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I think after that performance at the end of the episode, he went nearly instantly from "iffy" to a "contender" that people will think twice about taking on. He may have even gained from that episode, even though he performed poorly enough to be guaranteed elimination. -2 will make others think twice. Could it work to his advantage to show that performance under pressure. Four guys haven't been in elimination yet: Clay, Justin, Richy, Robert. Chad survived 3. Kyle and...
In case you haven't watched, I'll just put the latest commentary in the spoiler below. Caught up on the past 2 weeks, and i'll miss Tyler. I loved his comment after Justin stuck his flop wall to 6".    [[SPOILER]]
      I wonder if Dan realizes that Feherty wasn't joking. Regardless, that was a pretty damn cool photo of Jason Day. PGA could change their logo to that silhouette.
Cool thread. I would've guessed much less distance from a strike that far off-center. Here is some info from Trackman on the gear effect from that type of shot too. Link to source here-->   Secret of the Straight Shot II - TrackMan    
Wow, the marquee group of big hitters McIlroy, Johnson, Koepka is struggling. Johnson +9, But at least 2 of the 3 in that group are giving the fans what they want!
Apparently not a market for 2 networks! http://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2015/02/23/back9network-suspends-operations-indefinitely-9864/
Nice setup!   So now I'm following Dan... Following Julia... Now this "Programme." Whew. Maybe I'll have to watch fewer Big Break episodes to keep up with it all.   At first, I thought that the history of these threads doesn't bode well for you, Pete, but the more I think about it, I'm hopeful about this one. On several occasions, people interviewing Dan have made reference to "haters" who are resentful of him (as if that is the motivation for people tearing him down)....
 Good info- your link to the real source was helpful. I don't recall if he was claiming credit for it, but I was unsure about its source from the way his post was written. Makes sense now, because it was lining up exactly with the graphs in the Broadie paper, even though his paper did not specifically include that data chart that I could find.   Yah, I used to participate with "Swing by Swing" as a beta user in their development process, and I discussed with them a ton of...
I'm looking for input on a spreadsheet that broadens an earlier attempt to analyze strokes gained putting. Some may have seen it, but here's a copy (sorry, Mac only--> https://www.dropbox.com/s/cemid8atb4b1srz/strokes%20gained%20putting.numbers?dl=0. Excel version someday later hopefully).   First here are some background links: Broadie paper "Assessing Golfer Performance on the PGA TOUR" (April 8, 2011), Columbia University Graduate School of...
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