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 Pettersen slipping a bit today on the front nine to lose her lead. #7 is playing easy. By my count, is 51 under par for 73 players today.#8 is playing 48 over par for those same 73 players. A rollercoaster couple of holes there. Looks like Lexi might move way up the leaderboard with an early -2 posted. Typical scores seem to be +3/+4. But the site isn't great to do any analysis. http://ricohwomensbritishopen.com/scoring/?season=2015&report=livescore&stage=RW&round=3¶ms=
Bad joke- playing off NatureBoy saying where Zach was in his career after a similar amount of effort.
 Congrats! You've identified the exit strategy that will be used to market his motivational speaking tour with companion books/audio inspiration for commuters: Dan started from zero experience, and got himself to a similar position as Zach Johnson, who later went on to be a two-time Major winner. The 10,000 hour theory has been vindicated! The sky is the limit. Start your own plan today.
  I've been following along the thread, and something made me go look up various professionals' careers at owgr.com. I knew Joost had been around a bit (and unfamiliar to many of us in the US until the past couple years or so), but I found this enlightening about his career thus far.   Edit: Adding link:http://www.owgr.com/en/Ranking/PlayerProfile.aspx?playerID=14636 (if you want to try others)Edit: I started with Jordan Spieth and clicked the graph page. Then typed in...
http://www.pgatour.com/video/2015/07/31/tiger-woods-shoots-a-5-under-66-in-round-2-of-quicken-loans.html#ooid=xrcmRtdjpMbcx5j40eayzIDJAqmEcrr5     PGA Highlights, if that saves you from searching.
All together now....     Albert Hammond's top hit? Don't know any others from him. Such an early 70s sound. 
"For my post-apocalyptic Jackie Robinson costume, how did you know?"
The back injury is taking its toll now. April, May, June, and July have ticked by- with very little activity.  His downtime hasn't led to much introspection or substantive site update, and folks are starting to vocalize. I assume Dan filters comments, so kudos to him for even publishing these.    I found this an excellent comment too: After this much time resting, he still has significant pain and limitations in movement. And there is no diagnosis from any medical...
 Great insights, thanks! And I think only an academic type would propose something like in that video. I don't think reality would ever match those close tolerances in that autonomous intersection, except at an amusement park. 
Mesmerizing:  http://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/self-driving/why-automated-cars-need-new-traffic-laws
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