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Thats great news. My local golf pro shop has a good sale on. I`m going down there this weekend to take a look.   Thanks Guys  
That`s good that you are working on that. Is it a shaped shot just in case you get into trouble or to just give it more action when it hits the ground ?   Let me know how you get on with it.
I guess a draw and fade works differently on all golfers. I was just using my friend as an example.   So, if you are parallel and hit a slight draw, you have slightly closed your face at impact. That will cause the ball to spin counter-clockwise. Is your right hand controlling the club on the way down, or are they both even. Or, is your left hand doing the gripping ?   Can you grab a club and do your back-swing and bring your club back to the front. Hold the...
Thanks for that 
I heard about AP2`s. Are they the same as the old DCI`s ?   I haven`t used Mizuno`s for years. I will go down to the golf course and try a few clubs. I don`t want to have to change my swing because of a set that looks all sparkly. I just want them to work for me.   I know that off the shelf clubs are a standard for about 80% of golfers, so i will give it a try and reply back.   Thanks for the advice 
Thanks Ernest,   I suppose a 3 yard draw would be ok if you were aiming to compensate for it. So I take it you are aiming your feet and club head at the target at the same time ?   I have learned that when you draw , stop and put a club at your feet, stand behind it and you will see that your feet are pointing at the target. You will come over the top to compensate for it, thus creating a draw. It`s all about your balance. One of my friends even looks down at...
Thanks David, That`s the first positive reply I have had so far.   It will take me a couple of days to get it done because of work reasons, but I will do it for you 
I know it`s been mentioned already. Your right hand and arm are over-powering the club.   Try pushing the club back with your left hand and resting your right hand in a neutral position on the club - just like holding an egg. Firm but not tight enough to crush it.
My best advice would be to shoot a bucket or two of balls on the range. You will know where your shots are going. When you get out on the course, play just like you did on the range.   I even play a round on the range some days. (In my head)   I virtually never use my driver because of a shoulder injury and when I do, it only goes 175. If you can tee off with a 3 or 5 wood or even a 5 iron and hit the fairway (even 100 yards away), your first tee nerves would...
I love my DCI`s, but they are badly worn out and need replacing.   What is a good replacement for them for my upgrade without feeling much of a difference in my swing ?
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