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 Yep, same thing here.. it definitely feels different.  I really like the results though, I get the sharp rising ball flight instead of the high floater that I had before.
Interesting question.  On the local courses I don't know that it would help very much since they're not terribly long and are fairly wide open.  I would guess it would shave 1-3 strokes off my average score.  Like others have said my biggest problem is the second shot.   
I used the Top Flite Gamer Tour balls a bunch last year and I liked them.  I tried one box early this year and it seemed like my distance with them was below average and since the price per box went from $16 to $20 I simply quit using them and haven't bought any since.  I would recommend giving them a shot though, they did have a nice soft feel.  There is also the Top Flite D2 Soft ball which I remember trying once and I thought it was decent, and afforable too.. $12 for...
I tinkered with the driver some today and think I may have found a better way to hit it.  Until now I was teeing it up with about half the ball above the top of the club, a slightly wider than shoulder width stance and a somewhat flat swing to sweep the ball off the tee.   I watched a little bit of the recent PGA championship and I saw a couple of Bubba Watson's drives.  It looked like he had a really steep swing and it got me thinking that maybe I was doing mine wrong. ...
I can't afford the beer cart goodies, it's like trying to buy the last loaf of bread or bottle of water after the apocalypse.    My only suggestion is to not come around too often.  I've had cart girls come around what seemed like every 3 holes and it annoyed the hell out of me, 1 solicitation per 9 is about all I have the patience for.
 Nah no hybrids, just a straight up 3 and 5 wood.  They are small though, they almost look like hybrids.  It's somewhat rare that I hit them actually since most par 4s are at least in 3 iron range and most par 5s I can't reach in 2 anyway so I just hit irons the whole way.  I still want to figure out how to hit them though.
 What is this the mafia?  I woulda told them to lick my balls. 
Missed greens in regulation is killing me.  I think I hit more than half of my fairways off the tee and can 2 putt fairly reliably but my second shot on par 4s and third shot on par 5s kill me.  I'll bounce it off the apron or simply miss left or right by less than 20 feet.  I'm still getting used to taking a full swing with my irons though so hopefully this is something that will simply get better with practice.   I'm horrible at hitting fairway woods off the ground and...
 If you run a red light I think you're automatically negligent and liable for the damage.  Is slicing a ball considered negligence?  I really doubt it.  There's this...   Hmm, not so fast on that.  If a house exists in an area before it was declared a flood plain it is allowed to stay but new construction is not allowed.  I know this because a neighbor had this situation come up some years ago.  It could vary by state though. As far as the broken window...  I wouldn't pay...
She looks like one of the random models you see in a magazine and forget about 2 seconds after you flip the page.
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