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It's been a really fun year viewing the Euro Tour. Lots of great tournaments to remember. I love it because I can watch it in the morning on the weekends and then I have the rest of the day to hit up the course. I also love the commentators & courses...and the fact that almost every week is in a different country.    Here's the highlight video for the year. Very...
I haven't read much of this thread, this is just my personal opinion from how my first couple years of golf has gone.   Any golfer that routinely hits scores 100 or worse, Accuracy (slicing/shanking/chunking also being factors) are usually the culprit. Once they've grooved in an ok swing and you're in the 90's consistently...you realize how much a factor distance really is. At that point when you've grooved in a OK swing, DISTANCE > ACCURACY.   Distance is killing me...
Nice, Chris!   Great pics.
Love stories like this....redemption. Congrats to Kim and that is one HELL OF A TROPHY!!!  
hahahahaha, this is so awesome. Also, there's a chance he may have seen it. I used to talk to Jon Jones back and forth via twitter...he was really cool about it, among other big time MMA fighters. It's clear Poulter doesn't have someone doing his tweets for him so....there's a chance. 
He was exaggerating your obstinateness, which falls right under satire actually.  But yes I'll drop it, I'll even apologize.  Which is exactly what GD and Jenkins should do. 
Don't worry bro, it was probably just satire....
It wasn't funny though, and it was clearly a blatant classless attack on Tiger. F*ck GD F*ck Jenkins.
Highlights of Rory's round today.   http://www.europeantour.com/videoaudio/video/videoid=243326.html   Day 1 highlights for the entire field.   http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2014/tournamentid=2014092/videoaudio/videoid=243338.html
Henrik Stenson. 294 yards, over water, out of the rough. 3 wood.    https://twitter.com/EuropeanTour/status/535397553680818176
New Posts  All Forums: