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thank you.....the notchback suits me in terms of the model but the pistolero grip wasn't available to try where i was.  so i was wondering how much difference there was between that and the current 'stock' grip....
Hi All   currently in the process of buying a new scotty cameron....I basically have two grip options.    It's the Select Newport 2 Notchback model I'm getting which comes with what it refers to as 'Scotty Select Grip - black' or I can get a custom option of 'Scotty California Pistolero' in Red/Black......   does anyone know if there is much difference between these two options?  I'm leaning towards the Pistolero option but unsure if there is much real...
that's disappointing.  I have an Odyssey metal x at the moment and that just feels a bit firm for me.    I was hoping this would go back to the traditional Scotty soft feel but having the benefits of high MOI with a bit more technology than the usual blade Scotty's.
Hi All   Does anyone have any experience of having tried the new Scotty Cameron Futura X that has just hit retail?  I can't find many place in my area that are stocking it to try but I really, really fancy one.   Just not sure whether it's soft feel, how big the head is etc.   I'd be grateful for any feedback from anyone who has tried it.   thanks
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