is why i want to make the switch. I am 5'7" and 22 years old, if that matters much. Any...
forget about that last post. those expired lol. but thanks for all of the advice it is much appreciated!
how are these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Golf-Clubs-Set-of-Eight-8-Ping-Karsten-I-Series-Irons-3-thru-PW-/261256551654?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item3cd41a9ce6
i honestly dont know what kind they are and i didnt keep a score of what i shot because my putting is horrendous. i guess next time i will keep score to see where i am at. but i know my iron shots have been really short for example my 7 iron was only hitting about 120 yards. the hybrid i used was one of the best i shot with besides my friends taylor made 3 wood. but i would say one of my biggest issues besides putting is getting distance on the ball. idk if thats because...
my brothers set. its a pain to keep asking to borrow them and all that. i would rather have my own set to use whenever i would like to.
unfortunately as i was on my way to buy the clubs they sold =/ So now i am looking all over the internet for a different set. I did the size chart from ping and it says the red dot is best for me so maybe it was good i didnt buy them. I stopped into golfsmith today to get an opinion as to what i should do, buy a complete new set for around $200 or buy a set on craigslist. The guy working there told me to buy the cheapest set i could because i would either stop playing or...
the guy said he will sell them for $75. he's had them since 05. does it matter that they are older clubs?
hey so i am a new golfer, only been about five times. i am looking for a set of my own and ive been looking online to see if i should buy a new set or a used set. i only want to spend around $200 for the set. i found a set on craigslist of used Ping Zing 2 irons, tours edge putter, and golfsmith driver also some other random clubs for $100. is it worth the money to buy this set or should i buy a new set? any suggestions would be great. the clubs are below.      
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