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I know the Ping G30's just came out if you're interested in the latest and greatest, but that also means the G25's should go on sale soon. To be honest, even the i25 and s55 irons were easier to hit (or at least didn't hurt as much on stuff that was a bit thin) than the MP-59's I tested. As for other brands, I know TItleist has the AP1's that came out earlier this year and I'm pretty sure Nike has something. The Mizuno JPX line of irons might be something you would want...
I wonder when they'll start marketing pants similar to those Oddjob wore:   "Convenient hole in the pocket allows for easily concealed drops, while a small zipper keeps this hole shut until needed. It's the perfect way to make sure you beat your buddies every time!"
I think by the time he gets down to the part where the third arrow is he has about 5* of lag left. I imagine that would be pretty hard to keep that lag for a hands forward impact condition when you're just "hanging onto the club for a free ride". Sergio is a bit of an extreme example, but look at this from a similar arm position:  Also notice the weight of Sergio is forward versus the weight in the article being leaned all the way back. I foresee many fat shots in that...
I could be wrong, but I thought offset was more of a personal preference. I know that a center balanced vs toe hang putter will tend to lend themselves to different strokes (center balanced is better for straight back and through, toe hang usually is used if your putting stroke has an arc) but I think the offset is a visual deal to help you square the face. At least that's what the offset on an iron is for: to help you square the face because it visually looks different.
Perfect pitch is insane, but I will agree that relative pitch is good enough for most musicians. I used to be friends with someone who had perfect pitch and it was kind of cool because you'd play any note, and he'd tell you exactly what note it was and if it was sharp or flat. You could take a tuner to it and he'd be right on the sharp or flat too.
Yes, that is similar to how I putt. I've tried putting with a straight path but I always pulled all my putts that way.
That bottom one is identical to my putter.
It all makes sense now.
Nobody makes them at a higher quality because they are all the same quality. That's the part you missed that was important. Also, it's not really that difficult to make something on a CNC machine. There are programs to create all of your NC code with some basic human inputs (HSMWorks and Mastercam are commonly used in industry, though Mastercam is considered standard) and CAD software like Solidworks can be easily picked up within a month of using it for around 1-2 hours...
This is false. I can tell you right now that the design of most Scotty Cameron putters has an identical (within copyright law) counterpart made by every singe other putter company out there. You can go on about how the manufacturing quality is better, but I can tell you as a fact that it's also bull. With a CNC mill I can create a putter that is every bit as high quality as a Scotty Cameron (through robotics I have access to a mill with tolerances measured in the...
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