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Unfortunately, that one doesn't work.  I'm trying to find the "corded" grip.  Thanks though.
I am trying to find a source for a few Ping 703 "Red" full cord grips (undersize) to go on a couple non-Ping clubs.  I have tried internet searching, eBay, Amazon, etc. without any luck.  I don't believe you can order straight from Ping and dont' know any local spots that installs grips that carries them.  Does anyone know where I might be able to find them?
My other consideration is a used Ping G15 hybrid.  They run a little more but I do currently use Ping irons.  I don't know if the G15s would be a better option since they may more closely match my current Ping irons in swing.  I know they have an offset but so do the Eye2s.   Looks aside, how are the G15 hybrids?
I am new to the sport and just beginning to learn.  I currently have a few inherited clubs and have been reading up on hybrids since they did not exist last time I swung a club 25+ years ago.  I'm sure my better option is to wait a while and work into it, but I would like to pick up a few hybrids to throw in the bag to get started with.   I have found some good deals on the Cleveland Mashie (and Mashie plus) for $30 - 50 each and wandered what everyone thought about them...
I just got back into the game after a very long break.  Right now I am just going with the basics and will attempt the driver later on once the irons are worked out.
Why is that so many of us have such a problem hitting the driver?  You would think it would be the easiest to strike well because of the massive size of modern drivers.  They should have the largest sweet spot and your ball always has a perfect lie (on a tee).  Does the low loft create all the issues?
Does it really matter? It's only eye candy on television. It's not like I'm trying to get a date and will never find out first hand. Doesn't matter to me.
My golf fear...being "that guy."  Too bad, too slow, lost too many balls, etc.
I'm new to the sport but figured I probably needed all the help I could get.  Just ran across a deal for a pair of FJ Greenjoys for $39.99 shipped from Dicks.  Figured they couldn't hurt.
A set (4 - PW) of Ping 703 full cord grips and one SuperStroke for the putter.  Can't wait to try them out.
New Posts  All Forums: