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Playing nearly every day in the last week (after not playing a month before) I've found that the biggest thing for my game is tee shots. How my drives go often dictates how the rest of my game performs. When I have the confidence required to swing freely with the driver on every hole (provided the easter egg is light enough, of course), I score so much better. Specifically, I need to nail my start lines better off the tee. I can control the direction and magnitude of the...
This is what I, and most players in high school level tournaments, do. I don't like looking at grass stains on my ball when I putt, but it doesn't bother me on any other shot for some reason. I would assume it's because I line up the alignment aid on my ball when I putt.  The damp towel also helps prevent this situation. Since I cleaned my ball before I putted I never have to clean it on the teebox afterwords.
No worries, it was likely an accident and doesn't matter regardless. I wad just giving you a heads up in case the bold box got checked and you hadn't noticed.
It is a rule without penalty unless there are specific circumstances or it is match play. Playing out of turn is only against the rules if both competitors have agreed to it in order to give one a competitive advantage (if someone was an inch closer, but on the same line as another's putt and they agreed to give the other person a read that would be a time in which you are penalized). It's also something that's just stupid to do when you're trying to pick up the pace of...
Maybe they're just trying to communicate that they're "grounded" in reality.
If I'm playing with strangers, I'll shake hands with them on the 18th green. I don't take my hat off, but I do remove my sunglasses if I am wearing them at the time.  As for the transmission of viruses caused by shaking hands, I've survived worse than a handshake so I figure I can just wash my hands afterwords and be fine. However for someone who has to take immune suppressants I can understand why it would not be a good idea.   You can safely ignore a lot of what Gilbert...
On hot tournament days it can be a real issue, especially if there's only one bathroom on each side. I will usually drink about half a gallon of water per side (20 oz water bottles filled at every opportunity, so three or four times per side). Combine that with the constant bladder jostling as you walk and a slow round and you have to find some place to relieve yourself in the bushes occasionally. As long as it's not anyplace that someone might reasonably hit a golf ball...
I've starred to remove just my sunglasses on the 18th green. I figure that making my face and eyes visible is common courtesy, but I would agree that taking the hat off can be overboard. That and I've realized that nobody really wants to see your sweaty hair.
There's no practicing allowed, but that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to take practice swings. I showed all the "practice" that I had beforehand in the couple practice swings before I first hit the balls. Today is when I plan to film the attempt for six or seven golf balls in my yard, and I'll do the same in showing all the "practice" I have.
I was referring to what you should do when using an installation technique that doesn't involve a compressor. 
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