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I've been playing up to this point in the high school golf season with the stock Stiff Ping CFS shaft, which I know are too flexible for my swing. The Mizuno shaft optimizer fitted me into a KBS Tour X-stiff (softstepped once), but due to some issues with the Ping ordering process I had to make do with the stock stiff in order to have the irons in time to practice with them before the golf season. I do, however, want to get them reshafted to the proper shaft (I played a...
He did give the hole some room. I wonder if the superintendent got to change and refine some of the contour of the green while they were laying sod, to make the course more interesting (adding a shelf in the middle could give more complexity to pin placements).
The difference is that Rory was answering a question posed to him. He didn't just say it out of the blue.
He must be putting on one of the greens at Augusta National, according to David Feherty.
"No, no, no, no, no, no. You've got to get a little more shoulder turn!"
Sorry, I was meaning that a 75 with a CR of 75 would be a decent round for the op (depending on his differential spread, he may have a few of them like) but it just doesn't feel the same, at least to me. I'm still happy about it, but it just feels kind of disappointing to have played well and made more bogies than usual.
That I can understand somewhat (when scaled accordingly for my skill level). It just doesn't feel right to play above your normal scores even though you technically played at the same level which you normally do.
Sorry to take up so many posts, but it won't let me edit my previous one to add to it.   Here's the trophy/plaque we got:       Here was the overall team score we had that won it (the player who shot an 80 3-putted for 8 on the final hole, a par 4)   As an interesting aside, and a little bonus, I believe I was the only person to post a sub-par 9 hole total in the whole tournament. Kind of a nice feeling, even though I missed an 8 foot birdie and three putted...
You can't adjust for a perfectly struck putt bouncing offline due to a hole in the green. That's like saying you're not a very good golfer if you can't play just as well when every tee shot of yours lands in a divot in the fairway. It's not just a changed condition, it's one that can't be compensated for entirely. It takes more luck than skill to putt on aerated greens.
They weren't great. I know I missed three putts (two birdies and one par) that can directly be attributed to a ball mark on my line near the hole (I couldn't completely fix the old ones). They did try to put pins in the cleaner areas of the greens though .I'll add pictures of the trophy/ribbons in a bit.
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