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Apologies if there's a thread on this, my phone Iis having trouble searching. Im looking for a putting alignment aid that can fit in my golf bag. I noticed in Bubba Watson's pre-routine video that was just put out, he was using one and I've always wanted one. Anyone have a fav?
Huge Lowry fan. Hes a guy that has a fun social media presence on facebook. Im going to the local Irish Fair right after this tourney is over...would be awesome if he can hold on here.
Any new news on this? Ive been out of the loop and haven't seen an update from GC. He going to be able to play Whistling Straights?
That's what im talkin bout! Classic Scottish golf.
Oh holy crap. Didnt realize this was on NBC! Watching now
Beauty from Tiger, 10 feet for eagle coming up. Like his lean look now, glad he's going back down to tone instead of the bulkier look. 
Poor JD :(   Can't wait to see him on the Champions Tour next year.   BTW, Tiger just birdied the 2nd...-5 now.    We need Tiger in the Top 10 after today, that top 10 leaderboard is......meh
Looks like Kaymer birdied the 18th! 3-way tie going into moving day. Kaymer, Victor, & Rafael
Victor bogeys the 17th, looking like a good prediction! 
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