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I'm pretty sure that he realizes how hard it is. It still seems like a poor bet to take. I play matches with my instructor (no strokes), but he won't bet anything with me.
Then I would imagine you need to work on putting unless your green has severe slopes like I mentioned.Also, Texas has a winter season? ☺
I've played worse: Greens with a sheet of smooth ice covering them. It still doesn't happen unless you're on some absolutely crazy slope, which is not a common feature for good reason.
The shaft I have installed in my G30 is a Grafaloy Bi-Matrx X-flex, but I'd be hesitant to recommend a regular or stiff in the same shaft from my experience since they ate literally two different shafts (the bend profile of the x is waaaaaaay different than the other flexes). Having played the Prolaunch Red and the UST Proforce V2, I would recommend them both as good budget aftermarket shafts, with a preference towards the UST.
A lot depends on what kind of person the pro is. I'm almost a 3 handicap, but in the four rounds of match play over the summer I played to a plus handicap (scores of 71, 72, 72, and 73 on a course rated at ~73) instead of my real handicap. I play a lot better when I know that my score on an individual hole is meaningless in the overall result, only how I score compared to my opponent. Do tell us how it turns out, I bet it'll be close.
He only has to write the letter if you do that and then want to appeal the temporary ban on entering high level tournaments the USGA will hand you. Otherwise the pro wouldn't even be involved, the USGA would just send you a letter saying, "Please don't compete for (insert time period here) because you suck". Obviously it wouldn't say that exactly, but that's the essence of what it would say.
It shouldn't affect the performance of the iron, but you may want to talk to the fitter and see why he sold you marked clubs. He may tell you that it was the machine for loft/lie adjustments as suggested here, otherwise you could ask to return them if you still haven't hit them if it bothers you that much.   It's 99.9% likely that the ding is no more than purely cosmetic, but still not a great thing to have on a set of clubs you paid full price for brand new.
It's the USGA handicap service, so it's not directly going towards the GHIN program. A lot of it goes to hosting their other tournaments, such as the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open as previously mentioned, as well as any administrative costs within the USGA.
I can remember every detail of most of my rounds for a while afterwords. I don't remember stuff from last singer by now, but I can still give you a play by play of most holes in my fall tournaments, especially the state tournament and regionals.
Feherty is great at putting a humorous spin on what a lot of people are thinking, but wouldn't say themselves.
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