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These went on sale here for about $22 a dozen so I picked up a couple boxes  was able to play 1 round with them before it snowed.  Really impressive ball actually, I'd put it up there near Pro V1s.  I was contemplating getting a couple more boxes for next summer as well since the steep price cut gave me the impression they might be discontinued.   Anyone else try this ball?  What did you think?
Get an official handicap index.   Play in at least 1 tournament.   Score below 85 on the majority of my rounds.   Break 80 at least once.
Not really a hard decision for me since I most likely couldn't reach the green in 2 anyway.  I'd hit a driver though and risk the sand and then an iron to the end of fairway, chip across, etc.
 Not sure, I've only been here about 4 months.  It's just recently started getting cold enough where I won't play.
Coldest I've played is the mid to upper 50s and even that I'm not a fan of.  If it's below 55 I'll find something else to do.
 NO!  I just had someone do this to me on Sunday.  Per my usual luck I got out behind a group of 4 with a toddler riding along for the heck of it.  Dude #1 steps up and duck hooks a ball into the adjacent fairway.  I sat there thinking "You better not go for another ball from your bag, scrub!".  And what does he do?  Goes and gets another ball which he sliced into the other adjacent fairway. I was mad.  And as usual I was stuck behind these people all day. But the point...
I don't know how helpful this would be either.  Holes with water or gnarly rough are probably factors but you wouldn't need a gadget like this to know that.  The best use for this thing would be in conjunction with a marshal who actually has the balls to tell people to pick up the pace.   Also, I very rarely pulled the pin when playing alone this summer too and I don't have a reason other than simple laziness. 
I'm pretty sure the pond ball swing is some ancient Chinese exercise to hit the ball 1000 yards like with punching in karate movies.
I wish I could vote for 2 things, it would be the first and third options.  I voted they don't care and there's probably a fair amount of cynicism behind that vote but I think it's true none the less.
 What like Judge Smalls?  Ha The game does seem to get misrepresented more than other sports imo.  If someone has never played then chances are all they know about it are what they see on TV which for a PGA event is probably a bunch of ridiculously serious guys trudging around a course, or in the case of Caddyshack... a pack of screwballs invading the space of a bunch of serious guys trudging around a course. All I will say is it depends where you play.  In Denver it...
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