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You mean that want Shorty who told Dan he wouldn't be elite even if he spent 100,000 hours?I liked some of that guy's segments about success in tennis. He pointed out that many young players excel later than the youngest prodigies because they learn from failure. As you age, you learn how to deal with setbacks and there is emerging research in that topic. Sounded interesting. But just covered superficially here like everything in the episode mostly.
I spoke too soon. Dan seemed to be the glue that the show would occasionally return to, but it was most definitely  not about him. The show was not particularly "insightful" but maybe others differ.   Near the end (46minutes or so), they talked about "harmonious passion" vs. "obsessive passion," and they asked Dan if he had the passion for golf that he needed. Harmonious passion is the kind where you feel you are born to do something and it gives you peace and...
http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/299701827561/Insight-Born-Or-Made   The episode took a while to load, but I'm watching it right now. My sense is that the whole episode is devoted to just Dan, which I didn't expect. I thought he was one of several people to be profiled.  Prof. Anders Ericsson is also available on a screen (not in person) to explain his theories. When asked if he thinks Dan will make it, Anders sidesteps the quite nicely.
Yah winner on a $100,000 purse gets less than $20k and you are only guaranteed like $350 or so if you make the cut. Quite a lot of players who make the cut earn less than $1000. Doesn't pay for living costs at all.Most weeks on Symetra are 100k purses, but a couple are 150k or 200k I think, so those purses scale up I'm sure. Still not a lot.Gotta get that Volvik Race to the Card top 10 to make LPGA.
Ricky Fowler has a pretty cool ad running now with American Express and the USGA about playing 9. He's on Golf Channel now talking about how he grew up playing 9 mostly. Time to play is the #1 reason people didn't play more often, according to USGA- more than cost. Personally, I wish the rates for 9 were half that of playing 18. I'd probably not feel like I was getting a worse deal. I usually opt for 18, but I will consider doing 9 more often definitely.
Jim Gallagher of Golf Channel just said that Bernard Langer has competed in 139 events on the Champions Tour. 129 top 25 finishes!!! 96 top 10s 21 wins What a player. How's this post for digging up an old thread.
The missing person at #8 is Brittany Altomare. Maybe a fan stole her placard, or more likely the wind blew it off! But yes, a far cry from the big yellow Open Championship board :)
Surprisingly, this is not correct. CO2 is at a historically low level on a long time scale. CO2 has been many thousands of PPM (see Cambrian period where life flourished), and has been as low as a couple hundred PPM. For most of Earth's history, CO2 has been significantly above its current levels, sometimes over 10x current levels.That doesn't disprove "global warming" by itself, but I raise the point to show that the media has hysterically misinformed us about CO2...
Very cool!! Good luck. I'm still pulling for some of the Big Breakers on tour though. I see Sadena Parks moved into contention with a good performance finally. I think that's 4 BBers near the top 10 to get an LPGA card: Jackie, Mallory, Emily, Sadena. I like a gal name Therese Koelbeck, but she hasn't had a breakthrough week yet. She's had the lead a couple times but then dropped way back in the final round.Anyway, hope you have a great experience.
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