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Did you see this in his last blog post after trip to Australia? He's actually going to look into the best ideas for how to practice. I'm curious what he's been doing for 5000 hours of "deliberate" practice. Now he's going to figure out how to do it right?
I think you just look more relaxed in slacks than in cargo shorts. :)
Only because you asked for comments, I'll chime in with my gut reaction that I saw at first glance. As I look closely, I'm not sure I see it anymore though: In the left pic, I saw balance, relaxed, comfortable address. In the right pic at home, I saw stiffness and a more tense and locked left arm. Again, I'm no expert but that was my initial sense viewing the pics. As I look more closely, I don't see the drastic difference, frankly. Hope my impression doesn't lead you...
Omg I forgot we swept them Friday!!! For some reason much of the coverage I randomly caught was of their better moments. Lol. Amazing that we handily beat the champs on Friday, but fared so poorly against Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. Arrrrgggghhh.They were definitely fun to watch. It's great to see team spirit in golf, and Spain had it. Hope the Olympics have the atmosphere that this cup had. I was surprised at how compelling the matches were that I saw.
Jimenez played the Senior Open too, and he regularly does well inPGA/Euro events. Bernard beat him easily. Golf Channel has teased a few times today that Bernhard should be considered for the Euro Ryder Cup team. 18 under par and a 13 stroke lead is quite a statement, regardless of whether anyone will actually consider that.
The ladies from Spain earned their victory, didn't they? Swept all four singles matches on Sunday. All week, they seemed like a true team- close friends, supportive of each other, and so genuinely invigorated by playing for their friends and country. What a performance and although I only watched an hour or so each day, the ladies from Spain were clearly the standouts by the way they gelled as a team. No surprise to me they put it all together on Sunday. Congrats.
Lol, sounds like you woulda waited around quite a while and I bet Sadena would've been tough to snag for a pic with the excitement of her day. -9 to win. Wow.Hope Laura was a good houseguest and I'll cheer her on in future tourneys.
Awesome. Hope you stuck around to see Sadena win!!! That's a pic you will want too!!!Sadena shot -9 today to win by 1. 16/18 GIR. 25 putts. 3/3 sand saves. Congrats to Sadena Parks!!!
Looks like they're playing now. Sadena parks at -5 today, -10 overall for 3rd place. She had a 2nd place last tourney. Great to see!!
I did enjoy the last hour or so yesterday. Very entertaining to watch the scenarios change in the final minutes- very reminiscent of Wirld Cup group play scenarios with goal differentials.Some random thoughts:1. Interesting that for sudden death elimination with Korea, we went with Kerr/Thompson. Could the world #1 Lewis have been out there? Could they have split the teams that day, cuz Lewis played with Creamer and they lost their match with Thailand(Kerr/Thompson won...
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