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Reading Dave's post it came across to me as he got treated that way not because he expected it, but because it happens. He didn't appear to expect that they know his order, he just stated that they did and, because they knew it, they would give it to him before he would have to order since it was the same every time.
I'm asking just because I overheard someone earlier in the day saying, "My handicap would be two strokes lower if tournament scores had a higher course rating. I score so much better here in practice rounds from the same tees."   I personally think tournaments are a good measuring stick regardless of what your handicap is. That's how I judge myself personally (and I'm doing well this year with nothing outside the top 10 this season in high school).
It's a common theme that most people score worse in a tournament than they would in a casual round for a variety of reasons. Whether it be pressure, harder courses, or having to play in a 7:00 shotgun, there is something that prevents most from shooting their handicaps in tournaments. In many cases courses will ramp up the green speeds the morning of and let the rough grow thick in the week leading up to a tournament in order to make a tougher course, in addition to moving...
I was killing the tee shots today. The altitude does help some, but even still I'm not saying how far my two longest drives went for fear of being ridiculed. My coach saw them and that's good enough for me.
Alright, a bit of a recap for my tournaments this week. Yesterday at Twin Peaks Golf Course conditions were tough. Scoring was abnormally high with the winner shooting 74 and me shooting a 78 (I shot 73 here in tryouts and the winner shot 68 here during tryouts the same day). Part of this was due to gusting wind conditions, with wind constantly changing speed and directions mid-shot making it difficult to judge. In addition, anyone who's played here can vouch that front...
I might do a compilation of all the high school tournaments once the season is over (3 tournaments last week, 2 this week, and another couple weeks of this schedule would make it impractical to post for each tournament) but I think the "trophy" pictures would be unnecessary in my case. The medals they give out for high school tournaments tend to be pretty cheesy sometimes, even for first place. The team plaques are nice though, so I might have to take pictures of those.
I will second this for anyone who comes along later looking for advice on prescription sunglasses. I have glasses that I usually wear for more strenuous eye activities like reading or anything else that requires focus (I'm farsighted) and I wanted to try them for golf one time to help me track the ball. They have the progressive lenses in them and I almost became motion sick when I would swing. Every little movement of your head is magnified by the progressive lenses, and...
Hey guys, just wanted to point out a couple of cheap crocodile leather yardage book covers that I found for far less than most I've seen.   http://coobsdeals.webstoreplace.com/   I was looking for a yardage book cover and couldn't find anything decent that had a pencil/sharpie loop and was made of leather without a cheesy looking logo on the front of it. I wasn't even really looking at alligator or crocodile ones since they usually run upwards of $100 which was out of...
He gave you the reason, what is there not to understand about it?
This is slightly off-topic, but the general reason some people teach a student to hook the ball to fix their slice is because some believe it easier to fix a hook than straighten a slice. I know whenever I leave the ball out to the right on any regular basis (even if it's just a big push) I'll hook some shots on the range and then work my way back to my draw.
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