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She achieved #1 in the world. At 17 years old, she is the youngest ever.    CONGRATS TO KO!!
My wife and I have had fun little talks over the last couple years about moving to somewhere warm. Neither of us are stuck in a particular career/job here in Minnesota and both of us have spent our life here absolutely sick of the winters. The talks have become more and more frequent. We've got our eyes set on the Orlando & surrounding area. I'm just on the cusp of starting to look at jobs, housing, golf courses :) etc.   Anyone have advice on big moves like this? Any...
GDI, I love cheese & wine, yes please :D
I haven't gotten a chance to watch the 3rd round, but I see an amateur from Spain is in contention (tied 5th) going into tomorrow. That's pretty badass, f**k it, I hope he wins. 
This has been a real horrible tournament for me through 3 rounds...& I didn't even have Tiger    Of course I left Hideki on the bench 
Lol. Incredible. 
I've read it on these forums so many times that Tournament golf does not equal practice in any way. He needs to get back in the flow of hearing 1 billion cameras go off every time he makes a swing. 
Speaking of bounce....use it Tiger! :D
They still could be, but frankly, I don't know if a huge percentage of them even care about the Allenby ordeal.  I bet there was someone in the crowd giving him a hard time though. It was tough to hear individual people.
I don't think they showed it, I saw it on that other link i posted.
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