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Oh, it would be terrible for him because he'd likely end up paying my green fee (That's the most I'd gamble for). It would tell him where he's at though as a realistic view of his progress.
Someone with a fixed income has a steady stream of money not affected by inflation. That would mean he has a source of income that he could use to spend on tournaments.
It doesn't cost any more. Most tournaments are about $100 for the entry fee, and then traveling won't take up more than $200 even if you're staying a night there.
I'd even give him a stroke a side, more than what he gets just from handicaps, to be generous and sweeten the deal!
Not having the in depth knowledge that iacas probably does, I would assume that keys 4 and 5 to control the flight of the ball would be most important since the rest of their keys are probably exceptional as a tour player.
Me and every single PGA Tour player out there would take the latter of those two, seeing as how it would be both longer and more accurate than any player on the PGA Tour currently.
I would take that bet in a heartbeat, along with adding on a couple side bets so I could pay for my greens fee.
What's is Chris' association with 5SK?
That's how it worked at my course, where we had a copy of the tee sheet (along with cart numbers for the members of that group) and a chart that maps out what time you should finish each hole.
All I'm saying is that the marshal is probably doing exactly what his boys has told him to do, which is ask everyone to pick up the pace. I know this because when I wad a marshal during tournaments the owner of the course told me to just remind everyone I saw of the pace of play. I felt bad about doing it, but it was either that or the possibility of getting fired.
New Posts  All Forums: