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 That's like calling Rickie Fowler overrated! And you know what happened when he found out about that. He quickly became one of the "Big Three," and pundits speculated how many majors he would win in the new Spieth-McIlroy-Fowler era.  Was there a poll recently that criticized Jason Day that I missed?
For those of us who think Trump would be self-aggrandizing as president, doesn't that kind of prove the wisdom of our founders? Limiting centralized power and all that. They foresaw exactly this. Well, maybe not Trump exactly- and maybe not his hair. But that someone sometime would come along and be power-hungry. Or some movement might take advantage of electoral advantages for a short period of time, if rules allowed them to.   Checks and balances between branches of...
I thought maybe there was an "L" missing from "PGA."
I think next you need to implement shot tracer technology to your DTL camera. 
Champions Tour hopeful here!!   Hmmm, age 50 is tantalizingly close, now that they mention it.
 Good point. In his blog narrative the past couple months, Dan also has made multiple references to either an "armsy-fade" swing versus a more hips-driven "draw swing." With his back issues, he has been mainly using this armsy swing (as he calls it), just to relieve pressure. In the comments section, at least one person has asked if this is wise and creating bad habits. A few seconds before this shot, he told the camera that this was a 7-iron that would cut back to the...
Makes me sad that people with DVR's would zip right through this
                  Submitted for comparison.   Dan's back is hurt in this latest swing (best I could find from the video). Top of his backswing was barely past his arms being horizontal. Dan certainly looks less relaxed than Robert Rock, but then again, who can look that good?!
Ok, I see what you mean by recovering that.  I just got my analysis back too, and guess what one of my two keys is..... right elbow staying more in front. I clearly draw it back a bit behind my shirt seam.  He said that should help keep my swing less "loose" (I think the word was). And it'll likely make my swing feel much shorter, which would be a good feel. This seems relevant:http://thesandtrap.com/t/75792/tips-on-shortening-the-backswing/0_30#post_1020442
Fallon does Trump.     Trump- He's in Your Head!
New Posts  All Forums: