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"I was B-Fit for Bridgestone E6 golf balls" Sergio Garcia -10 Shane Lowry -10 Thomas Bjorn -10
Congrats man! Great thread.  Please continue to update.
I don't understand the correlation. 
I got some good feedback from mvmac and abu in the My swing threadhttp://thesandtrap.com/t/70158/my-swing-crim/36#post_1022893  I just can't seem to apply it. I practice a lot (well compared to most weekend golfers I think), and I can hit good 1/4 and sometimes 1/2 swing shots right now. Once I hit 3/4 or full swing though, forget it. 
Maybe not, but judging from my video and watching their swings from behind, they definitely look far less steep than i do. 
Your 2014 Open Champion          
I still consider myself a newbie to golf, but I now understand what it looks like to be on plane and I understand the ball flight laws.    I made a startling discovery. Every single person I golf with naturally swings on plane. From my father in law who's been playing for 30 years, to my good friend who plays MAYBE once a weekend. To my wife who golfed for the 3rd time in her life with me the other day. Every single one of them, have a naturally on plane swing...and make...
I really hope Rickie wins a major soon. In fact, I'll be rooting for him the most at Valhalla. It's good for golf, kids love that dude. Hell my wife bought my 9 month old a Puma outfit because of Fowler.  
Thanks for the help mvmac. Im still having a ton of trouble getting on plane and squaring up the clubface. My brother said he thinks about "delivering the pizza" when he gets to steep. I have no idea what the hell hes talking about haha. For someone with my problems...do you guys suggest a specific club to practice with until I get it right? Or does it not matter
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