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Dependant on where i want to play it can range from £5 - £50   But the vast majority of courses are around £15.   But i love 2-FORE-1, me and my mate play half price!
Literally just got back from the range! as i was finishing up this fella is waiting for my bay, and said here lad have a shot of this, and hands me a taylormade 3wood he JUST bought, safe to say i was terrified of fluffing it   Just as well i got a nice connection, got about 175/200 straight (off tee) and walked off dead suave, like the geordie james bond!
Been waiting to post in this thread for weeks now!   As of today after 5 months of testing, im now an Apprentice Maintenance Engineer!   Can't wait, Rob.
I see where the other users and Admins are coming from! it looks like multiple accounts have been made to promo this VHS/DVD/CD malarky!   (and they other users dont seem childish and petty to me, it reads as if you're annoyed they queried if your trying to promote/give your views the product)   - Another one of these horrible TST users, Rob.
I think that "putter" might give more luck as an iron! Good ol slap shot off the tee!
I find myself doing more of a scooping shot, taking the top of tee and and ball, normally club up and use a half or 3/4 on par 3s, but of course thats just me!  
And he then uses the cigar stumps as tee's, of course!
He might well be, but i doubt it, but its terrible promo for brands (On course, etc) Note (This is my opinion)   Rob.
This guy! Come on, seriously his attitude generally annoys me, Jimenez, i think youre stuck in the past! (no offense to any smokers) i think it should be completely ban at sporting events, give the wrong impression to young kids IMO!   Rob.
Just the spiked golf shoes (shortest to type each time!) :) but i need a mulligan on spelling i didnt check it, of course i meant cleat!
New Posts  All Forums: