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I'm not-so-patiently waiting for them to let me upgrade my desktop computer with it. It looks nice, so I'm looking forward to fooling around with it since they'll let you go back to what you had if you don't like it in a month.
Evolvr is a good option if you can record your swing regularly to help make changes. It's an online lesson system, so drive time is less an issue than personal motivation and recording capabilities.
Whenever I'm hit into I usually just send the ball back to where it came from (with a club short enough that it won't hit the people behind me, of course). If it continues I either pocket the ball or toss it in a hazard, depending on the quality of the ball, because I've been hit on the fly by a 3-wood and don't tolerate that kind of stuff. As for your situation, if he held you up you could have notified a course marshal of his slow play and poor etiquette for a warning...
I would agree pain tolerance is a big factor. I've played in a tournament with someone who broke his leg and was still in a cast, as well as having played myself with a broken finger (I highly recommend against this, I had to quit early) and a broken toe (this one worked out okay), but I've also seen people withdraw after hitting a rock or something and having a bit of a sore wrist.
I've got my driver and 3-wood, along with a 3 hybrid, so I voted for 2. I like my 3-wood in the wind, since I actually have a cut down driver shaft in it that makes it fly pretty low and roll out a lot on the hard Colorado fairways.
I still clear my hips and drop the club "into the slot" when I aim to hit a fade. The only difference is I feel like I'm following through tighter to my body to produce an out to in swing path, versus my usual in to out swing path. If my swing is ever an "over the top arm swing", something has gone seriously wrong or I'm in an awkward location that requires it.
I usually take a nice little pork chop out off the ground, unless it's wet out. If it's wet I have a group of scientists that follow me to study the mantle of the planet when I need to hit a 3/4 wedge shot. I get a feeling of satisfaction from replacing a divot after a solid strike, similar to fixing a ball mark on the green. I'm assuming that bacon and pork chop (hopefully) are the "correct" answers here?
If the missing par 3's are replaced with par 5's of 550 yards or less, count me in!
At least in there a "pooper scooper" is useable!
Why would they use spotlights? Get 18 infrared deer cameras and post one pointed at each hole. Simple and a whole lot harder for the man to find in the dark without exposing himself (under either definition of that word, if he doesn't see it and takes a dump) to the camera.
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