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Lot's of good new stuff to use:   UShandicap.com for USGA Handicap GPS+ will be integrated with USHandicap.com and... StrackaLine.com for a cool putting App
You can call GolfNet @ 910-215-8800 or support@golfnet.com for help.   Best, Jim Stracka GOlfNet CEO
While the calculation for a handicap index is simple (and can be done in a simple excel spreadsheet).... Belonging to a USGA licensed club is what makes your index compliant.GolfNet has hundreds of USGA licensed clubs across the country that anyone can join via USHandicap.com, Golf.com, Golfsmith, etc. Each club has a handicap chairman and complies with all USGA rules and regulations.Other 3rd party services outside of GHIN and GolfNet also facilitate USGA clubs.GHIN is...
Just to clarify...   It's really not so much "GolfNet vs GHIN" as it is the Golf Association of Florida vs the Florida State Golf Association (2 associations in the same state that compete for clubs).   GAF (which runs GolfNet) partnered with North Florida PGA Section... and has been signing clubs away from FSGA (which runs GHIN).   The FSGA is trying to discredit the GAF and GolfNet (and confuse golfers) rather than provide a fair value to their member...
Yes...we are scanning greens as fast as possible...sorry for the delay.
Most clubs, PGA Pros, and golfers do not know that they have a handicap provider choice.  GolfNet is 100% USGA compliant and that is all that matters.     The USGA does not care which service a club uses.   FSGA is expensive and wants to scare the clubs/golfers into staying with them.  GAF and PGA is better technology and better value.
The other organization is GolfNet.   GolfNet serves over 2 million golfers and is 100% USGA compliant.  GolfNet serves ALL of Canada (exclusively) and every state the USA.   GolfNet has partnered with the Golf Association of Florida and the North Florida PGA with the blessing of the PGA of America.   It is sad that Mr. Demick would send out such a message.   If you have any questions, please contact your PGA professional or me directly.   Regards, Jim...
New Posts  All Forums: