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Just curious - where did you get the "16 tournaments to make over $600K" from?  Is that part of his medical exemption?
If I had his swing, it would be my back that would be killing me.  
I love Steve Stricker's swing.  It looks so simple and repeatable.  For some reason I can't do it even once  
I'm going to assume that BallStriker is being sarcastic.  He probably had trouble deciding whether to use Steve Stricker or Zach Johnson for the post.  
I saw her at Firestone by herself following DJ around outside the ropes with the rest of us commoners.  I took a pic which I shall share if I ever get it uploaded.  Anyhow, I could be wrong but to be her and look like that and follow your guy around by yourself among all the other low life gawkers tells me she's more down to earth than I would have thought.  I was thinking she'd be up in the clubhouse or some VIP tent.
  Yup - reminds me of Ian Woosnam 2001 British Open   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYV-csdgRv0
  I am a huge Furyk fan, which makes his ability to melt down with the lead in big tournaments especially painful to me.  I'd love to see him pull it off this week.   US Open 2012 duck hooks into the woods on 16 with the lead to lose to Webb Simpson Bridgestone 2012 double bogeys on 72nd hole with the lead to lose to Keegan Bradley
I think watching continuous videos of him blistering the field one year ago has helped a bit.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the book, but it made me cringe the whole way through.  A lot of the texts and conversations were just not meant for public consumption so it feels weird to read them.  It didn't stop me from continuing though.  I actually regard Tiger more highly than before reading it, but my opinion of Hank went a little down.  Seems like he's trying too hard to defend his coaching when I don't think it was needed in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: