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Myself and Andrew W.K. are very proud. 
Wow, surprised to see Rory getting back out there right away, good for him. Good luck to Mr. Super Joost this weekend!
Even the pros hit "wacky drives" and some fat shots. Did you see Webb Simpson's first tee shot at the Ryder Cup? LOL Or Sergio driving the ball into no man's land.  How long does it take? That depends on so many variables. How much do you practice and HOW do you practice being a big one.  Golf is so silly that you may be just one day/practice away from grooving into a nice repeatable swing. Nothing is more fun when that happens. And don't get discouraged if you...
Just watched all three of their swings, my stance "feels" very close to the way Ryan Moore's looks...though I feel even more exaggerated (slightly more to the left.) I'm going to have to get a vid of it soon to see if I'm just "feeling" more left than I really am.  
So I'm basically just messin' with my head?  I'm worried it was just a quick fix and not an actual fix. But almost every single drive since then has been right where I want it to be. I mean I must be cutting across it still, but for some reason perhaps opening up my stance makes it so I don't cut across as much? Or maybe the face is doing something different, I really don't know! All I know is that it works and I can't wrap my head around it.  And just an fyi, I can hit a...
I'm a stupid monkey with a swing fix question, I probably shouldn't ask and should just go with it, but I need to know.   I've been battling a huge fade (ok, it's a slice) with the driver ever since I started. I've been trying to experiment with different ways to cut the left to right in half....and make it a proper fade. Nothing has worked, until the other day my father in law suggested to open up my stance and aim my body even further left.    "Wouldn't that just...
oooooh, just checked that out, I like how that lays on the carpet based on the pics I can see. Thanks Vinsk!
I was in your exact situation 3 months ago, albeit I had been playing for 1.5 years. It's bound to happen to any beginner. Here's what I did to fix it, and I've been playing great golf ever since.    Experimentation, if you don't have a coach, you need to experiment. Go to the range and play around with your grip. I fixed my problem simply by moving my right thumb more over to the left...just a tiny bit. It allowed the clubface to turn over in just the right...
I think I'm going with the birdie ball putting green, it looks pretty good. 
Am I the only one that thinks everyone is overreacting? I mean the Euros needed to pull off a mini-miracle in Medina to win. Why do we have to cry so much when we lose?    Europe vs The World? Dumbest shit I've ever heard. We can overcome this.    I'm excited for Hazeltine, USA has enough firepower to beat the Euros, just need those damn stars (and stripes) to align again. 
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