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Ouch  Sam Yi shot an opening round 90. I'm curious to know what happened...must have really been off his game.  Coverage of the Volvo China Open starts in an hour on Golf Channel. 
I'd lose an imaginary card for thousands of dollars....
The only thing I'm tired about right now is hearing about how amazing and mature Jordan Spieth is...and this is coming from a Spieth fan. 
I don't really want to make this a Matt Cooke thread, but what did you guys think about the Erik Karlsson injury last year? He might have gotten away with one. Either way I still hope he's out for a lonnnnng long time. 
That can now be added to this...
Haven't heard any news on it....but I hope it's a lengthy suspension.  
To be honest if it was anyone else it could have almost been considered an accident. But after watching it multiple times and knowing Cooke's previous knee work...I'm positive it was on purpose. I'm embarrassed he's on the Wild.  Just watched it again, there's no doubt it was on purpose. Get rid of him.
Annnnnnnnd Matt Cooke once again proves that he's a dirty POS. 
It was definitely consensual in the book during that scene.... hard to tell in the show.  Is anyone else pissed that the new boring Daario stole Belwas's kill?
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