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And their multiple major wins couldn't have possibly been because the entire rest of the field was weak, amirite? Face it, the competition was better in Tiger's era, and now the competition is better in Rory's era.  (yes I'm declaring this Rory's era already )
To be fair, I said "slightly" tongue in cheek, haha. He went way off-topic w/ the 2nd post.
Hahaha, Molinari waves goodbye to a drive.   https://twitter.com/EuropeanTour/status/601417079909163008   Speaking of Molinari, INCREDIBLE round today, -7 on a very tough course...2 stroke lead.   Note on Paddy, first withdraw in like 20 years! 
Hahahahaha, poor Quadhole. I took his post as slightly tongue in cheek. I didn't think it was anything to get up in arms about. 
I arrive to work before 6am so I love it! Padraig Harrington withdrew because of shoulder injury. He shouldn't have even teed up, he only played two holes. Crowne Plaza tournament is still in delay.
G-Mac looks absolutely terrible. 3 over after 3. He just missed a routine 2 footer. I don't think I've ever seen him do that. 
Rory just finished his 18, was a sub-par round in all sense of the word. Long game was ok, putting was ok, short game was ok, I'll have to check stats on GIR, I know he hit quite a few fairways. He ended up -1.    Miguel Jimenez ended his round tied for the lead at -4. It looks like a really tough course out there today.
You lucky sucker. Will you be there for the tournament at all? 
Not gonna lie, I thought about adding that... Didn't the senior's JUST have a major? Do they have back to back majors?
I will mainly be watching Rory at Wentworth, I love watching tournaments in the morning and then golfing in the evening.   If the Crowne Plaza looks interesting on Sunday I'll tune in, I'll also be keeping tabs on it for fantasy golf reasons. 
New Posts  All Forums: