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I had a few deer lay right next to a tee box I was hitting from in Denver once and I thought those animals were tame but the one in this picture is crazy.
 I value those exact same things as a video game player, which I don't consider a sport, so I don't think that's very good criteria for a sport.  But that's probably what the previous 27 pages of blabbing are so I won't make too much effort to stir it up again.   That does bring me to a couple things I will never consider a sport though... vehicle racing and video games.   
Favorite TV shows over the years:  Cheers, Seinfeld, Family Guy, Game of Thrones.
Led Zeppelin by a mile.  You can put their music up against any current hard rock group (and maybe some metal groups) and they can hang no problem, and they were doing that 45 years ago.  That is ridiculous.
All I know is when I hit uphill I lose distance so I hit a longer club.
That commercial is great every time I see it.
I just had some old fart steal my ball right in front of me today, first time it has ever happened.   #17 short par 4 I hit a driver to about 100 yards out.  The old guy was putting and must have saw or heard my ball.  He drove back over to it and looked at it and then grabbed a club and hit it onto the green and putted out.  He saw me looking around in the area where he grabbed it so he quickly took off and went to the next hole and teed off really fast.   I dropped a...
I probably thought it was barely a sport before I played it but now that I've played it I've seen how being fit is an advantage.  It's still a joke that pro players get to use caddies though.  I walk all my rounds and carry my bag and think this is how the game should actually be played, especially by the pros.
Yeah it sounds like they pro rated your refund, I wouldn't complain.
 Correct. Yep, the feeling is pretty normal, it's just a result of having your right arm dominate everything your whole life.  Once you get used to it you'll wonder how you did it any other way.
New Posts  All Forums: