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Rory finally gets a birdie.    I'm curious as to what the 2nd featured group will be.   I'd imagine it will be the Kuchar, Furyk, and Sergio group. 
  Rory is just off today. He has to be a bit exhausted from all the appearances (off the golf course) lately. I would love for Rickie to win the Fed Ex Cup. Playing well again at the moment.  
Ouch, Rory bogeys ANOTHER. Bad putt. This game is so strange isn't it. One day you're firing on all cylinders and the next you're struggling to put up a respectable round.
I've been playing for about a year and a half now and I finally started breaking 100 consistently last month.    If I can dial the driver and woods down than I should be hitting low 90's before winter. We shall see.   I can't remember what my best score is on 18, high 90's. But I shot 31 (+4) at my local Par 3 course a couple weeks ago.  
FYI, You can watch the featured group right now (Rory) http://pgatour.cbssports.com/live/
haha, thank god. Rory currently at 3 over after going double bogey than bogey. Last place atm. Cameron Tringale with some good karma as he's having a nice round at 3 under and tied for the lead with 6 holes to play.
Yup yup, that's cool. Whatever works for you and keeps you confident.  I'll just throw this here though.  http://thesandtrap.com/t/58816/65-20-15-practice-ratios-where-to-devote-your-practice-time
All I know is that "shore" combined with "Jersey" makes me angry. 
What the hell???   Do they pull that crap on every single shot?   I want to see them putt/chip. 
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