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Yeah, but that poor golf club. I hope it was an old wedge.
I imagine that must've hurt with the pool on top of concrete (especially hearing "I think I hit the ground" after the first shot!).   Congratulations though, on a nearly successful attempt. It's just warming up in Colorado, but it looks as though I missed my chance.
This guy is someone who might actually have a chance at it, and the reward program similar to something on indiegogo or kickstarter is nice.
6600 yards won't really prepare you for the courses you would play on the mini-tours or in any professional tournaments, so it might be a good idea to see if you could safely afford the other course while still saving for when you go to play on the mini-tours (you will need a good bit of savings to keep going).
I'm curious as to why you would choose a pitcher in baseball as your second choice? I can see the similarity in that they perform a nearly identical action repeatedly to a small target using varying shapes of throws, but it seems like the motions wouldn't be similar enough to translate well (just because pitching is usually an overhand motion and golf is like a really long sidearmed throw).
I didn't think it was Pinehurst, but maybe TPC Sawgrass or Pebble Beach?   As for suggestions in the Florida area, there's PGA National, TPC Sawgrass, Doral, and LaPlaya Beach. All of those options I know have a resort that's attached to them that probably have "stay and play" packages, but I'm not sure on the pricing of them.    Another area that has nice courses (but might not be quite as warm as Florida) is the New York area. Shinnecock Hills, Fishers Island CLub,...
He'll get a sponsors exemption possibly, if only to watch how bad he crashes and burns.
Note the 2 scores in the 80's among his lowest 10. Something is definitely fishy about that handicap to me. You don't go from posting positive handicap scores to shooting 80's on consecutive weeks or days. It isn't done.
How does he carry a 3.1 handicap with that many scores in the 80's? It's like he sees that he's posting too many bad rounds, so he tosses a 73 or 74 in there every couple rounds to make sure his handicap stays where it's at.
If you paid his expenses I'm sure he'd love it. He likes taking trips. As for the tournament funding issue, I call bullcrap on that. His Australia trip was paid for by the TV show, but his Switzerland trip was all him there as near as I can tell. If he can afford to fly out to Switzerland, he can afford to play in tournaments. Also, he apparently has broken three shafts of his irons. I would guess that Dan must have quite the steep angle of attack, since they're all broken...
New Posts  All Forums: