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Another article where his Ryder Cup teammates shed just a little light on what it's like to be around him. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/golf/rydercup/11117171/Victor-Dubuisson-ready-to-reveal-his-mettle-at-Ryder-Cup-2014.html
Victor Dubuisson is one of my top 5 favorite golfers. Yet it is difficult to find much information about his past. Here is a great article that sheds just a little bit of light on why he is the way he is. It's a 6 month old article, but a good one.     International man of mystery: Rising star Dubuisson driven by childhood agony   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/golf/article-2573320/Victor-Dubuisson-driven-childhood-agony.html     This thread may also become a bit...
Not normally a beer guy, but I'll try G-Mac's if I see it. 
  Lol, I find this picture hilarious. Perhaps they should have put up a playground for kids rather than a pool w/ hot babes. I wouldn't be complaining though. 
YESSSSSSSSSSS. I was so pumped after he made that eagle. I tried to get in here and post but phone died. What a fantastic last 5 holes. Played um flawlessly. The putt on 18 was a great icing on the cake. Cheers Ben. There will be more to come.
Come on Ben, gotta get a couple birdies to drop, Streelman may do another back nine miracle again. 
I hope he gets the trophy. He had a few really good finishes last year, one I really thought he was going to win. Good luck to your cousin! BTW, Ben Martin has shown us that you have to just keep plugging away. Don't let a couple bad rounds get to you. He shot a 78 and 79 just last week! Cut from Frys.com tourney.  Not he's got a 2 stroke lead going into the final day....good stuff.
Joost and Georgie...matching each-other shot for shot. 
GREAT JORB by Mikko. He has such an unassuming look. He reminds me of the Russian MMA champion Fedor Emelianenko. A gentle giant that will simply kick your ass. 
New Posts  All Forums: