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  Albatross!   Click the CC button in bottom right of movie to shut off subtitles.
My roomates and I played the hell out of Ultima Online back in the day.  We were on the Great Lakes server.  I ended up getting banned for swearing at people during PVP  and moved on to the Everquest franchise which I've played ever since.  I'm surprised UO is still going actually but yeah at the time it was a blast.   I've never played any Uncharted game but I played the hell out of Socom 1 and 2 back in the day.  Too bad the franchise went down the toilet at #3 or...
 I dunno about that, I play every other day until winter rolls around.  I just have a flawless grip. 
I don't have any to speak of either but I use a glove and overlap grip.
 In theory I suppose, I dunno.  The women's tees on the courses I've played usually aren't that far ahead of the men's tees so I'm not sure what to make of it.  I think I mostly just need to play a round with a woman who at least swings hard, the few I've played with take some pretty dainty looking swings at the ball so it's hard telling what's going on.  lol
The more I play this game the more I think I'd hate it if I were a woman.  It's pretty important to be able to poke the ball out there and I've never seen a woman (amateur) who was able to really smoke the ball so taking 3 or 4 or 5 shots to reach all the greens I think would be tremendously discouraging and eventually make me quit.   Anyway, yeah I can't answer for the women on the equipment thing either but I think it would be great if more played.  In fact, I'm more...
I'll tell you what slow play isn't... a wide open course!  First day of the year where I could tear through at my own pace today.  It was glorious.
 I agree.  I played the back tees alot last year because it forced me to use the longer irons.  I remember complaining about how useless my 3 iron seemed to be but it's actually one of my favorite clubs now, I can hit it (or any iron) as consistently as a 9 or a wedge.  Whether to goes where I want is still a little less certain  but the contact is good and that's what I'm most concerned about for now.  Anyway, I think playing the back tees would probably be a good...
I voted make the cut but not in contention but I probably should have voted top 10.  I still don't think they would win.
Weekly seems maybe a little too frequent.  I'd suggest bi-weekly or maybe monthly.  You might get better turnout.
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