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Wow Pretzel thats an impressive list. I was not expecting a response that well thought through and with that much research. Thank you very much for putting that together. I actually have a set of eye 2's still. They need grips and they would be good to go. Your list has me considering going Mizuno. They seem to have a cult like following. I love Titleist but i personally think of everything titleist to be unforgiving even if its actually not.
I am sure I am not the only guy that has ever had this feeling, but I just don't know what to buy. I have been hitting a set of DCI 762's for I don't even know how long. 10 years maybe? I finally stashed away enough cash to go buy whatever I want, but now that I am here I don't know what to get. I know what characteristics I am looking for in an iron, but there are just soo many options and everyone thinks a certain set or brand is the best and my head is spinning trying...
Shot a 75 with a really dumb double bogey. Thanks Budweiser.  72.1/138 6,780 yards
75 on 18. 36 on 9. The back nine on my home course is 9 of the most unforgiving holes I have ever played. I have shot 36-37 on the front many, many times only to turn around and shoot a 45 on the back. Actually shot a 38 on the front today, and a 44 on the back.
So I gave it the old college try and I must admit it worked pretty well. I also got a lesson at the same time and told him about the advice you gave me and he agree. He also tried to address the root cause as well to try to fix it. We dabbled with ball placement some, we tried steepening my swing (but that made just hit really bad shots,) and then he noticed my hips weren't clearing and I was kind of swinging around my body. I have mixed a slightly open face with focusing...
Will do. Range tomorrow after work. I'll post my results.
I play my driver like a half a ball off the inside of my left foot but i put the three wood a ball or so in front of the center of my stance. I hit a baby draw with my driver but my 3 wood looks like a reverse image of a a banana slice
Part of me thinks moving the ball back or forward in my stance might do the trick. Maybe its too far back and I am coming at it really hard from the inside. It starts on my target line for like 75-100 yards then exits stage left hard
Toe hits are my usual miss Mac but I hook with the fairway woods even on center hits
 Thanks for the tip. I tweaked my back today playing and I can barely walk or I'd go back out the range and try it. Def hoping its something simple like that. Ball position or forward press or something easily fixable. I'll try it and report back. Thanks again.
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