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 6' even. I have been as low as 190 or so within the last 5 years, but I've let 25lbs creep in.  Below 190 seems like too much effort, but I think I can get into the 190s and stay there without changing my life too much. I've just been way too lazy in my eating and exercise this past year. And I basically just started yesterday - before that, it was mostly thinking about starting.
Gotcha!  I wouldn't want to touch the afternoon rounds. Starting at 12pm, I don't see how reasonably fast players can get through in under 5 hours (by that chart). Late in the day, it's 5 1/2 hours easily. And that's with guys who typically finish in 4! Seems a lot of work for that course to have promotions and incentives to play in the afternoons to bring back customers that they probably drove away by having the 7-minute tee interval. For those in this thread who have...
Yah, I agree- long term, I don't see much benefit to the slight increase in revenue. If the model is close (and no guarantees I've done it right!), the people late in the day really suffer the most. They'll be so angry that they won't want to come back. Before writing off that course though, take a look at the early tee times. It seems they fare almost as well on the 7-minute course as the 10-minute course.  If you get out in the first two hours of opening, you should be...
I've written an extremely detailed spreadsheet that models golf course flow. It's a totally geeky thing that I did for fun. I'll post later in an "OT/Spoiler" section the details how it works, but I've only got a few minutes right now.   In the chart above, "SS" is SuperSlow, "S" is Slow, "N" is Normal, "F" is Fast, "FF" is SuperFast.  I can adjust the percents of each type of player and Normal players play at about 4 hours pace at 10 minute tee intervals....
Fowler Kaymer/McIlroy   From European Tour: http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2015/tournamentid=2015040/stats/index.html   Safe to say, McIlroy had a less than average day from the tee. He hit more fairways than his group of Kaymer/Fowler (43% vs. 29% for them). He didn't drive as far as them, but he hit more greens (50% vs. 39% for them). It appears McIlroy will miss the cut mainly due to poor putting. Who'd have thought McIlroy would hit more...
 Damn, you'll pass me soon. I've just started back at the gym. 215 was the starting number... well, ok, prob more like 214+, but always round up to start a program.  Will check again in a couple weeks. Don't pass me by before then! CONGRATS!!!!
Amazing stat.After 12 holes they showed fairway stats and McIlroy led his group of kaymer/fowler! 7 of 10 at that point.I watched 20mins and it was compelling golf. Love the venue and atmosphere. Wind chill 45F but looks worse. Just gorgeous scenery.
Yah I just turned it on. First words on McIlroy were "at this point it's going to take every effort just to make the cut."Ouch. And he just started the back nine of his first round. +6 at the moment.
It definitely feels like the Earth's axis of rotation is off a bit. Gonna take some getting used to. And crap, I meant to post my 1000th here too. At least the new title provides some forgiveness for my forgetfulness.
   Yes, if I were asked in a poll whether those answers by professionals were just mildly ridiculous or extremely ridiculous, I would lean toward only "mildly ridiculous."  (ala Colbert Report frequent riff: "George W: great president or THE GREATEST president?").  I agree it's still coming from a place that seems similar to where Michael Breed is coming from. Just wanted to temper it a bit based on the wording.
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