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It sure feels like they're stronger tonight, but we shall see. That double-play was incredible, but I could do without the long instant replay in baseball. Seems like they should've made that call in 1/10 that time.
Anyone know how common virus mutations are? From what I've gathered the DoD is being cautious because they are analyzing the possibility of the virus mutating to also be able to transmit through the air. So even if it's settled science now, they are considering the chance that facts now may not be the facts tomorrow. I'd be curious if there's precedent for a virus mutating enough to change its method of transmission.
So who are the frontrunners right now? By this time last season, we all knew Sadena and Jackie were the best (which the Symetra Tour in 2014 confirmed, as they both earned their LPGA cards).  I'm not sure anyone is standing out head and shoulders above the best right now.   And who do the contestants seem to think is the best?   Seems to me consensus among the players is that Charlie and Tessa are the best players, but does their play so far justify that? A few good...
You got me beat. This pic was the worst I've seen in the last couple years. I hit the 30-foot putt dead center though, and was glad the sand documented the line it took.
I saw that episode of BB but missed this thread. That was definitely frustrating to watch them all "dis" Anthony, although one guy copied him for his second shot. I was thinking the whole time: "C'mon Anthony, go to 90 yards- why play from 100, you idiot! :)"
I know they're smart and all, but I hope they are modeling a spinning golf ball to add complexity. It just looks to me like they think the ball is stationary in flight like an airplane wing :)
@mvmac posted this in another thread, but I thought Leadbetter's tip to "wind up" starting at 1:37 to 2:33 in this video was very useful for the centered pivot idea: http://www.golfchannel.com/media/lesson-tee-live-leadbetters-long-drive-tips/   Here's the key screenshot of the "wind up" drill he recommends. He hates the term "turn" on the backswing because it sounds like a weak movement. He uses terms like "spiraling", "coil", "piston" (see the arms below, as he...
Pretty sure that's Lisa Cornwell, cousin of Bill Clinton. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/press-releases/lisa-cornwell-joins-golf-channel-air-team/
I thought the 8-iron challenge was a great idea- let each player choose their yardage, down to 90yds.  As long as they use that club. I thought the guys who used the 100yd shots would do better than they did.  They goofed a bit on that other short game challenge, where they were given a choice between a tough putt or a simple chip.  I think every player went with the chip, so maybe the setup was too lopsided. I think it was a long double-breaking putt that scared everyone...
Pretty cool pic
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