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Haha, I'm sure Ernest was not being earnest...
Yeah this is a big reason why I want to make a decision soon. Yeah this is another thing I wondering. A lot of people say that the Hep B vaccine isn't really necessary until your little one is actively playing with a bunch of other kids. It wasn't really that high on the pediatricians list either. 
Another thing i found strange...I was reading the pamphlet that the pediatrician gave me and the #1 vaccine she wanted me to get protected against 13 out of the 70 known strands of influenza or whatever it was. Does that mean that theres 57 strands that they aren't protected from? Maybe those 13 are major? Im going to ask next visit.
All of this is a good point, and my thoughts on it as well. Disease is obviously worse than the side effects, aside from serious seizures and allergic reactions which are pretty rare. The only thing I thought was weird was the amount of doses seems so friggin' high. 
Matt Kuchar once again playing solid golf. Starts off the tournament with a 1st round 66. 
Nice! Yeah the side effects of some of them are straight from the doctors though (the science is there, I'm not talking about autisim) and some of them are very common and some very serious...the serious one's like seizures are not very common and likely just from allergic reactions.  My sister doesn't vaccinate her kids and they've all been fine so far...she has 8 kids....haha. But dang could you imagine if one got whooping cough? They'd probably all get whooping...
Haha, indeed. Thanks for the personal story. I'm sure it's nice knowing that you're young one is protected against carriers of certain diseases. We know for certain that he will be getting specific vaccinations a year or two before kindergarten. I've read that after age 2, side effects go way down. Edit: But then again, after a certain age...the risk of death from diseases goes way down as well. 
We seem to have very similar thoughts on it. Do you know of any vaccinations that you really wanted to get your firstborn? Or is their any that you really would recommend?We had our pediatrician (she's a massive golf fan so I trust her a bit more :P ) make a list of the most important vaccines to least important. Unfortunately Tdap was second on the list and that was the one I was so unsure about because of how many doses it require and the side effects for lack of a...
Many of you know I'm a father for the first time recently and I'd like to get all of your opinions on vaccinating your little one's. Currently my family and friends are almost completely split on the issue....and I'm trying to get as much information as I can before the wife and I confirm to certain if not all vaccinations. We just want the best for him ya know?    If there is a debate, let's try to keep it as civil as possible, many pro-vaccination people think anti are...
I recommend everyone to post their swing in the "my swing" thread. I've had a couple lessons with one of the "best pga/pro teachers" in the Minneapolis area but I've learned 10x more about my swing and how to make it better from posting my videos here. It's also saved me hundreds of dollars that I can use to get out on a golf course. 
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