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Old ping zing white dots and ping eye 2 woods. Real woods. My putter is a titleist dead center that was given to me.
Agree. It's funny you mentioned underwear because I actually looked for some but the only ones I could find were $18 each. I guess in have a price ceiling.
That doesn't seen to be the case any longer. I purchase American whenever possible and sometimes word very hard finding these products. I just bought garage shelving made in the U.S.A and the price was only 10% higher than the Chinese made carbon copy. The American made product was powder coated which more than made up the price difference as far as I'm concerned. I wear new balance 993s and red wing 4470s. Wigwam socks. My employer buys my FR clothing and that is made...
If all the workers are standing or sitting around, who are they watching perform the work? Do the unions hire non union workers to actually work while the union hands mill about? The last line in your rant actually states that unions should ensure safety and employee abuses. Why would people pay dues to an organization that abuses them?Just kidding. It's obvious what you meant but please do not paint all unions and their members with the same brush. Here in Texas the...
I check pawn shops. I live north of Houston and drive all over the area during work hours. I've found used Taylor Made, Titleist and Callaway sets. As well as so many other cheaper sets. I've never bought a new club. If you have the time it's a great way to get good deals. Most of the time they will bargain if you have cash if they are tired of seeing them sitting there. If you have neither the time or patience Craig's list is always good. I just worry about people with...
Well, I'm glad I asked first. I thank you for the prompt response.
Is there a place to get the word out on tournaments? We have one coming up to raise money for a child's therapy for autism and I'm not sure if it is allowed or if there is a thread for those sort of things. Thanks Notice I didn't put the details in.
I'm right across the lake in Atascocita. I lived just off Golf Club for a while as a child and my brother just had a house built just across from country club drive. I recently started playing golf and have wanted to play Newport because I remember how it was. It will pick up in time. I'm anxious to get out there but there are so many courses around here.
Yesterday was awful. We only got in 8 holes due to the rain but Mother Nature was being merciful. I only hit 1 fairway and no GIR. I lost two balls in the first hole and quit keeping score after the second. I told my wife it was one of those rounds that would make some quit. She said it was only one day and the next round will be better. I need some range time.
Ask your doc but only do what's comfortable and easy. Too much exertion before you're healed completely can cause swelling, extreme pain, and a longer recovery time. Where your jock strap and ice down the beanbag daily until you feel normal.
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