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For the accuracy piece, I think many are overplaying how often people miss. In 4-H shooting sports we have a rapid fire event, where you draw and fire 10 shots in 10 seconds from 25 yards. If you don't score with every shot you fall quite a bit behind everyone else in this event, which leads me to believe that accuracy at closer ranges would be even easier.
It has dye in it, just a different kind that perhaps interacts differently with the material of the cover. I haven't hit yellow balls other than range balls to know if they're harder, but it's a possibility.
It's a 2013 ProV1x (from the sidestamp arrow design), and has likely been used.
I've had my current putter for five years now and may end up replacing it at the end of the summer just because I've grown another six inches since I bought it. That means the 32" putter is now pretty short for me, and my use of a poor headcover has left the power with a couple nicks and a bit of rust, but that's why I bought it used. I like the putter, but not enough that I would reshaft it before getting a newer similar putter in better condition. If I decide to replace...
Also an inaccurate statement (the one you quoted, not yours directly).
That would be the point if he actually tried. The fact that he hasn't actually put forth much effort into the various avenues of success, whether they be instruction, nutrition, or exercise, shows that his main goal really is to just golf as his day job for however long it takes. Currently the whole point of the exercise, or at least what it appears to be from an outside observer, is to try and get enough people to give money so that he doesn't have to get a real job for...
As do I. It's the third most reputable tour in the area, for goodness sakes! How could you not know the full roster?
At least where I live full memberships to nice public courses cost around $3,000 per year for unlimited range balls and golf. This means an average of only $250 a month, which would leave Dan with $250 a month for lessons at least, and the membership I believe includes access to all three city courses with their different layouts. Dan is throwing money into the wind if he thinks that joining a higher priced private club will make him golf better, but I suppose to each his...
No worries, sorry if I was coming across as confrontational. I just strongly dislike mats because of that film they leave, just because nothing I've tried has easily removed it. Your suggestions may help with that.
Yes, we would, because the USGA decides what the intent is and its officials have, on multiple occasions, ruled as such to allow for a right handed swing after taking relief for a left handed one. In the case of my story about relief, the call was made after a USGA official made an identical call at another RMJGT tournament in Oregon.
New Posts  All Forums: