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The deal doesn't seem that great to me, they block out all the times where you would save the most money and on the days you can play it looks like you're really only saving about 5 bucks after a cart is factored in.  For pre-paying almost $800 I think I would expect more.
I scheduled probably 30 of my tee times as a single last summer but got paired with people all but maybe 2 or 3 times.  I played a couple rounds with my brother and dad as well.
 By a couple times I meant one drink during 2 entirely different rounds.  If it sounded like I sat there mooching drinks from people, that's not at all what happened. Anyway, I decline these offers because like I said I'm not much of a drinker and I always bring a giant water bottle for myself so I'm rarely thirsty.  For whatever reason these two times out the people in the group insisted and rather than sit there and argue about it like a knob I simply accepted the...
Playing for money adds absolutely nothing to the game for me so I typically decline.
I've never bought a drink while playing but I've had others in the group buy a round a couple times and it seemed to make me play worse each time.  I don't drink much anyway and am normally very relaxed while playing so all it did was make it hard for me to focus when hitting the ball (bad) and then not really care if I hit a bad shot (double bad).
Haha, wow.   About a month ago there was a fire deal of golfnow for, I think, one of the nicer courses in the area so I signed up to play.  I got to the clubhouse and there was a young guy out front fetching carts, loading bags, getting drinks, sort of a concierge I guess.  He comes up to me and introduces himself and asks my name and recalls my tee time, all extremely formal.  I started to panic a little bit because I was like oh shit, this place is too fancy for me... ...
I would tell the ranger only scrubs hit into the sand and they do not need to worry about me.
 Yeah I pretty much agree with all of this. I've noticed, much to my chagrin, when I hit a green in regulation I tend to 3 putt and when I don't hit the green in regulation I one putt.. leaving me with a bogey in both cases.  Realizing no matter what I do I'm probably gonna bogey the hole has helped me refrain from attempting the make-up shots.  That's probably not the ideal state of mind to have while playing (think positive!) but I put some spin on it so it's a little...
 It's not even zero tolerance though, they're getting a couple warnings first. I've spotted at least one course review on golfnow for a course in my area where the reviewer said a ranger was riding their ass all day.  It didn't scare me off at all, the first thing I thought was 1.) this guy is a slow player, and 2.) I want to play at this course!
 Right, I find it hard to believe as well but like I said it doesn't look like he was trying to be even remotely sneaky about it.. so that makes me think he didn't know.  It could be the brain fart I guess, but I find the brain fart excuse somewhat less believable actually.  It's like saying in the middle of a chess game you forgot the king can only move 1 space at a time; it's almost too absurd to believe.
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