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13 minutes per hole, 3.9 hours total.   And that's generous imo.
I don't like the colored tees either.
I've never met anyone lower than probably a 15 handicap so I can't say, but it wouldn't surprise me.. there are douchebags everywhere.
 56 or 60 sounds perfect to me, I use my 58 degree for basically all of my chipping since it has the least roll.
 They're noticeably longer.  I've played this local course a ton this summer and I've got used to landing areas for most of the holes.  When I use an expensive ball the drive will look the same but I'll walk out there and the ball will be 10-20 yards past my usual spot.
Chipping is one thing I improved quite a bit this summer.  I do a little bit of what the chipping video on this site says (I think) with leaning your body forward at address but I also do something that I have a feeling is wrong but works.  I was toe-ing the ball constantly so I started standing really close, so the ball is nearly in line with the bottom of the hosel.  Now I catch the ball mostly in the middle of the club face.   Anyway, it sounds to me like you're...
 Usually a mid to lower end ball, quite a bit Maxfli U3 or U4 this summer and I'm trying a box of Bridgestone e7s now, generally a ball in the $16-25 range.  The only time I really notice a difference though is when I find a Pro V1 or some other expensive ball. And speaking of the e7s, these things are a joke.  lol  They're supposed to be the "distance" ball I think but they go no further for me than any other $2 or less ball I've used.
I haven't been playing close to 10 years and am still on my first set of clubs but I would vote yes anyway.  I easily see a difference in driving distance just by changing balls.
I was standing around talking to a few contractors a couple years ago when one of them spotted one of these birds in a tree behind us.  A couple of them started taking pictures since it was only 70 or 80 feet away.  I still can't believe how big these animals are.
I think they can be pretty fun and are great for iron practice.  I'd mix in a couple rounds at one every summer even if I was very, very good at the game.
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