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I'm using GolfShot here on vacation but I haven't seen any update for the app in ages. It's a good app but my beef is that it's stagnant. Never anything new with it. I'm on iOS, so maybe you are on a different phone?My sense is that GolfShot is purposely trying to push people to Tour Caddie, their other product. GolfShot is a one time fee, but Tour Caddie is an annual fee.Best thing about another app I sometimes use, SwingBySwing, is that they are constantly pushing cool...
Yep, Reed is here. Pretty decent field it seems to me. Spieth. Kuchar. Watson (Tom, not Bubba, lol) Nick Faldo is playing too, which might be fun.I'm here in town visiting my parents, and the island is starting to get crowded. Fewer and fewer tee times at the course iny plantation here in Indigo Run.McDowell hit a ceremonial tee shot with a nearby cannon that gave him a shock after he made contact. See the link:...
Nail on the head. When he first came on the scene, I thought I'd dislike him. But every time I see him play or give an interview, I think more and more highly of him. Great for the game.And well said, TJBam.
Just saw this:   The very first post is about Freddie's open stance. From the shot they analyzed, his feet were "square" but shoulders were significantly "open." That was the interesting part to me. Interesting the Erik preferred to be slightly open with his feet and slightly closed with his shoulders (in July 2009 anyway :) But anyway, I thought it was interesting that a guy like Freddie plays the course so well with his stock fade as a righty.  But I have also read that...
Speaking of unique swings...Anyone see the brief analysis of Couples' shoulder alignment at address? They showed his feet flared and basically positioned down the target line, but the shoulders pointing maybe 10-15* left of the target. Anyone ever tried that? Would that in any way lead to violating any 5SK principle? Update: I think it was on the 18th hole and was trying to fade it a bit? Maybe the alignment of shoulders promotes a specific shot shape and he doesn't do...
Excellent! Then I'm still alive with my first pick. Now Rory just needs to go -17 for then next two rounds. 63/64 on the weekend- no prob.
This morning, Golf Channel had a highlight segment on Marc Leishman, as he was 3 under after 3 holes today, and in the lead at -5. Looks like he missed the cut. Wow. I had a round this weekend with fellow TST- ers where my round sorta fell apart at the turn. I won't whine any more about that. Oh that reminds me, Eric (@0ldblu3) told me on the course that he was gonna make a crazy pick on Blixt for the contest here. Not bad, Eric.
What if a viewer calls in a penalty on Bubba like last year with Tiger. The committee reviews it and decides at 10 am to assess Bubba 2 strokes. Voila, the cut is +5. But the golfers at +5 have all left town.
You called that somebody might get to -7 and I thought u were nuts :). I still do actually. Hahaha
Lol- I agree it's unlikely to budge from +4 though!I predicted +5 or +6 earlier in the thread, so I'll be wrong. Darn that Bubba Watson. If he only got to -5, then I'd have had a chance.
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