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5 wood to the fairway and a wedge onto the green.
 I'm curious to know how well I hit the ball for my size.  I think I'm 5'8-5'9 and maybe 145 (I'm not a woman, I don't track this shit relentlessly ).  When paired with strangers I usually hit the ball at least as far as them even if they're bigger than me but at the same time they're usually pretty serious hackers so I still have a hard time judging.  I basically want to know if poor technique or being too scrawny is most responsible for not hitting the ball further (all...
I'll put a dollar on crackhead Johnson. 
The standard deviation of my drives is 100 yards so I just play the woman's tee and call it good.
I haven't hit anyone but a buddy of mine got hit when we were playing a round.  Idiots behind us teed off when we were halfway up the fairway on a par 4.  The guy yelled fore about a quarter of a second before impact as usual.  Anyway, it hit my buddy in the ribcage about where your elbow would touch when your arms are at rest.  He dropped down to one knee and was bitching for a while but eventually shook it off and we finished the round.
 OK so first thing is to setup and aim about 120 yards left of the fairway and then step 2 is swing hard as hell.  This will result in a monster drive with a beautiful fade back into the fairway that will wow your family and friends.
Applewood course in Denver had the worst goose problem I've ever seen, plus it was kinda rundown anyway.  They're out here in Idaho too but don't seem to be as thick.  I actually smoked one last summer when I hit a wormburner off the tee but it was walking away from me at the time so it mostly just skipped off it's back and scared the hell out of it.
I'm surprised so many people like his reviews.  I've watched maybe 12 or 15 of them and not once can I remember him saying anything bad about a club.  He always seems to point out one or two nice things about the club, say it's a fine club, and simply move on to the next one.  Because of this I think his reviews are the least helpful thing he does.  His other videos can be interesting to watch though and he's certainly smooth in front of the camera.
Found some more that I forgot about:   Wyrmwood - birdie By The Gun - par Redirected - double bogey Lawless - par American Heist - par Escape Plan - par Oblivion - par World War Z - par Pacific Rim - par Robocop - par 47 Ronin - double bogey
Apparently this movie is a kickstarter project and has over half a million so far.  It looks hilarious:  
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