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I understand Chambers Bay is a great course...I would certainly love to play it sometime !
 I am an American ... do you use spell check Mr Desmond...forgive my rhetorical nastiness...I was wrong...links golf is where our game was born. A true links course is on land that links the arable land with the ocean..hence 'linksland'...it was land that wasnt good for agriculture as it had too much salinity...the earliest known courses were in Scotland, dating back some 600 years ago. Many modern golf course architects are returning to links golf as the 'standard' for...
 She got distracted on her birdie putt on 18...and was pointing out the offending individual with her caddy all as PP was putting...where is the etiquette in that ? If a camera clicking upsets your concentration then obviously she must concentrate deeper...seems like more of the same from lil ms ross perot...whining and blaming and turning people off
Pardon me ìnthehole...just what is euro style links golf ? Your use of this bogus term shows that you know very little about golf and its history...btw this is how you spell E U R O P E...ignorant ass american
 I'm with ya Maddog and saturday...the golf skirts she wears are very nice...and she sure does wear it well !!!
I was very impressed with the way Stacy Lewis played the 17th (Road) hole and her winning putt on 18 at St Andrews...great golf...but her personality or lack of one doesn't do her any good with the mass media...but I do think she whined incessantly after the ridiculous ruling on Ciganda's 2nd shot on the 15th hole during The Solheim....would she have whined so much if Ciganda hadn't dropped that putt for a miraculous halve...I think not...also her Marathon PSA with the...
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