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You'll never catch me playing with yellow balls, they're for old people ..... I play with orange ones
Hopefully this will put this matter to bed once and for all ............      
I'm in the Golf Monthly league as well - I've joined and am a "pending member" waiting for acceptance.
Not sure if I'm too late to join, I've been in the Fansasy league since the beginning but on another private league.   Steve
I am visiting Naples Fl in November and I am debating whether to bring my clubs or hire for a week, any advice or suppliers gratefully received.
I play early because of the heat down here in the summer.... BUT, it takes me 2 or 3 holes before I feel I'm swinging right, so I would say I prefer to play late if I have a choice.
Hi Everyone,   I am relatively new to golf (18 months in) and I play mainly on the Costa Brava in Spain. I live just over the border in France but there are no decent courses here.   Hope to learn a bit from more experienced players.   Regards   Steve
New Posts  All Forums: