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only played 9 holes today was even. With two birdies and two bogeys. Got my birdies on hole 1  and 4 , got my bogeys on hole 2 and 5. Sucks I got them right after my birdies, but thats how it goes.
I have to come back to this thread because of the ammount of people that have a lack of information because they decide not to read anything from the thread. They just hop on a band wagon and ride it all day.   Lets get some facts here :   I hit the ball 275 with no roll, not 320+ and certainly not 350+... I can hit in the 300 range but not consistently   I hit the PW 150-160yds , I know my yardages off by heart because I have played this game for 7 years I...
No you assume I am lying because, you are the kind of persons that has tunnel vision. I am sorry but I cannot and will not believe you having fun in real life when your post are filled with hatred and anger. You not believing what I have to say does not bother me much but you attacking my character on a forum that I am still new to and attempted to let people know my game and learn there's is disgusting to me. Sure it might be immature of me for calling you out on what a...
I am going golfing now so I won't be able to respond to his next moronish statement. So onward to tomorow it is.
No, sorry but the man has an issue and he thinks he can rant all day on these forums and just saying what ever comes to his mind. He needs to understand I am not someone he can just push around on the forums like most of you. Who, have clearly just let his behaviour continue after 3,000 post. He can't just spill out the up most BS he can think of to try and make him self feel better at night.
They are also playing on PGA tour quality greens that have some crazy slopes, breaks everything that will make it that much harder to make it within 10 feet.   I had said that it was average for me, exceuse me for not formating that sentence properly   You honestly need to be one of the dumbest people I have ever spoken to on a forum. I come on here because I was looking for a fellow golfer forum, not to spout bs and garbage. How, and why would someone make things up to...
I consider a PW 150-160 AVG
I use a hard PW for 163 Yd, how is 8 iron hit 163 long. Certainly nice he hits it that accurate thought. I like to do a light 9 iron for a par 3 around that distance always gets me within 10 feet. I am only 19.
Slowmo practice swing...   I know its a practice SWING......  
I will certainly get a video in slow motion for you, with a ball in the way. But, for now I can even slow motion the practice swings so you can explain more to me my bad posture at startup. Today, I was very consistent off the tee, was hitting a nice 5-10 yard draw at about 280 all day.
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