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I know a number of people who do it, and yes it is allowed. I personally remember my distances, but I have a friend who puts a piece of tape on the underside of all his shafts (right below the grip and on the other side of the steel so it can't be seen at address) with that club's distances on it.
That looked like a Phantom 2. There goes $2,000! I wonder what the original purpose of having him hit the dangling piece was?
Here's my ratios: Driver: 100% 3-wood: 92.8% 3h: 82.1% 3i: 82.1% 4i: 76.8% 5i: 73.2% 6i: 69.6% 7i: 66.1% 8i: 60.7% 9i: 56.4% PW: 51.8% 52°: 48.2% 56°: 41.1% 60°: 35.7% I appear to match the chart fairly well, but I hit my driver slightly shorter than would be expected for my other distances. One interesting thing I'd the gap between my 7 and 8 irons. I know the 8-iron geeks like the first short iron to me, so maybe I subconsciously try to control it more got accuracy and...
It happens frequently in Colorado. You'll break every tee in your bag if you don't find the right spot on certain tee boxes in the winter.
Could a design similar to the one posted be made to be adjustable, at least partially? You could make it so the vertical prong that the ball sits on could slide up and down through a small tube in the meeting point of that bottom triangle. Put a small bulge on the bottom end of the top prong and make the tube a tight enough fit that it won't slide around willy nilly and you might have a more marketable product. I haven't previously seen any winter tees before that have a...
At the very least, the pictured bright blue would be easier to find than some other tees.
Why is that?
I'm not sure what you're saying here. Are you saying The Sand Trap is part of the reason Golf Digest started going weird because people prefer online blogging to paper publications? If so, I can assure you that I honestly prefer hard copies, they're better for car trips. That and I'm not sure if TST has enough people posting to the blog for it to be regular enough to compare to Golf Digest. It's mostly equipment reviews and when big events come out, as well as the periodic...
Something that I found out playing in tournaments that helps me a lot is that, on a physical level, nervousness and excitement are very similar. Elevated heart rate, feeling "jumpy", butterflies in your stomach, etc. I just always told myself I as excited to play in tournaments, not nervous, and now I know I genuinely am excited to play in tournaments.
Imagine a comparable analogy instead:There are more than 100,000,000 balls in a bag. Only 1000 of those balls lead you financial success if you pick them. Do you really want to blow off college and your potential career by counting on getting one of those 1000 balls?
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