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This....Luiten is perfect for match play because he occasionally blows up holes...but can still be a birdie machine. Should be fun to watch.
Mississippi National Golf Links in Red Wing, MN will have them in June from what I hear. Pretty syched. 
Me reading the title of this thread...  
its always slow when theres weather delays and players are playing more than 18 holes in a day.
Looks like we've got a bye-week for the Match play.    Next stop...Players Championship. 
LOL! did any if the like...6 people they gave to us to choose from the A team even make the cut!? This is going to be a bad week of points for me, the only upside is that im sure its a bad week of points for most of us :)
Hmmm...maybe I played something different then offset. The hybrid I hit so well looked like it had a more closed clubface then normal. It looked and felt a little more ccomfortable to me
I played my first slightly offset club a month ago when I rented clubs at a course. It was a random offset hybrid in the bag and I was hitting the ball beautifully. Now I'm not a huge fan of bandaids, I'd rather work on fixing my faults. But man, it sure felt damn good.   My biggest problem with my swing and my clubs is that even if I come in on plane...my face is still slightly open, and I haven't figured out how to fix that yet. Offset "fixed" that part.    I'm...
Yes. You know what else is normal? Playing a full month of the worst golf in your life, followed by a month of the best golf of your life. Especially in your first year.  Take half swings and find the sweet spot. Find...the....sweet spot. If you need to, spray Dr. Scholl's footspray on your clubface and figure out where the ball is hitting.  I once completely lost my swing for an entire month last year, I was in the same place as you. I decided I was just going to have fun...
Wow! She is gooooood!  Do you two play from same tees? Vastly different? 
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