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  Some funny ones here.
 I've seen a couple instances of it happening and I thought it was hilarious both times.  One was Mickelson trying to hit a ball is really gnarly rough and it rolled like 10 feet and the other was that guy who whiffed on his putt 2 or 3 times on that island hole on the course who's name I forget. I caught part of the player's championship (I think) a month or two ago where Kevin Na bladed a chip over a green and then muffed the comebacker.  I told a friend about that and...
Played 18 on a 9 hole course several days ago and birdied the short par 4 #7 both times around.  I played the same course a couple days ago and pared the same hole on the front 9 and eagled it on the back.  My first eagle ever and it was from 34 yards out.
 I see.
The question is ridiculously ambiguous and that makes the poll useless.  I voted yes though because I'm satisfied on days where I shoot a new personal course best even though it may be well above par.  I'm not satisfied on days where I played better than normal but the weather sucked.   If score is what determined satisfaction then nobody would be happy.
I've yet to play in a tournament but this signing of other player's cards is interesting.  Do any tournament players here record their playing partner's strokes in addition to their own?  I think I would, maybe not if I was playing in a group of 4 but a two-some.. I think I would definitely record my partner's strokes to make sure they match up at the end of the round.
I voted no because like 10% of players have a handicap so the idea is not feasible right from the start and like the OP said just because you're a low handicap doesn't mean you play fast; you could still end up with snails.
 I think so, and for a number of reasons.  For example, a month or so ago several people climbing on Mount Rainier fell and died.  I made a comment on a news blog that "As they were ragdolling down the mountain I'm sure they were screaming 'At least I love what I'm doing!'".  Some people thought it was funny, others thought I was being an ******* (more of the former than the latter actually).  I wasn't laughing at their misfortune so much as pointing out the stupidity of...
Oh so these initiation fees you get back if you leave?  I assumed that money was just gone once you joined.  $10,000+ seems like an outrageous amount of money to me though, hell even $5000 would probably make me balk.  Ha  I did buy a season pass in this town I recently moved to though; $340 for unlimited play at either city course so I'm looking forward to playing a ridiculous number of rounds this year.    This is interesting reading the feedback from private courses...
 Yes, it does.
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