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That YouTube account had a bunch of idiot guides to smart people that looked good. I'll hafta check out others. I've read most of Gladwell's books too, and I enjoy them, but something feels off about his stuff. The video hit home with me, mainly the part about searching for simple truths when the world is actually messy and complicated and random.
A twitter dialog begins. Will Dan buy the book?!
Some references to the "10,000 hours" oversimplification in this spoof of Gladwell's ingenious method of taking others' research and bundling them up into good anecdotes for a big profit.  
                          Carry Total Swing Speed Ball Speed Spin Axis Axis tilt Launch Vert Height Time in...
Why is chunky peanut butter so dry that it tears the bread?! I hate that. Why can't they just slide some chunks into the creamy peanut butter?! Best of both worlds. Creamy wins right now until they figure out how to just add the chunks to it.
Blasphemy :)Hey nobody has voted DQ from rules violation for moving ball 1inch left after mark so that's good.
Wow, thanks for insight from up close and personal. I'm intrigued that you know him and you filled in as his instructor for a bit. I laughed when you mentioned the handsy takeaway, because that jumped out at me for a while and I'm not an expert at all. I'm not sure his current swing is bad that way, but for a while, he definitely did a strange roll that I don't think I've ever seen any professionals do.  I've got a few questions for you, if you're inclined to answer: 1....
18th Joost Luiten (-5) I've been a lurker on the Joost topics! Love the updates. Here's to a strong 2015 for young Joost.
Since the hardware is just an easier data entry device, I wonder if Game Golf would allow a way to fully enter a round through computer interface. Sounds dumb, but hear me out. Lots of us love data. Love analysis. Data entry is no big deal if we can drag and drop points around a map screen, labeling which irons we used. On the putting surface we can remember where the hole was and where our putts went, more or less. No biggie. At a reduced price, I'd do that without...
New Posts  All Forums: