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Here's a couple 3w shots because that's the hardest club for me to hit. I'm trying my damnedest to calm my legs/knees down...still looks the same :( You can also see that although i'm more on plane then when I first started this thread...I'm still slicing the longer clubs. The last shot is 5iron.          The next video I'll upload will be me trying to get better extension and slowing everything down. I'll also get a side view next time. 
This this this. You're far better off eating multiple smaller meals a day with around 30g of protein per meal. This is from a research study.  "researchers found that a meal containing 30 grams of protein boosted muscle-building activity by about 50%." "It turned out, however, that increasing the amount of protein in the meal didn't create a bigger boost in muscle synthesis. On average, subjects who ate 90 grams of protein at a meal got exactly the same benefit as subjects...
I like what I've read about the mack daddy, there's a 60-14 online, but I still feel like I should properly be fitted. Anyone have a ball park how much a fitting for a wedge is?  I've never been fitted before, don't know how these things work. 
This is more my hopes...   Master - Rory US - Phil Open - Lee West PGA - Tiger
 so sad. 
Thanks trickyputt,   I asked around and found a really really good club fitter in the area. He should be able to narrow down what sort of bounce and grind I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure I have a steep wedge swing which turns into big divots. I think a lot more bounce will do me a lot of good. I'm not sure how much bounce my 64 has, but I don't think it's much.   I may also post a video of me pitching/chipping with my 64 just to confirm my steep swing. I don't like...
Couple more questions...if I have a 52 SW, should i go with a 58 LW? and if I have a 56 SW...then 60 LW?   What golf stores do you guys like for getting fitted? I'm in the Minneapolis area...we have things like GolfSmith..Golf Galaxy...etc.   Would it be better to get the wedge before or after Christmas? price-wise.    I've been reading about bounce quite a bit, but it looks like I should be fitted for my bounce, but most big name stores don't do that. What should I...
1. Settle my knees down throughout the swing and get more weight forward at impact. 2. Figure out how to hit a draw with the longer clubs. 3. Work on my core/legs more. 4. Gain distance 5. Break 90 
I'm curious as to what the OP expects as a apology...like walk up to your front door and ring the doorbell?    If you're outside I'm going to apologize profusely, but I'm not walking up to anyone's door. 
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