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This is what I've found to be the most true. I've seen beginners who can play the course in a three-hour round just because they don't mess around. They talk when they walk, then hit the ball, then keep walking.  I think the biggest reason that beginners are usually slow is that they don't realize they have to walk to their own ball. They always walk up next to whoever is hitting at the moment to watch them versus going directly to their ball and hitting it when they can....
No, it was an extra tournament through the city. I would've asked the coach if he wasn't also one of the tournament organizers and therefore one of the people who would directly disqualify the player. It was just something that I never would have predicted happening, but I suppose it teaches a lesson well that way. At the end of a tournament round you always get together at least with your marker (usually the whole group convenes in the same location since you are marking...
That's the problem. I asked them somewhere between five and seven times the first day if they would stop, saying things like, "Would you mind pausing your conversation while I'm hitting? It helps me focus that way." "If you don't mind, could you please not talk while I or others are swinging. It allows us to focus." "Please do not talk while we are trying to hit/putt the ball. It's a courtesy that is expected on the golf course." At that point I was ready to grab his bag...
No, only the scorer and the player need sign the scorecard. You need two signatures to turn it in to the tournament organizer and that's always the first thing they check for.
Just because, even though the caddy and player were talking during people's swings, I would have felt bad saying it to someone who could potentially become interested in golf later (it was pretty apparent that the caddy had never been to a course before). I don't want to have someone's first day on a golf course end with someone getting mad at them over a piece of etiquette they didn't know existed 20 minutes prior to stepping onto the course for the first time.
I suppose on the noise issue I just kind of gave up after the first round of attempts failed. Does anyone know of a tactful way to say, "You REALLY need to shut up" without coming across as a jerk?
Usually the other members were also preparing to hit their shots. I usually outdrove the people at least by a bit so I would have to wait to go up to my ball. Watching them hit their shots was how I would wait.
I would bet Dan McLaughlin 
That's true, but I thought he'd probably consider it 4-6 hours of hitting balls since he also considers the other 24-26 hours to be still "working on his game". 
I recently played in a 3-day tournament and came in second place after a pretty brutal final round (5 hours in the pouring rain with poor play by me). I lost by one stroke to someone who I know did not shoot the scores that were posted.   During the second day he had a blowup hole of a 10 on a par 4 (with a decent round otherwise) where he signed for a 9 instead of the 10 he should have carded. I knew the mistake was there, but I didn't want to sort of rub salt in the...
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