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I thought the 8-iron challenge was a great idea- let each player choose their yardage, down to 90yds.  As long as they use that club. I thought the guys who used the 100yd shots would do better than they did.  They goofed a bit on that other short game challenge, where they were given a choice between a tough putt or a simple chip.  I think every player went with the chip, so maybe the setup was too lopsided. I think it was a long double-breaking putt that scared everyone...
Pretty cool pic
http://trackmangolf.com/media/9ac95035-8bd3-4cb8-9368-34a4541cab0e/-K5wWA/PDF/3.%20Newsletter/newsletter5.pdfOops, I copied the 2nd link wrong. Corrected. Pretty good article.
http://mytrackman.com/media/9f72695f-2dd7-41a9-9556-2056c3291078/Content/5_%20Editorial/Newsletter%2001-2013/2_pdfPage 4 of 16 here too:http://mytrackman.com/media/9f72695f-2dd7-41a9-9556-2056c3291078/Content/5_%20Editorial/Newsletter%2001-2013/2_pdfI remember a year or two ago researching gear effect for myself and stumbling across these Trackman resources. I thought they were informative, and they align with what has been said. Just a bit more "mathy " and some...
As President of the Film Actors Guild, Arec Barwin helps make the world a better place. Good going!
"When I golf alone, I prefer to be by myself"-George ThorogoodOr was that drinking? I forget.
Sounds like a familiar thread :http://thesandtrap.com/t/75116/goofy-rory-video-knee-angle-measurement-in-golf-swing
It used to be 45-43 B winning.Since then, it looks like 57-50 A winning.That's a 14-5 run for A vote.
http://www.renditionsgolf.com/-golf-courseThis is our area course like that. I definitely wanna try it sometime.On the OP's question, I think each hole might be one stroke worse than I normally shoot. That makes 30 over par or so. 97. On an executive course basically! 5 par 3a, rest par 4s.
My point was that with one hour left to go in Saturday, it was close. Not the final result, if course. The final score was not close.EUR up 2 points. Three matches within 1 hole of AS, each of those matches with 5-8 holes left. At that moment it was close even if it oddly felt like USA was without spirit. Objectively it was close right then. Feel free to debate that but it seems close to me!We didn't know the future , of course, so anything could've happened. EUR...
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