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Anybody else find it weird that Paul McGinley asked Celtic Manor to set up their course like Gleneagles....and they obliged.    Has this ever happened before?   Does anyone consider it going over the line at all?   I really don't know what to think of it, I guess I just find it...smart...but weird. 
I'm looking for the best putting green that I can put over soft carpet and still have a nice authentic roll. Any ideas/suggestions? 
Best shot of the week went through my intended target and into the woods.   5 wood, never hit one so hard and flush. I usually average around 180 yards with 5 wood, this one rolled into the woods 200 yards away.   It was a good line, just hit it..."too good."  
After 2 years, playing alone is still my favorite. I really enjoy one playing partner as well though. Being in a group of 4 irritates the hell out of me, just takes too long for my liking. 
Damnnnnnnnn, golf is hard.
Sorry Stacy Lewis, but this makes me feel really good. I hit a perfect drive on a par 5 last weekend and had an "easy" 3 wood shot to a nice big green. I was so excited....   ...topped it  
I'm sure he was cool with it....$132,000 cool.
Barring any injuries, this will probably be a great decision for the Longhorns. This kid has all the dedication. His dad does too, getting him a goddamn full swing simulator in the house...one of the really expensive ones.  I've still following 10 year old Allan Kournikova. The future is bright. 
Those American Ryder Cup captain's picks.....
There's quite a few people that make fun of my ability to find any way around a steep hill on a golf cart. Tipping in a golf cart on a steep hill scares the shit out of me....and this news doesn't help. 
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