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 Wow that was a cruel ending. My heart goes out to Bassett and England.
I'm buying it. From what I have read (and @jsgolfer's digging), I'll take it as a given that he is these things: 1. Damn good golfer. We know the guy is great (because of his handicap, plus he won  the event last year --> http://www.golfstylesonline.com/ArchiveResults/2014SolsticeResults/SS14_LHResults.html) 2. Respectable person, very likely of decent integrity (I realize this is what it all hinges on)I think he is respectable, because if there were suspicions about him,...
Agreed. Our team is relying on Lloyd to make things happen. Where was Ridriguez tonight?We were lucky tonight. Johnson should've been red carded too. Down 1-0 with 10 players. Dodged a bullet.
Thread jack- this seems to be a good spot to discuss Women's World Cup 2015:Hoping the match tonight lives up to this billing! http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/u-s-vs-germany-is-the-greatest-womens-world-cup-game-of-all-time/Germany appears stronger, but maybe the US finally puts things together. Another quote from the article: "Historically, when the U.S. and Germany have met at a World Cup, the winner has gone on to win the tournament. "
Welome. I've been here a couple years maybe, and I've found a great mix of people here. Different folks have different preferred topics and approaches, and you can get good discussions on all kinds of crazy topics. Some harsh and direct, most quite friendly. If you're looking for an outlet to share with other golf addicts, you can definitely find it here!
Not to be outdone, this guy shot -28 at the same course, Laurel Hill (https://www.gamegolf.com/player/errols5697/round/317293) on May 9th.   Started slow with only 4 birdies:   Then he picked it up on the 5th for a run of eagle, eagle, double-eagle, eagle:     I believe 4 holes in one for the day. Not too shabby:
Welcome aboard. You've found a great resource here with TST Browse around and you'll start to see a framework emerge here to help you understand golf. Your ears should perk up when you see these terms discussed in detail: 5SK, LSW. Nobody here will put a hard sell on, but I've been here a couple years and can vouch that I've learned more in the past 2 years about golf than I had ever expected- mostly via those 2 acronyms. But the best part is you don't need to be an...
For the moment, Spieth is "free-wheeling" it. He's loose and relaxed and in the groove. He's got it goin' on (like Stacy's mom). Rory is still trying to rekindle his recent magic. He's more like Marvin Gaye asking "What's goin' on?" I'll go with Rory. Better song.
Not sure it factors in to his finish but Charlie Rhymer analyzed his swing today and said that for his long irons he uses a huge axis tilt at setup. He told us to not be afraid to try that for consistent strikes. He mentioned that "hanging back" was Maggert's secret to success.
Yes, but only if [insert snarky comment here] Possibilities include: - Mike Davis promises Jordan Spieth not to make 18 play as a "unbelievably stupid" par 4. - Billy Horschel works on his green mockery dance more. - Gary Player agrees this is a good idea. - Fox Sports hires cameramen who can follow a tiny white ball against the light backdrop. Did that cover al the controversies? I think all of those are achievable. Well, maybe not #3- but I thoroughly enjoyed the...
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