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Poulter is having a TERRIBLE year. If he gets picked I will be cheering for USA. Yes, my Ryder Cup favoritism is based not on where I'm from...but if Poulter gets picked or not. 
Nobody mentioned Adam Scott because every dude/gal here, hetero or homosexual, knows that Mr. Scott is a good looking dude.  Speaking of jealousy though, I'm jealous of anyone that makes their living playing golf. I don't care how you look. 
Furyk down by 1 shot with 2 holes to play....
And this is what makes me sad 
i don't care how early the start, as long as I'm watching it live I'm fine.If I have the opportunity to know who wins ahead of time, I don't want to watch, especially if no one is making it exciting...like what's going on right now. 
Ughhh, i believe it is....i hate this. 
Kaymer I simply could not find a good picture of Rory  My wife thinks Rory has a cuteness to him...but the accent helps she says.
I just realized though....he hasn't won a tournament since September 2010 
So what's the consensus?   Furyk just gonna walk away with this?    He's won it two other times (06, 07)
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