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It's all about your gaps. Some or should I say most will fill the gaps at the bottom of the bag wedges and such. Others will try and keep there gaps thru out there bag. It's all about you. I play 3 wedges and then a dri we 3 wood and 3 hybrid my irons are 4-p so it's all about your game
Give the Cleveland drivers a shot. You may be surprised. They do t promote like the big 3 (ping,Callaway,taylormade) so most people do t even look there way.
I'm sorry I didn't really give a club to look at. The ap1 is a real nice club. The jpx 825 pro is nice also. Should be able to pick either up used in that range depending g on if you eBay or Amazon. Some shops may have some solid used sets in both models. Good luck and swing every club you can. It may surprise you on what you end up with. I went out with jpx ez irons and left with Adams idea super s. Again good luck.
Your 4 iron is about what a 3 iron used to be. The lofts have been jacked about a full club from the clubs of the 90s
I have hit both and like the stick shaft of Cleveland. Also I liked the fact that there were three different weights on the Cleveland so I got the one that felt the best to me. I went with the classic and will never look back. The sound of the classic is different then any driver I have hit but I like that. Good luck.
Try the Adams super s irons. You might get a little more lift. And the hybrids in this set are awesome. The kbs shafts don't hurt either
I played callys for awhile. Had bought 3 sets of them. I am now playing Adams super s iro s with the kbs shafts in them. Don't be afraid to think out of the box. You can also pick up some +1 inch clubs on occasion on eBay. But really if you have the option I would have o e of the pros fit you then order them. With that said if the standard clubs are really hindering your swing. Remember golf pros that work at courses that sell clubs will sell you clubs even if you don't...
If your hitting your irons good no need to change. There is a YouTube video were Mark crossfield hits a project x 6.0 against a woman's graphite shaft. I would watch that video it will explain more then I can. But flex is not what everyone believes it is. But it is also a game of confidence so if it makes you feel better do it.
I would just keep playing what you have. And instead of getting clubs spend the mo ey on lessons. But if ya want a decent set fir cheap Callaway x14 are good starter set that can be had for about $100 in good shape.
I liked the tt but ball flight was a little low for my eye. I'm not a real highball hitter so the mt def helped with that.
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