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 Yeah this is exactly what popped into my head.  In fact I would probably expect to pay less considering the work it takes to operate it and the difference in comfort compared to a regular cart. The one awkward thing about the gadget that seems strange to me is the bag on the front.  Why would you want the bag/clubs blocking the driver's view?  Seems like really poor design.
Wow I've never seen a place that ran faster than 12 minutes apart.
This is a great topic imo.   And this falling off happens to me constantly but I think I'm slowly making progress on it.  From what I can tell though I think it's a combination of arrogance and fatigue.  If I play well I start thinking I've got it figured out and that makes me start over-swinging and taking shots for granted which results in more shots being sprayed.   The fatigue thing is I simply need to be in better shape.  I'm not even close to fat but at the...
Yeah the 2 public courses here do not have full-time rangers.  Occasionally there will be an old guy making a couple laps during the weekend because they let him play for free but all he does is stop and chat people up because it's a small town and he knows everyone.   The other policy problem here that I would abolish immediately is they allow fivesomes, and I'm not positive but maybe even sixsomes.  I've seen groups of 6 but I'm not sure if the people did that on their...
 That's basically what I did, since the weather sucked so I had no intention of playing more than 9 anyway.
 Always.   Got stuck behind a foursome several days ago, all walking.  They'd get to their ball, stand around and chat, take a few practice swings, line it up like it's the Masters and then duff it like the 25 handicappers they were.  Actually, I don't know if they were bad since I was always half asleep on the bench at the tee boxes but even if they were professionals it would have been ridiculous. Anyway, I teed off on #7 (par 4) when they were walking off the green.  I...
The Dan video was interesting.  I'm surprised he does so well with a couple of the things he does.  His driver swing looks freakishly flat, when I do that I pull the ball hardcore left.   Anyway, these videos do look like fun things to do though, I forgot all about them.  I should have put this on the 2015 goal thread.
Got some footjoy shoes a couple weeks ago, like them better than my old nikes so far and the footjoys were half the price.
I don't like trying to hit a colored ball, it's like there's some weird distortion around it and the edges of it aren't clear.  It's strange.  White all the way.
I never golfed and skied in the same day when I lived in Colorado.  I don't think I would want to either, my legs were usually jello by the time I was done skiing and I'm positive it would make me golf like garbage.
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