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Exactly the opposite for me...a 20mph wind will guarantee that I will add 3 or 4 strokes.  Hate the wind, but love golf enough I'll go in it.  
My 8 year old son played junior golf this year.  Tees on par 4 holes were set at the 200 yard mark, par 5s at 250 and par 3s varied from 75 yards to 125 yards.  At age 9 50 yards are added to each of the par 4s and 5s and the 3s are again varied.  Whenever we went out to play together I teed off from my regular spot and then I drove him to the appropriate distance on the fairway for the 4s and 5s and he played from the forward tees on par 3s.  Worked well for him.  He...
I do keep stats.  Here's what I posted earlier for clubs...but I have added a new 5W to fill in the gap between the 4H and 3W and am hitting it in the 205 to 210 range.   D = 230 3W = 220 3H = 195 4H = 185 5I = 170 6I = 160 7I = 150 8I = 140 9I = 130 PW = 110 SW = 90 LW = 60   Here are my stats for 2013 to date from 27 rounds played.  Average score 85.  Fairways hit 70.2%  Missed left 13.9%, missed right 16%.  GIR - 34.4%  Putting Avg 1.92.    
My official handicap is 13.2 and is calculated by the state golf association I belong to.  I turn in every score, don't compete in any tournaments, and merely use it as a guide to how I'm doing at the game.  Since I started keeping score for an official handicap several years ago I've been as low as 12.8 and as high as 14+.  I had hoped someday to get that to single digit but I'm not getting any younger and I doubt that will happen.  The last two years it merely...
Has anyone tried Swingbyte or Skypro?  Any thoughts?
I didn't event think to consider alignment sticks, but I do use those in my practice sessions.  Video camera is an excellent idea...but I'm afraid of what I might see.  Might not be pretty.  :-)  
Ok golfers...there are a lot...A LOT...of golf training aids out there, right?  Everything to help with the basic swing to the putt.  If you've used a training aid that has helped you, let's hear about it.  What would you recommend?  I'd start but while I've looked at different training aids I've yet to give any a try.  
No doubt a lot of variation in distances among us.  Just for fun: D = 230 3W = 220 3H = 195 4H = 185 5I = 170 6I = 160 7I = 150 8I = 140 9I = 130 PW = 110 SW = 90 LW = 60   As I get older I see those numbers continue to drop for each club.  
I'm new to the forum, now work as a public relations officer for a division of the Utah State government. Prior to the that was radio disc-jockey for half my life.  Got back into golf seriously about 5 years ago and now can't get enough.  Counting the months/days to retirement so I can play more.  
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