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I had the opportunity to make some big points this week, but no, once again I started the wrong players and this could be the worst week of the season for me.
I despise driving long distances, but a Corvette sounds fun.  I'm not a big fan of flying either, but I'll generally just have a cocktail or two beforehand and go for it. I know its safer to fly than to drive.  I'm trying to figure out what I'll tell my wife when she wakes up. She has major anxiety issues and these things cause her to break down a bit. I'm thinking I'll say something like...it will never be safer the next week, maintenance crews will be taking an extra...
  A day before my plane-fearing wife and I fly to California for a vacation...a flight of 150 people in France goes down in the alps. It's hard enough convincing her to fly without this.    RIP to all the deceased in the crash. 
Badass....I still need to get it. 
Lately I've been changing my swing thoughts based on how my swing feels on that particular day. Some days I have to remind myself to be more on plane, other days it just happens and I can think about something else. I still will only think about one or two things. On the days when I'm hitting real well, I'm usually just thinking about one thing...the rest just happens naturally.   Edit: I also have different swing thoughts for different clubs, PW is different than driver....
The bigger names are Jason Dufner, Zach Johnson, Martin Kaymer, Matt Kuchar, G-Mac, Jimmy Walker, & Jordan Spieth.There's some others like Gary Woodland, Nick Watney, Harris English. It's actually a pretty good field. 
A couple quotes from Matt Every.   "I told Tiger I’d hold it down for him until he gets back."  (Tiger won it in '12 and '13. Now Every with 14' and '15.)   Matt Every said someone in the crowd at the 18th hole kept coughing, "Straight putt ... straight putt." It was.     Congrats on successfully defending your title, Matt Every.    2014     2015  
The only difference between me and this week's winner...   He chose to play Na first    Winner - J M Brown       Me  
3-way tie for the lead. Goooooood stuff.
Morgan Hoffman, I like his stance and swing. Looks very athletic, or maybe that's just because he looks athletic...I don't know.    Also ya'll may remember him on the 17th at the Waste Management tournament in AZ...  
New Posts  All Forums: