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Hi, simple! Therefore I DON'T have the possibility to see all days. I was just asking for help, and if someone does it I would be so happy, but if you can't help why do you even put your energy in it? You can get the ball location by Shotlink, and by that see where the ball end up, and compare how different players react on different lies.  If I get an F I have learned from my mistakes, and had funny on the way.    Peace.
That would be to so much help, will look as much as possible. Have a nice weekend! 
hey, I have a class in school where I have chosen to provide statistics on how player behavior affects the score. Now, during the PGA Championship, I would be so happy if you could help me, if a player swears or throws a club from Friday to Sunday. Please write day / player / holes / what he did. thank you very much!
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