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The best advise I got when first starting out was to get my tempo. Distance off the tee will follow providing you make a good connection with the ball. Take your time with your swing and even take a 3/4 back swing to start.
Hey Shae. Would be a good idea for you to start is to look on gumtree for a good second hand set. Heaps on there and you can get them so much cheeper.
3rd hole. 131 y , par 3. Stuck my pw about 3 f from the pin to win closest to the whole.
Keep going. Wont be long and your handicap will start to tumble. Mine has dropped 6 strokes in 4 months
Dont you just love coming home to find presents on your door step like that? I always get mine delivered to work. Cheating I know but I cant wait till I get Home.
I played a set of Lind Sniper irons which were a copy of the Callaway X18 I think.   I used them for about 6 years with no complaints at all. I thought for how good I was at the time and the price I was willing to pay that they were pretty good.   I have upgraded my irons to the Wilson CI11 now.
You have to play the new ones don't you?   I had the same problem earlier in the year and I chose to go with the new ones. Best move for me. I ended up winning the day.
Just picked up a Cleveland 588 Satin 50/2 Wedge from Golfbox.  They have their half yearly sale and I got it for $69 aus.   Bloody rippa if you ask me.
Driver 3 months Wood and hybrid 10 Months Irons 6 months ( last ones I have for 6 years) Putter for about 8 years.
When you daughter comes up to you and says that she has been hooking for a couple of years and you tell her that is ok, but she should really keep her head still and that should help
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