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@mvmac posted this in another thread, but I thought Leadbetter's tip to "wind up" starting at 1:37 to 2:33 in this video was very useful for the centered pivot idea: http://www.golfchannel.com/media/lesson-tee-live-leadbetters-long-drive-tips/   Here's the key screenshot of the "wind up" drill he recommends. He hates the term "turn" on the backswing because it sounds like a weak movement. He uses terms like "spiraling", "coil", "piston" (see the arms below, as he...
Pretty sure that's Lisa Cornwell, cousin of Bill Clinton. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/press-releases/lisa-cornwell-joins-golf-channel-air-team/
I thought the 8-iron challenge was a great idea- let each player choose their yardage, down to 90yds.  As long as they use that club. I thought the guys who used the 100yd shots would do better than they did.  They goofed a bit on that other short game challenge, where they were given a choice between a tough putt or a simple chip.  I think every player went with the chip, so maybe the setup was too lopsided. I think it was a long double-breaking putt that scared everyone...
Pretty cool pic
http://trackmangolf.com/media/9ac95035-8bd3-4cb8-9368-34a4541cab0e/-K5wWA/PDF/3.%20Newsletter/newsletter5.pdfOops, I copied the 2nd link wrong. Corrected. Pretty good article.
http://mytrackman.com/media/9f72695f-2dd7-41a9-9556-2056c3291078/Content/5_%20Editorial/Newsletter%2001-2013/2_pdfPage 4 of 16 here too:http://mytrackman.com/media/9f72695f-2dd7-41a9-9556-2056c3291078/Content/5_%20Editorial/Newsletter%2001-2013/2_pdfI remember a year or two ago researching gear effect for myself and stumbling across these Trackman resources. I thought they were informative, and they align with what has been said. Just a bit more "mathy " and some...
As President of the Film Actors Guild, Arec Barwin helps make the world a better place. Good going!
"When I golf alone, I prefer to be by myself"-George ThorogoodOr was that drinking? I forget.
Sounds like a familiar thread :http://thesandtrap.com/t/75116/goofy-rory-video-knee-angle-measurement-in-golf-swing
It used to be 45-43 B winning.Since then, it looks like 57-50 A winning.That's a 14-5 run for A vote.
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