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 The Flash is the reason I'm watching Arrow actually.  I didn't even know Arrow existed when I mentioned the Flash to someone and they said to watch Arrow first since that's where the character originated.
I went to John Wick a few days ago, I really liked it.  Nothing new in it or anything but if you enjoy revenge movies with gratuitous death and destruction then this one is a fine choice.
 Just finished watching the first 2 seasons of this show.  It's so bad.  lol  The drama is just tedious and trite and the show has jumped the shark probably 4 or 5 times already.  I keep watching it though and I can't explain why!  I think I'm expecting it to experience some miraculous turnaround and become amazing but I'm pretty sure that's never gonna happen.  Anyway, waiting for season 3 to finish before I watch any more of it.
Trees are too obvious, stand next to a tree on a golf course and everyone within a mile of you is gonna assume you're taking a leak.  I walk with my stand bag so I just hang next to it when I need to take a leak and it looks like I'm simply choosing a club.
 Well it seems word got around at his club and that's what he was butthurt about.  Funny stuff though, the guy is a douchebag for cheating.   
 I just came to the forum to complain about this ball.  I bought a box a couple days ago and just finished playing 9 with them... it's my new "shittiest ball I've ever used".  lol  For real, if I wasn't such a cheapskate I'd have thrown these things in the garbage by the 4th hole.  Horrible, horrible feel.. like mush stuck to the club and almost every hit felt like a mis-hit to me.  Performance-wise I don't think I can complain but the feel was just horrible.  I would...
13 minutes per hole, 3.9 hours total.   And that's generous imo.
I don't like the colored tees either.
I've never met anyone lower than probably a 15 handicap so I can't say, but it wouldn't surprise me.. there are douchebags everywhere.
 56 or 60 sounds perfect to me, I use my 58 degree for basically all of my chipping since it has the least roll.
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