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 You might be surprised how often you get this crappy lie next to a green, especially after you get good enough contact to reach greens in regulation and just enough aiming ability to be a hazard to yourself.   Putting I think is rough until you learn to regulate your swing.  All I mostly think about when I putt now is.. if my backswing is 8 inches, then I should swing 8 inches past the ball.  If it's 4 inches back then it's 4 inches through the ball.  It was awkward at...
This is a good thread, I have this same problem.  Every once in a while I feel like I'm jumping off the ground on the follow through and I assumed I was doing something wrong for that to happen.  Ha  Gonna check out that slide thread too, I think I'm not really sliding anything at all and that's probably bad.
I don't think driving is the hardest part, no.   One thing I consistently dread is a green that is a mound and I have an approach shot misses left or right and ends up laying in the rough at the base of the green.  If my swing is into the grain of the grass and the ball is partially or fully buried this shot seems almost unmakable to me.  If I swing too slow the grass will stop the club dead in its tracks and the ball will hop like 2 inches, if I swing too hard it's...
This steeper swing really seems to be paying off.  I can swing hard as hell at the ball with a driver now and for the most part it goes where I'm aiming.  It is really, really, really nice to be able to swing this hard and know the ball isn't gonna fly off some random direction.    I'm trying to get better at irons at the moment, I think I'm flat footed too often and it's causing me to pull my shots left.  I've noticed when I do a better job of keeping my upper body...
I think I made 1 birdie my first year playing so I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Stringing together a few pars is just as exciting imo, and that might happen first.
 If it's busy I would expect them to try to pair you up with another twosome.  Certainly doesn't hurt to ask though and I'm sure on a slow day it would be no problem at all.
Hmm interesting, maybe a 3 iron and a gap wedge, I dunno.
Saw a clip of this last week, funny stuff.
 Yep, same thing here.. it definitely feels different.  I really like the results though, I get the sharp rising ball flight instead of the high floater that I had before.
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