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I seem to be pretty terrible at putting when I try to eyeball it.  Yesterday I tried to pick a line and then use the hashmark on the club to hit down it and I seemed to have decent results, much better than the last couple times out anyway.
70 foot par saving putt like a boss yesterday. 
 This.  When I started I went and got Wilson Ultras at Target.  It was a great decision imo.
The course I mostly play here is 6350 yards and I can get done in 3.5 hours walking fairly easily if nobody is in front of me.  The thing that I noticed saves time isn't necessarily hitting it far, it's hitting fewer shots overall.
 I heard the term from my brother several years ago when he was poking fun at bald guys from our home state of North Dakota (my dad and a few uncles in particular).  It's basically the shiny bald strip that runs down the middle of some guy's heads leaving hair on the sides.  I figured it was a term from urban dictionary or something but searching the web for it just now has no results so I guess he made it up.  I still think it's hilarious though.
Holy cow, I just saw a video of this guy without his hat on and he has a savage Norwegian mohawk.  It was shocking and it made him look about 30 years older than I thought he was.  Anyway, not really golf related so carry on I guess.
5 wood to the fairway and a wedge onto the green.
 I'm curious to know how well I hit the ball for my size.  I think I'm 5'8-5'9 and maybe 145 (I'm not a woman, I don't track this shit relentlessly ).  When paired with strangers I usually hit the ball at least as far as them even if they're bigger than me but at the same time they're usually pretty serious hackers so I still have a hard time judging.  I basically want to know if poor technique or being too scrawny is most responsible for not hitting the ball further (all...
I'll put a dollar on crackhead Johnson. 
The standard deviation of my drives is 100 yards so I just play the woman's tee and call it good.
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