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IIn this business assumption is the mother of all f#&k ups.
You dont have to go to my inbox to see that hes stalking me. I swear evrytime I post something hes right there front and center after each freakin post it seems. Hes got a hard on for me and the administrator is WRONG to snoop someones inbox....that something the police should handle.
So you admit to trolling members private inbox messages not intended for you?? Youre a sick puppy.
You should think about replacing your 4w with a 3H. At 18 degrees you wont sacrafice any distance but maybe 5 yds and youd have more control and straighter shots off the tee or carpet.
Actually Ive had several members inbox me regarding you so no worries, its you not me...they explai,ed your need to critique people to make yourself feel better. Inferiority complex.....you get a pass and Ill just ignore you from now on since youre bi-polar and mildly retarded. Peace and God bless.
Ive,been smoking my 3W lately however with a straighter, more controled ball flight so I only hit driver on a wide par 5 anyways..maybe 2 or 3 times a round is all. Thats how great I am hitting 3w right now.....but its a hot 13,degree custom built 3w......stainless steel has a better feel than titanium to me anyways.
Lol meant to say most drivers are,45" in length but try hitting a 43.5" driver with a more forgiving, regular flex.
A game improvement driver would have a higher loft like a 12,degree and a regular to senior flex....also shaft length. Most drivers are appx 4 inches. Get one a couple inches shorter ensuring more control and higher pure ball striking consistency.
Ernie J.,it was my lame attempt at humor. No troll here but you seem to stalk me for whatever reason idk.
Bplewis with all your talk of distance youre probably a "ranger rick"...soo into hitting bombs off the tee yet post a snowman or worse on a straight 415 yard par 4 lmbo Its pretty obvious with your whacky figures that youre new to the game Happy G.
New Posts  All Forums: