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Mallory squeaked by this year too, earning her LPGA Card by virtue of being top 10 on Symetra. She had a few bad tourneys at the end but managed to hold on. Emily Talley wasn't so fortunate. She started well this season, but faded to 18th down the stretch.http://www.symetratour.com/stats/stats-detail.aspx?q=official%20money
Not sure the final interests me enough to watch. That's a problem for the BB brand cuz I like the show. Sounds like a lackluster Jimmy performance won in a fairly non-dramatic fashion. Meh. The finale needed two rivals, not friends. Bring on the next set of big breakers. And bring Anthony back if we can't get the quality matches we wanna see. Need the drama from somewhere.
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 Yah, I gotta pull for Jimmy. He's pretty calm can cool player. In his tourney this past weekend (http://egolfgateway.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/tarheel14/event/tarheel1419/contest/1/contestant/20/scorecard.htm), the guy was -2 after 3 1/2 rounds... then he gets an 11 on the par 5 10th hole.  From his subsequent scores, he didn't seem to be rattled, because he finished up the final 8 holes of the tourney at -2, to finish at +2 overall. I don't play tournament golf, but I'd...
Best I can tell, these were Anthony's and Chris-er's shots on the final hole.  Was Anthony unaware of the massive body of water??? It looks like he was surprised it was wet. Some quotes I jotted down from Anthony: "all in favor of Anthony Quezada""i have no doubts in my game.. i feel like my golf game is bulletproof""there's no way i'm gonna let some chump person bring any fear to me""i don't have anything to prove to these guys. they know i'm better than them""im winning...
Anyone mention Peggy Sue?
 He sounds pretty upbeat about his equipment matching his current swing. He should acknowledge at some point, however, that his swing will need to evolve, and that it will likely be an iterative process. And an expensive one at that: - Analyze swing- Make specific improvements to small things based on expert feedback- Solidify swing (takes time, not just a one or two blog posts, as he gives the impression sometimes)- Repeat above swing fixes as needed... or continue...
 Good info on Vince Gill. He's one of my favorites over the years- such a smooth guitarist. Litlle Liza Jane.  OT, but I've always thought Vince Gill and Mark Knopfler (also so smooth) would blend well together, and just stumbled on this searching through youtube: 
True. And angles probably different. And maybe the shot shape he had in mind for each was totally different. Who knows? The video was from the PGA Tour YouTube account, and I wonder if they consider doing their best to do apples to apples videos. 
  Comparison of the swing at the two most recent Hero World Challenge events. He looks closer to the ball in March 2013 (on right) vs December 2014 (on left).
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